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Just Food For Dogs Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Written by: Rachel Giordano

Last Updated on April 11, 2024 by Dogster Team

Just Food For Dogs Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Our Final Verdict

We give Just Food For Dogs a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Dog owners are often on a constant quest to find the perfect dog food for their doggies. With many options available today in the dog food market, it can sometimes get confusing. Dry dog food manufacturers offer plenty of promises with their food, such as complete and balanced formulas with the necessary ingredients dogs need to thrive and stay healthy, but some people question these health guarantees.

With that said, what about trying fresh dog food? Better yet, a fresh dog food that’s delivered right to your door? Sounds wonderful, right?

I recently had the opportunity to feed my two dogs Just Food For Dogs, and in this article, I will be reviewing this excellent product to help you determine if it is right for you and your pooch. This company makes the food by hand in their kitchens (which are open to the public for you to see for yourself) in Irvine, California, and New Castle, Delaware. This company is known for making human-grade dog food with fresh, human-edible ingredients. If you want to feed your dog fresh food but don’t have the time to make it yourself, Just Food For Dogs can be an excellent option.


The Just Food For Dogs Food Recipe

Image Product Details
Most Popular Beef and Russet Potato Recipe Fresh Frozen Beef and Russet Potato Recipe Fresh Frozen
  • Ready-to-serve nutrition formulated by vets
  • Crafted with fresh, human-grade ingredients
  • Made without fillers, preservatives, or artificial coloring
  • Just Food For Dogs Dog Food Reviewed

    If you’ve ever considered Just Food For Dogs, here you’ll find more information to help you decide if it’s right for you and your pooch.

    just food for dogs beef and russet potato recipe

    About Just Food For Dogs Products

    In addition to their complete and balanced meals, Just Food For Dogs offers supplements, treats, DIY kits, custom RX diets, and even a cat recipe.

    Who makes Just Food For Dogs and where is it produced?

    Just Food For Dogs was founded in 2010 by founder Shawn Buckley. When Shawn rescued Simon, a six-month-old puppy living in the pound, he was shocked and angry at the ingredients found in commercial pet food. Hard-to-read labels and the use of preservatives prompted Shawn to make his food for Simon, and instantly, Shawn noticed a difference in Simon’s overall energy and health.

    He put together a team of specialists and veterinarians to formulate healthy and balanced meals for dogs without using preservatives or dangerous ingredients. This company continually uses evidence-based research to ensure their food is the healthiest of the healthy, conducting one year of feeding trials at two main universities humanely rather than using caged laboratory animals. On an impressive note, the company’s feeding trial method is the largest humane feeding trial ever conducted, and it goes above and beyond complying with AAFCO’s nutritional standards.

    a black and white dog sniffing the pantry fresh container of just food for dogs recipe

    Which Types of Dogs is Just Food For Dogs Best Suited For?

    Just Food For Dogs is suited for any breed of dog, big and small, and all of the recipes they offer are formulated to give your pup the best nutrition possible.

    Not only do they formulate recipes for healthy dogs, but they also make custom diets for pups with special needs with an RX prescription. Whether your pooch needs joint and skin support, a low-fat diet, renal support, etc., Just Food For Dogs can accommodate. There is a one-time $250 formulation fee for custom RX diets, and you’ll need to provide your pup’s medical records so that they can cater to your pup’s specific needs.


    Recall History

    On January 18, 2018, the company voluntarily recalled three diets due to the possibility of the human-grade green beans used being contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, which can cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs. The three diets were Beef and Russet Potato, Fish and Sweet Potato, and Turducken. The recalled products were distributed in 11 Just Food For Dogs retail locations in northern and southern California and produced from November 1, 2017, to January 14, 2018. The FDA has since completed and closed this recall.

    just food for dogs fresh beef and russet potato recipe

    Discussion of the Primary Ingredients (Good and bad)

    My dogs and I had the pleasure of receiving the Beef and Russet Potato recipe. Here is a list of the top ingredients found in this particular formula.

    Lean Ground Beef: Lean ground beef provides essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals dogs need to thrive.

    Russet Potatoes: This ingredient is a bit controversial because potatoes contain carbohydrates, which can lead to obesity. However, potatoes provide an excellent source of energy, and there is less risk when the potatoes come from a human-grade source, just like in Just Food For Dogs’ recipes. They do, however, offer grain-free and gluten-free diets if you want to avoid this ingredient.

    Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes offer many vitamins and minerals for your dog, such as beta-carotene, which boosts the immune system. Sweet potatoes should be cooked and never fed raw.

    Green Beans: Now that the recall has been closed and the issue resolved, green beans in Just Food For Dogs are safe, and they also offer your dog plenty of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

    Carrots: Carrots, either raw or cooked, provide a fantastic nutritional value to your dog’s diet. They are low in calories and contain many vitamins and minerals.

    Beef Liver: Beef liver is safe for dogs to consume, and it provides an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Health benefits include healthy bones and teeth, a strong immune system, and an excellent source of energy.

    Peas: Peas are yet another controversial ingredient due to the ongoing research questioning if peas could cause heart disease in canines. We should note that this research has not been confirmed whether or not it causes the disease.

    Apples: Apples are an exceptional source of vitamins A, C, and fiber for your dog. They are also low in protein and fat.

    a black and white dog eating just food for dogs recipe from a bowl

    Additional Ingredients

    Specific vitamins and minerals are needed for the recipes to be complete and balanced.

    Here’s a list of additional ingredients that make this food 100% nutritious:

    Shipping and Presentation

    When you order the Frozen Fresh food, the food will come neatly packed in a cardboard box with dry ice. The cardboard box is temperature-controlled to ensure your food arrives frozen. I did not notice any defects in the packaging or the box.

    just food for dogs beef and russet potato recipes in a box


    Before any product is shipped, you are required to answer a few questions regarding your pup, such as breed, weight, activity level, and age. This is necessary so that they can develop a nutritional plan specifically catered to your dog. It doesn’t take long to do, and once that is complete, the team of experts will provide you with the recipes they feel will suit your dog’s nutritional needs.

    You will be notified via email of when to expect your shipment.

    Quality and Convenience

    The size of the box will depend on the amount of food you order at once. You may receive a small box containing 7 x 18-ounce packages, a medium box containing 21 x 18-ounce packages, or a large box containing 7 x 72-ounce packages. The food does not come pre-portioned, so you’ll need to portion out the food yourself, proving to be a slight inconvenience. While they figure out for you how much to feed daily, the large packaging takes up a significant amount of freezer space.

    cropped woman showing a box of just food for dogs recipe

    Portions and Packaging

    When you purchase Frozen Fresh, you can choose either 18-ounce packages or 72-ounce packages. If you have a large dog (or dogs), the 72-ounce would be the wiser choice because you must use the food within five days once thawed. If you have a smaller dog (or dogs), you may end up having to discard some of the food if you don’t use it in that time frame. Once thawed, you can portion out the food and refreeze what you think you won’t use. However, once you refreeze, the food must be used within two days after it’s re-thawed.

    Also, be aware that the food comes in a large box with dry ice. A label on the outside of the box warns of the dry ice; however, if you don’t notice the label, you won’t be aware beforehand because no card on the top warns you of the dry ice when you open the box. You’ll want to be careful taking the packages out because the coldness of the packages due to the dry ice can cause freezer burns to your hands. The company also does not explain how to dispose of dry ice properly, which would benefit those who are not aware.

    Consumer Reviews of Just Food For Dogs

    We are not the only ones who have reviewed this product, and many consumers offer positive reviews after feeding their dogs this human-grade food.

    Dogs that needed to gain a little weight managed to do so with this food, and many report that their dog has more energy than before and produces healthy stools with the help of the human-grade ingredients. Dogs digest the food quite well, and there’s no need to add any vitamins or minerals to the food.

    Pups with allergies see an improvement after eating this food, as well as dogs with tummy issues. Positive reviews of the company’s customer service are nothing short of stellar, and they are always available to answer your questions.

    • Made with human-grade ingredients
    • USDA inspected for quality
    • No added preservatives
    • Highly digestible
    • Completely balanced
    • Food does not come pre-portioned
    • Expensive


    Ingredients Analysis

    Crude Protein: 8.5 %
    Crude Fat: 7%
    Crude Fiber: 1.5%
    Moisture: 75%
    EPA/DHA: 0.02%

    Just Food For Dogs Guaranteed Analysis

    Just Food For Dogs guaranteed analysis on pie chart

    Calories per cup breakdown:

    Please breakdown how many calories are in the food so the person formatting post can create a graphic like the one below.

    ½ cup: 186.5 calories
    1 cup: 373 calories
    2 cups: 746 calories

    Just Food For Dogs calorie breakdown per cup

    Our Experience With Just Food For Dogs

    When the food arrived and thawed, I was surprised at how human-like the food looked. To put this into perspective, if you have family or friends over, you’ll want to put a note on the food specifying that it is dog food and not something for a late-night snack or lunch for a human!

    The food has a pleasant smell, and my dogs gobble it up at every feeding. I have been feeding my Boston Terrier and Border Collie/Sheltie mix this food for about one month, and so far, the results have been nothing short of amazing. They both have more energy, and their stool is very healthy. I have noticed that their breath is more pleasant, and they both digest the food very well.

    This food is inspected by the USDA for quality, and all ingredients are the same ingredients you’ll find in a grocery store or restaurant. There are zero preservatives in this food, and it’s completely balanced without having to add extra vitamins and minerals. Rest assured that when you feed this food to your dog, your dog receives all the necessary ingredients needed for a healthy life.

    The only drawback I see is that the food is not pre-portioned, and you have to determine just how much you think you’ll use at one time before having to refreeze; however, the company sends you via email the recommended daily feedings catered to your dog. If you leave too much in the fridge, you may be throwing out food. This food is expensive, and it may take some trial and error at first to determine how much to portion out.

    a dog eating just food for dogs recipe in a bowl



    If you’re looking for fresh dog food that delivers what it promises, look no further than Just Food For Dogs. We have reviewed this product with a hands-on approach, and the outcome we can report is excellent. We highly recommend Just Food For Dogs for its nutrition and the ease of getting it delivered to your doorstep.

    The only downfall we see is the lack of pre-portioned meals. However, they offer Pantry Fresh containers of the Beef and Russet Potato that do not require refrigeration until opened, making it a perfect container to throw in the car for road trips. Once opened, it will last in the fridge for up to five days.

    In the end, we give this product two thumbs up!

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