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Innovet Hemp Chews for Dogs Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Written by: Ingrid Yeh

Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Dogster Team

Innovet Hemp Chews for Dogs - Featured Image

Innovet Hemp Chews for Dogs Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Innovet’s Hemp Chews for Dogs a rating of 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Innovet is a pet product company that specializes in health care products for dogs, cats, birds, horses, and more. Founded in 2005, Innovet’s mission is to provide innovative solutions that are both high quality and affordable for addressing various health issues, ailments, and complaints in pets. Created by two pet owners inspired by their own pets’ unique needs, Innovet aims to provide other fellow pet parents with total product transparency, excellent customer service, and a sense of community.

The majority of Innovet’s best sellers are from their hemp products, which consist of anything from calming hemp chews for dogs, catnip spray with hemp extract, hemp pellets for horses, and hemp relief balms and creams. They even have their own hemp peanut butter for dogs. For any first-time hemp users, or just the extra cautious pet parent, Innovet products and website even provide a helpful hemp dosage calculator—ensuring your pet gets the perfect recommended dosage per their size and weight.

Personally, I was very impressed with my experience trying out two of Innovet’s hemp products. I tried out two different hemp chews (a hard chew and a soft chew) on my 4-year-old chihuahua-terrier mix, Coco. Read on to learn about our experience trying out both hemp chews by Innovet.

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At a Glance: What We Reviewed

Rating Image Product Details
Our Favorite
Innovet Soft Chews: Turkey & Apple Innovet Soft Chews: Turkey & Apple
  • Uses high-quality full spectrum hemp oil
  • 100% free of grain, preservatives, and gluten
  • Made with human-grade superfood ingredients
  • Second place
    Innovet Hard Chews: Steak and Cheese Innovet Hard Chews: Steak and Cheese
  • Contains high-quality organic hemp extract
  • Made with all-natural and organic ingredients
  • Veterinarian formulated and lab tested for quality
  • Innovet Hemp Chews Reviewed

    innovet soft chews in turkey and apple flavor on a table

    Where are Innovet hemp chews produced?

    Innovet products are made in the USA, with their PurHemp ingredient using organic farmed CBD from Oregon. All their products are mixed, tested, and packaged here in the USA. Innovet’s headquarters and production facility is in Gardena, California.

    Which type of dogs are Innovet hemp chews most suited for?

    Innovet’s hemp chews make the perfect solution for any dog suffering from pain, inflammation, anxiety, appetite, digestion, and up-and-down moods. The botanical hemp extract found in the hemp chews targets the endocrine system and helps to maintain your fur baby’s health by regulating the systems responsible for managing these ailments and health issues. Both hemp chews we tried contain the same full-spectrum hemp oil used in Innovet’s high-quality hemp oil products, providing all the same amazing effects for your dog’s health and well-being.

    The hemp hard chews in the steak and cheese flavor that we tried are ideal for medium to large dogs. Because Coco is a smaller dog (15 pounds), I broke the chews in half each time and gave her half of one each time (per the recommended dosage chart provided), two times a day. The soft chews in the turkey and apple flavor are ideal for smaller to medium-sized dogs, so I gave Coco one full treat each time, twice a day. Although enjoyed by dogs of all ages, the soft chews can be particularly helpful for older dogs who need to eat softer foods.

    Both chews are both enjoyable and safe enough to use as daily treats. Just be sure to use the dosage calculator for the recommended dosage for your dog.

    black dog with the innovet hemp soft chews in its bed

    What primary ingredients does each recipe contain?

    The key ingredient in both the hemp soft chews and hemp hard chews is the 100% organic hemp extract. As mentioned, the full spectrum hemp oil used in these treats provides several positive effects for dogs’ physical and mental health. No matter your dog’s health issues, the science behind hemp has been shown to promote a balanced and thriving lifestyle by driving towards homeostasis in your dog’s overall health.

    Aside from the hemp extract, all ingredients found in both the soft hemp chews and hard hemp chews are all natural and include human-grade superfood ingredients. The soft chews contain hemp seed powder, flaxseed, turkey, natural turkey flavor, coconut glycerin, rosemary extract, sorbic acid powdered cellulose, and mixed tocopherols as a natural preservative. The hard chews contain organic coconut oil, garbanzo bean flour, apple juice, natural beef flavor, eggs, cheese, flaxseed oil, and mixed tocopherols (vitamin E).

    Considering only all-natural ingredients were used to make both chews, with no artificial flavoring or preservatives added, it was a nice surprise how much Coco enjoyed both flavors.

    Are Innovet’s hemp chew flavors tasty and enjoyable for dogs?

    While Coco can be rather picky with food and treats (she has surprised me more than once before by turning down some tasty offerings), it’s safe to say she was indeed a fan of both the hemp chew flavors—turkey and apple for the soft chews, and steak and cheese for the hard chews. She was particularly fond of the soft chews and would get really excited anytime I reached for the jar. The hard chews took her a few more tries before she would eat it without my prompting. This may have to do more with the fact that it’s a harder biscuit-like treat, as she is more accustomed to softer, chewy treats.

    Of both Innovet hemp chews we tried, Coco’s favorite were the turkey and apple soft chews, by far. She was also fond of the steak and cheese hard chews, just less fond. Of the various chews that Innovet carries, these two are the only flavored variations that are offered. The only other flavored treat they carry is the hemp peanut butter for dogs. If my typically-picky Coco’s reactions to both flavored hemp chews are any indication, both these flavors are tasty and enjoyable for most other dogs as well.

    a black dog sniffing innovet hemp soft chew treat

    Are Innovet’s hemp chews affordable?

    As Innovet’s mission is to provide both high-quality and cost-effective solutions for pet owners, their products including both hemp chews we tried are very reasonably priced and affordable. The soft chews come in a jar of 50+ chews for $21.95 on Innovet’s website. The hard chews come in a bag of 25+ chews for $23.95 on their website. They even offer bundle packs for additional savings on your favorite products. What’s more, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee for all purchases in case you’re not 100% satisfied.

    A Quick Look at Innovet Hemp Chews

    • Contains high-quality full spectrum hemp oil
    • Made with all-natural ingredients
    • Veterinarian formulated and third-party lab tested for your peace of mind
    • Supports health and behavioral conditions like mobility, skin and coat, anxiety, probiotic support, and more
    • 100% grain free
    • Only two flavored options for hemp treats for dogs (which may be tricky when dealing with pickier dogs)
    • Coco was not initially fond of the hard chews, and it took more coaxing for her to eat them

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    Reviews of the Innovet Hemp Chews We Tried

    Let’s take a closer look at both variations of Innovet’s hemp chews we tried out in a little more detail:

    1. The Soft Chews in Turkey and Apple Flavor

    The Soft Chews in Turkey and Apple Flavor

    These bite-sized soft chews were the perfect daily treats for Coco. The recommended dosage and suggested serving of two chews per day worked out great with her usual feeding schedule. I gave her one treat in the morning after her breakfast, and one at night after her dinner. She was a fan of both the flavor and the soft chewy texture of these treats, and they were clearly her favorite between the two.

    With each chew containing 2 mg of hemp extract, the dosage was considerably small each time I gave her one. That being said, while there weren’t super noticeable changes in Coco’s behavior, I did feel like her energy level overall was high and healthy. She’s always been an energetic dog, but I noticed just a little more pep in her step since starting these hemp chews. Not to mention the pure excitement she showed every time she noticed me reaching for the jar.

    Her anxiety also seemed much more at bay throughout the day. Usually when I’m working, or if I need to leave her at home alone for a bit, she tends to be much more anxious. Since starting these treats, she seems to be much calmer, more relaxed, and less needy for my attention.

    • Made with healthy, all-natural ingredients
    • 100% free of grain, preservatives, and gluten to minimize any allergies or negative reactions
    • Uses high-quality full spectrum hemp oil for overall health support
    • Made with human-grade superfood ingredients for your dog’s optimal health
    • A suggested daily dosage chart is provided on the jar for your convenience
    • Limited options as only one flavor is available

    2. The Hard Chews in Steak and Cheese Flavor

    The Hard Chews in Steak and Cheese Flavor

    Although not an instant hit with Coco, the hemp hard chews did grow on her with some time and coaxing. As recommended by the dosage suggestion chart on the bag, I broke up one treat into two and gave her only one half each time–one in the morning after breakfast, and one at night after dinner.

    It took her a while to like them, as she usually prefers soft and chewy treats. A couple times in the beginning, she didn’t even eat them, and I found them hidden in her blanket (saved for later). Once I started making her do a bunch of tricks and really applauded her before giving her the chew, she started to positively associate the treats as a reward and began to like them more. After that, she still took a while to finish them, and would toy around with it a little before actually getting around to eating it.

    As each hard chew contains 5 mg of hemp extract, each time I gave her a half of one was only a 2.5 mg dosage. Again, I didn’t notice any marked effects or changes in her behavior from these treats—either on their own or in combination with the soft chews—but I did feel an increase in her overall energy level, as well as a decrease in her overall anxiety level. That, in itself, is a notable benefit to me!

    • Made with all-natural and organic ingredients
    • 100% grain free and gluten free to reduce allergies and negative reactions
    • Contains high-quality organic hemp extract to support overall health
    • Veterinarian formulated and lab tested for quality
    • A suggested daily dosage chart is provided on the bag for your convenience
    • Only one flavor available
    • Coco was not a fan of the hard treats, and it took some bribing for her to eat them

    Our Experience With Innovet’s Hemp Chews

    Overall, both Coco and I had a positive experience with both of Innovet’s hemp chews that we tried.

    I was pleased with the quality and presentation of the products, and Coco was an instant fan of the soft chews. They were her favorite of the two, hands down. She would light up any time she noticed me reaching for the jar and would very anxiously and urgently do all her tricks to earn the soft chews. Needless to say, she would scarf them down as soon as she got them.

    The hard chews eventually grew on her as well. At first, she would sniff at them, paw at them, and hide them away, but she would still eat them eventually (which she hasn’t always done with other less favorable treats before). Once I started hyping them up and making her earn them by doing tricks, she began favoring them more as she started seeing them as a reward for good behavior.

    As far as any changes in her health and wellness, while it is hard to note any significant changes after only 10 days of giving her the chews, they did seem to make a slight but noticeable difference in Coco’s overall behavior in terms of both her energy and anxiety levels. I’m willing to bet the hemp extract in both treats has done its thing to help reduce her anxiety, as well as improve her digestion, appetite, and overall mood.

    As Coco has always been an active dog who loves going for walks, hikes, and running around at the park, it’s nice to see her have just a bit more pep in her step. She also seems to be more relaxed and less anxious throughout the day, especially at times I need to leave her home alone for a bit. Hopefully after more time of continuing with these treats, I will notice even more of a difference in her overall wellness.

    innovet hemp soft and hard chews in a box

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    All in all, it’s my humble opinion that Innovet’s hemp chews in both the soft chew and hard chew variations offer both you and your fur baby much value. As a pet parent, I was particularly drawn to Innovet’s mission and story of how they came to be. To know the company was founded by two pet parents on a mission to provide innovative, affordable, and quality solutions for other pet owners to help their own fur babies live a happy, healthy life is what sold me on even giving their products a try.

    As a dog mom who prioritizes feeding my dog only food and treats made with all-natural ingredients, Innovet’s products really appealed to me. Especially as they’ve incorporated high-quality full spectrum hemp extract, a holistic ingredient on the rise, as a main ingredient in many of their treats, I am happy to see some of its many stated effects manifesting in my own pup’s health in just a short amount of time. I’m excited to see how Coco’s energy, anxiety level, and overall wellbeing continue to improve as I continue giving her Innovet’s hemp chews, and I’d be open to trying out other products of theirs as well.

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