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Furbo 360° Dog Camera Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Written by: Jessica Kim

Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Dogster Team

Furbo 360° Dog Camera - Featured Image

Furbo 360° Dog Camera Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Furbo 360° Dog Camera a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Material Quality: 4.5/5
Camera Quality: 4.5/5
Microphone Quality: 4.5/5
Night Vision: 4/5
Dog Tracking: 4/5
Treat Tossing: 4/5

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What Is Furbo 360° Dog Camera? How Does It Work?

Furbo 360° Dog Camera on the floor

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The Furbo 360° Dog Camera is the third version of cameras developed by Furbo. Furbo has been creating cameras specifically for dogs so that dog owners can have peace of mind whenever they leave their pets at home.

The latest camera model has significant improvements, including a rotating camera, improved night vision viewing, and automatic dog tracking. While the standard features of the camera are impressive, you can also upgrade your experience by signing up for an optional Furbo Dog Nanny membership. This paid membership feature unlocks additional alerts for barking, increased activity, a person in the home, and emergency sounds.

So, the standard Furbo experience allows you to stay connected with your dog. The upgraded experience enhances and doubles down on safety. It keeps your dog’s safety in mind by ensuring that the home is stable and secure.

Furbo cameras are also designed for dogs with separation anxiety. The two-way microphone lets them hear their owners’ voices and feel more at ease. The live feed will also help you determine with certainty if you need to return home right away.

If you have a dog that generally doesn’t get into trouble or feels anxious while home alone, the Furbo camera may feel like an added luxury in your home. However, keep in mind that Furbo also has a track record for saving dogs’ lives. These cameras have alerted numerous dog owners of well-behaved dogs encountering unsafe situations and intruders in the home.

Overall, the Furbo 360° Dog Camera is a significant improvement from its predecessor. It does still leave room for improvements, such as its Wi-Fi detection. However, Furbo is a brand of innovation. So, it’ll continue developing new and improved products to keep us connected to our pets and keep them safe.


Furbo 360° Dog Camera – A Quick Look

furbo 360 dog camera packaging

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  • 360° rotating camera
  • Improved low-light and night vision
  • Quiet, dog-friendly design
  • Auto-troubleshoots clogged treats
  • Optional membership for more alerts
  • Requires strong Wi-Fi connection
  • No backup batteries
  • Night vision footage can be unclear

Furbo 360° Dog Camera Pricing

Furbo is a premium brand, so you can certainly find cheaper camera options. However, Furbo provides a high-quality experience that caters to a pet’s specific needs. It’s challenging to find a reputable brand that offers the same or better experience as Furbo. Furbo pays attention to the details and works with the feedback received from real dog owners to continuously improve its products and services.

When you purchase a Furbo 360° Dog Camera, you will have a camera specifically designed to prioritize your dog’s safety. You’ll also gain access to customer support, a Facebook community, and other resources that you can find through the Furbo app.

What to Expect from Furbo 360° Dog Camera

The Furbo 360° Dog Camera’s packaging is straightforward. The box includes the camera, a USB cord, a plug, and an instruction manual. The manual provides basic information about the camera and refers you to QR codes to download the Furbo app.

Once you plug in your Furbo, you can complete setting everything up through the app. The first thing you will do is create a new Furbo account or log in to an existing account.

Then, the app will guide you to connect your mobile device to your Furbo via Bluetooth. After that, you’ll connect the Furbo to your Wi-Fi. When you’re in this step, make sure to place the Furbo in a room with a strong Wi-Fi connection because it doesn’t pick up weak signals very well.

After you’ve completed setting up the camera, the app will provide a tutorial on how to control the camera and toss treats. If you have any further questions, you can go to the FAQ section or contact customer support through the app.

You can also make several customizations through the app. For example, you can change the treat size setting or record your voice so that the recording plays every time you toss a treat.

furbo 360 dog camer and accessories on the floor

Furbo 360° Dog Camera Contents

Inclusions: USB power cord, plug
Battery-operated: No
Camera Quality: 1080p
Free App: Yes
Membership Type: Monthly (optional)
Wi-Fi Required: Yes
Bluetooth Required: Yes

Design Upgrades

The new Furbo 360° Dog Camera has some updated design features, and I appreciate the attention to detail with these updates. One of my favorite improvements is the treat tossing mechanism. The previous design used a slingshot. The new one has a windmill contraption, and you can select from two different treat sizes on the Furbo app to prevent clogging. It also has an auto-troubleshooting feature.

The wooden treat lid is also less heavy. It still stays shut securely because it uses rubber material in its second layer.

Lastly, Furbo utilizes the bottom of the camera efficiently. The plug now slips underneath for a cleaner appearance, and the reset button is tucked inside, so you no longer need a tool to access it. It also has two industrial-strength 3M adhesive pads to prevent spills and getting knocked over.

furbo 360 camera tossing treat to the dog

The 360° Camera

One of the most significant updates is the 360° camera. The camera enables 1080p live view, and it has improved night vision. So, you can see color in low light and more precise images in darkened spaces at night.

You can control the 360° camera through the Furbo app. It only operate at one steady speed, so it won’t be able to follow your dog if it has the case of the zoomies. However, it does have an automatic dog tracking feature, so when you access the camera’s live feed, it usually has your dog in the frame.

Another great thing about the 360° feature is that the treat dispenser also turns with the camera. So, you have better aim when tossing treats to your dog.

Furbo Dog Nanny Membership

One of the selling points of Furbo cameras is safety. The Furbo Dog Nanny provides additional safety features for a monthly membership fee. This additional feature unlocks more real-time alerts on your phone, including dog barking and activity. It can also pick up on emergency noises, such as fire alarms going off or the sound of glass breaking. It even notifies you if it detects a person in your home while you’re away.

AI powers the Furbo Dog Nanny technology, so it learns to improve on tracking your dog and will become more consistent with its alerts over time.

furbo 360 dog camera app

Difficulty Securing Wi-Fi Connection

One consistent inconvenience found in both the original Furbo Dog Camera and the upgraded Furbo 360° Dog Camera is the difficulty securing a Wi-Fi connection.

I live in a two-story home with my wireless router on the second floor. I had initially wanted to set up the camera on the first floor because that’s where my dog’s food station is located. However, the connection was too weak for the Furbo to detect. Since I don’t have any Wi-Fi boosters or extenders, I had to resort to setting up the camera in the same room as my wireless router.

Is Furbo 360° Dog Camera a Good Value?

Having a dog camera may seem like an unnecessary luxury. However, it does more than just allow dog owners to check on their dogs whenever they miss them. It’s a great way to ensure that your dog is safe, and as a bonus, the Furbo camera also makes sure your home is safe.

You’re essentially paying for safety and security when purchasing the Furbo 360° Dog Camera.

cute dog near furbo 360 dog camera in a box


FAQ: Furbo 360° Dog Camera

What’s the difference between Furbo Version 2.5 and Furbo 360° Dog Camera?

One of the most significant differences is the camera. The Furbo Version 2.5 has a stationary camera that offers a 160° view. The Furbo 360° Dog Camera has a rotating camera that you can control through the Furbo app. The camera only turns horizontally, so it’s essential to position it from a higher vantage point so you can see the whole room.

The Furbo 360° Dog Camera is smaller and lighter than previous versions. The treat dispensing mechanism is different and has an auto-troubleshooting feature to work through clogs. You can also easily reset the Furbo 360° Dog Camera as you no longer need a tool to access it.

Can I use Furbo without the Furbo Dog Nanny subscription?

Yes, you can use Furbo without paying the subscription fee. The monthly subscription unlocks additional safety features. So, if safety and security are your main concerns, it could be helpful to subscribe to the Furbo Dog Nanny. A free trial period is available, so you can test it out before making any payments.

Can family members also connect to the same Furbo camera?

Yes, the same Furbo camera can be accessed across multiple devices. However, you must share the same family group login account on each device. So, family members can’t create their own accounts to connect to the same camera. Also, only two users can be connected at the same time.

white fluffy dog looking at the furbo 360 camera

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Our Experience With Furbo 360° Dog Camera

I was able to try out the Furbo 360° Dog Camera for myself with my 6-year-old Cavapoo. Although she doesn’t have separation anxiety, she doesn’t like being alone for too long. She gets bored quickly, and her curiosity can sometimes get her in trouble.

So, one of the best things about having a Furbo 360° Dog Camera is that it provided a great sense of security whenever I was outside the house. I didn’t have to be left wondering if my dog had gotten herself into any trouble because I could simply pick up my phone and see how she was doing.


Setting up the Furbo camera wasn’t too difficult of a process. I did face a minor inconvenience because the original room I wanted to place it in had a weak Wi-Fi signal, so I had to resort to choosing a different room that was closer to my wireless router. Other than that, the setup took less than 10 minutes, and the camera was ready to go.

Treat Dispenser

One of the main features of Furbo cameras is the treat dispenser. So, I tried it out right away. It was fun flicking the treats from my phone screen, and my dog had a blast trying to catch them midair. The windmill design is a significant improvement because I hadn’t experienced any major clogging. There was a time when two treats got stuck together, but the auto-troubleshooting mechanism helped rotate and reposition the treats.

When it comes to the treat dispenser, make sure to use dry treats only and select the correct treat size through the app so that the dispenser doesn’t get jammed. This was a little inconvenient because my dog prefers chewy treats over dry treats, but we eventually found a tasty biscuit that she consistently enjoyed.

furbo 360 dog camer treat dispenser


The 360° camera was also very easy to control. After some time, it could automatically detect and follow my dog’s movements. It didn’t do this successfully all the time, but since it uses AI technology, I would think that the tracking would improve over time.

The camera quality was very impressive. I was able to see clear HD footage of my dog throughout the day. I tested out the night vision, and it was a little more difficult to spot my dog because the imaging was slightly blurrier. My dog has a cream-colored coat, so it’s easier to spot her against a black backdrop, but I can imagine dogs with darker coats would be more challenging to see.


Lastly, I tested out the microphone feature, and I think I had more fun with it than my dog did. The microphone produced crisp and clear sounds, and I got my dog’s attention whenever I spoke into the microphone. However, she seemed more confused than comforted and would just look for me around the house. So, it’s unclear how helpful this feature could be for dogs with separation anxiety.


If I had to be nitpicky, I would have to say that it would have been nice to have a compartment for backup batteries in case the camera accidentally got unplugged. However, I had an overall positive experience with the Furbo 360° Dog Camera.

Besides some connectivity issues, I appreciated having a dog camera in my home. I noticed how much more at ease I felt whenever my dog was home alone. The quiet design of the camera allowed my dog to get used to it very quickly. The impressive camera quality provided clear and precise footage of my dog, and I was also able to record and take some cute photos of her through the app.



The Furbo 360° Dog Camera is a great way to stay connected with your dog and ensure that it’s safe while you’re away. It comes with several essential features, and you can also play around with fun ones, such as taking photos and video recordings.

The Furbo 360° Dog Camera is an excellent tool for ensuring that your dog engages in safe activities and protecting them from any dangerous situations. It has everything you need and more to keep an eye out on your dogs and be confident that they’re happy and safe any time you’re away.

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