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How Much Do Australian Labradoodles Cost in 2024? Facts & FAQ

Written by: Jessica Kim

Last Updated on April 25, 2024 by Dogster Team

Australian Labradoodle

How Much Do Australian Labradoodles Cost in 2024? Facts & FAQ

Australian Labradoodles are popular pets because of their sweet and friendly personalities, and their low-shedding coats tend to be relatively compatible with dog allergy sufferers. They are also pretty easy to train and are eager to please, so they make good pets for first-time dog owners and families with young children.

While an Australian Labradoodle often brings more fun and joy into the home, it’s essential to be realistic and consider the initial and continuous costs of taking care of one. Most Australian Labradoodle puppies are priced between $1,500 to $3,000. You may spend a couple hundred dollars purchasing pet supplies and equipment. Then, you’ll have to expect to pay for routine care needs, such as food, toys, treats, and medical bills. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to budget for when living with an Australian Labradoodle.


Bringing Home a New Labradoodle: One-Time Costs

Along with purchasing the Australian Labradoodle, you must budget for several pet essentials that should be prepared before bringing home your new puppy. Essential items to consider in your budget include food, toys, a bed or crate, and a vet exam.


It’s very rare to find an Australian Labradoodle for free because they’re a very popular dog breed with high demand. You may be able to get an Australian Labradoodle puppy for free if you have connections with a Labradoodle breeder. Sometimes, breeders will rehome their Australian Labradoodles ready to retire from their breeding programs. If you’re an eligible candidate, you may be able to bring home the Australian Labradoodle for free or pay a significantly discounted amount.

Australian labradoodle sitting on the bench
Image By: litthouse, Pixabay


  • $100 – $300

In some cases, you may be able to find an Australian Labradoodle at your local adoption center or animal rescue. These organizations usually charge an adoption fee between $100 and $300. Younger dogs have higher adoption fees, while older and senior dogs have lower prices.


  • $1,500 – $3,000

Australian Labradoodle puppies can be sold for between $1,500 and $3,000. Prices will vary depending on your location and the popularity of Australian Labradoodles in the surrounding area. Sometimes, you can find Australian Labradoodle puppies at a lower price if they’re a little older and have been looking for a home for a while.

It’s not recommended to purchase an Australian Labradoodle puppy sold for much lower than average prices, as some unethical breeders may entice prospective dog owners with lower prices to make a profit. Search for breeders registered with reputable Australian Labradoodle clubs and organizations, such as the Australian Labradoodle Club of America.

Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $690 – $1,500

It’s realistic to expect to pay several hundred dollars for initial care and supplies for an Australian Labradoodle. In general, these initial costs are relatively higher than for smaller dog breeds because Australian Labradoodles tend to grow fairly large and need bigger equipment. Naturally, you can expect some items to be more expensive simply because of size, such as the dog’s bed, crate, and food and water bowls.

Australian labradoodle lying on the deck
Image Credit: Mariusz S. Jurgielewicz, Shutterstock

List of Australian Labradoodle Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar $10 – $20
Leash $10 – $20
Initial Vet Exam $50 – $250
Microchip $25 – $60
Spay/Neuter $300 – $500
Crate $120 – $280
Dog Gate $30 – $60
Food and Water Bowls $10 – $30
Bed $50 – $100
Toys $30 – $50
Food $40 – $100
Treats $15 – $30


How Much Does an Australian Labradoodle Cost Per Month?

  • $245 – $470 per month

You may think that monthly costs for Australian Labradoodles will only come from food and treats. However, you must also consider grooming, routine medications, and toys. While you won’t spend the same amount of money monthly, you can expect to spend a couple of hundreds of dollars during certain months.

Health Care

  • $195 – $390 per month

An Australian Labradoodle’s monthly health-related costs will mostly come from food, grooming, and preventative medications. These costs vary significantly because so many options are available for all kinds of budgets and lifestyles.


  • $50 – $90 per month

The monthly cost of food varies depending on the brand and type. Dry dog food tends to be the most affordable form, while wet and fresh dog food is much more expensive. Our estimates are also based on foods formulated for large dog breeds, as large dogs have different nutritional needs than small and medium-sized dogs.

Australian labradoodle witha abowl of treats
Image Credit: litthouse, Pixabay


  • $65 – $100 per month

Australian Labradoodles benefit from professional grooming services every 6 to 8 weeks. Their hair doesn’t stop growing, so they’ll need a haircut to keep their coats at a manageable length. Some Australian Labradoodles may not like getting their nails trimmed at home, so you might have to visit your veterinarian or groomer to get them professionally trimmed.

When it comes to baths, Australian Labradoodles can usually get by with one once a month. Make sure to purchase shampoo with a moisturizing formula to prevent their skin and coat from drying out.

Medications and Vet Visits

  • $30 – $100 per month

Labradoodles are a generally healthy breed. Your monthly medication costs will mostly be from flea and tick medication. Preventative medication for parasites is available at varying price points. Make sure to consult your veterinarian first to find the right one for your Labradoodle.

Pet Insurance

  • $50 – $100 per month

Pet insurance premiums vary greatly depending on the plan and your pet’s age. Puppies have the cheapest pet insurance, and the prices will go up each year your Australian Labradoodle ages. The most common types of pet insurance plans are accident-only plans and accident and illness plans. Accident-only plans have more limited coverage, but they’re the cheapest and the most popular option for young and healthy puppies.

eyeglasses on top of insurance documents
Image Credit: Mikhail Nilov, Pexels

Environment Maintenance

  • $30 – $50 per month

Monthly environmental maintenance costs are relatively low for an Australian Labradoodle. They’re not particularly smelly, and they’re not known to drool a lot, but you may want to invest in a furniture deodorizer or air freshener to keep dog-related odors at bay. Having a stain remover is also helpful in case your dog tracks mud into the home or accidentally vomits on your floors.

Poop Bags $10 – $20/month
Furniture Deodorizer & Stain Remover $10 – $15/month
Paw Wipes $10 – $15/month


  • $20 – $30 per month

Most of your Australian Labradoodle’s entertainment costs will come from toys and treats. Labradoodles are intelligent dogs and enjoy playing games and playing with various toys. They’re not the mouthiest dogs, but their strong jaws can chew through soft toys quickly.

Australian Labradoodles may benefit from a monthly subscription to a dog toy box because they can get bored easily and will most likely appreciate a fresh set of toys. These boxes usually range from $25–$30 per month and contain a mix of toys and treats.

Total Monthly Cost of Owning an Australian Labradoodle

  • $245 – $470

Your monthly costs will come from food, treats, preventative medicines, and toys. If you enroll your Australian Labradoodle in a pet insurance policy, you must also be prepared to pay monthly premiums. Australian Labradoodles don’t necessarily require monthly grooming appointments, so you’ll most likely have to pay for grooming costs every other month.

Additional Costs to Factor In

Make sure to include a budget for unexpected or occasional care items. Sometimes, your Australian Labradoodle can get into an accident, or you might require pet-sitting or boarding services if you plan to be away from home for more than a day.

Many Australian Labradoodles also benefit from obedience training classes or one-on-one sessions with a professional dog trainer. They don’t like to be home alone for long hours and prefer spending their day at a doggy daycare or having a dog walker spend some time with them while you’re away.

If you live in an apartment or condominium, you may need to start paying a pet fee. Make sure to check with your landlord or homeowners’ association for any pet fees and pet policies. Some buildings require an annual pet fee or a one-time fee.

Owning an Australian Labradoodle on a Budget

Australian labradoodle with a toy
Image Credit: Mariusz S. Jurgielewicz, Shutterstock

While we all want the best for our dogs, choosing the most expensive premium items is not realistic. You can cut down on your budget in practical ways by making intelligent choices with the products you use. For example, you can always request cheaper alternatives or generic brands of medications from your veterinarian.

Also, be wary of pet food brands that use fancy words to make their products sound more appealing. Make sure to check and compare ingredient lists. Sometimes, a premium brand and a more budget-friendly brand share similar ingredients.

Saving Money on Australian Labradoodle Care

You can save on costs by finding a good balance between purchasing high-quality products and generic products. For example, it’s not always necessary to purchase expensive toys because they can tear, even if the product description says they’re made with durable materials. Instead, you may want to spend a little more on better quality food because a healthy and nutritious diet can prevent other health complications later in your Australian Labradoodle’s life.

You can also find discounts if you use subscription services. Many pet food brands and pet supply retailers offer discounts if you sign up for monthly shipments of food and toys.

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In Conclusion

You can expect to pay a few thousand dollars for an Australian Labradoodle’s initial costs. This estimate includes purchasing a Labradoodle puppy and buying all the supplies you’ll need during their first few weeks in your home. The monthly cost of caring for an Australian Labradoodle is usually at least $100, which includes food, toys, and treats. You can expect to pay a couple hundred dollars more if you include pet insurance, pet sitting or dog walking fees, and professional grooming.

You can save money by looking for discount opportunities and making smart pet supply purchases. However, it’s best to overestimate your monthly costs. Your Australian Labradoodle is your responsibility, so ensuring you can provide for their daily needs is vital before deciding to bring one home.

Featured Image Credit: litthouse, Pixabay

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