Doggie Do Gooders Group Gets Special Donation for Amazing Aussies Rescues

Every day, Dogsters are making us all proud as they make the world better in all kinds of ways. Many Dogster and Catster groups work...



Every day, Dogsters are making us all proud as they make the world better in all kinds of ways. Many Dogster and Catster groups work hard to help other pups and kittens. Doggie Do Gooders is one of these marvelous groups.

Gibbon and his furmom Jazmine barked in to share a sweet story of a Dogster who gave what she could to help dogs she had never met.

Gibbon and Jazmine wrote:
Hi Joy! As you have previously blogged here, Doggie Do Gooders is a special group that helps one rescue at a time by nominating, voting for and then donating to one special animal organization every month. For January, the pick of the month was Amazing Aussies, a shelter that saves Lethal White Australian Shepherds and matching them with new forever families while raising awareness to eradicate Merle-to-Merle breeding through educational programs. Them name “Lethal White” in reference to Aussies stems from the fact that these white pups have historically been destroyed at birth because of the likelihood they may be blind, deaf or both.

One member, who has chosen to remain anonymous, was so moved by the rescue, she donated $419! Yes, you read right! Even Mom thought it was in error when she read the p-mail and the DDG member had to spell it out to make Mom believe it! BOL! Four hundred and nineteen dollars!!!! Here is what she said….

Message from Member (who chooses to remain anonymous):

Seriously, we have wanted to help for a long time. Since Momma is disabled, and cannot work, she has been unable to participate for a long, long time in any fundraisers or donations (or much of life in general) due to lack of income.

She also has been itching to rescue, and get us a fur brother or sister. She has always wanted another Aussie, and came across Chica’s page out of the blue one day. We communicated w/Chica, and then lo & behold – Amazing Aussies was the pick for January! How’s that for fate?!

More recently, and sadly, Momma has faced reality and knows that we cannot really rescue at this time, for many reasons. It just would not be fair to the rescue pup, esp if it was an Aussie! So what better way to help several dogs, instead of one, by making a hefty donation. And it is just a little over what we would have paid for the adoption costs of one adopted doggie anyway!

Plus, we are SO blessed, we wanted to pay it forward, so to speak!


Now we receive some very generous donations by pups who are moved by a rescue in DDGs. Another member, who I won’t mention her name since I didn’t ask – hehe, also donated a wonderful sum of money. And each reason is so unique but personal.

This donation brought tears to Mom’s eyes. Every donation, no matter how small or large, comes from our hearts. And this specific donation touched Mom’s heart so much that she had to share it with the pup’s permission.

We are truly blessed with this great group! It really gives Mom hope and confirmation of how special Doggie Do Gooders can be! We had to shout it from the roof tops!

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