5 Homemade Treats Your Dogs Will Love

Got some free time on your hands this weekend? Try one of Claire Lower's recipes for healthy, homemade dog treats.


Kira and Angie are two lucky pups — at least that’s what my dogs keep telling me. Their human, writer Claire Lower, makes them treats from scratch. They get to lick the bowl and enjoy baked goods fresh from the oven. I buy Spot and Dolly’s treats at a pet store.

To celebrate National Bake Week, which wraps up Sunday, I have decided to try each of Claire’s Dog Treat Recipes of the Month! (Actually, who am I kidding … I’ll make one and be grateful if the smoke alarm doesn’t require disconnecting. Let’s just say baking has never been one of my talents.)

Won’t you join me? Here are links to all of Claire’s treat recipes, plus a link to her recipes for smoothies the entire family can enjoy.

1. Kira’s No-Bake Carrot Cake Balls

Claire’s dogs love these carrot treats. “I would eat these forever and ever,” Kira says.

2. Strawberry and Yogurt Valentine’s Day Hearts

Because it doesn’t have to be Feb. 14 to show your pups love in the form of homemade treats — and what better way to do so than with strawberries and plain, fat-free yogurt? It provides “protein, calcium, and tummy-helping active cultures,” Claire writes.

3. Olive Oil and Flax-Seed Cheese Biscuits

Angie had this to say about these olive oil-based dog treats: “They have cheese. I love cheese. They also have the added benefit of being chewy, which means I can’t gulp them down super quickly. These treats make me take my time, and I like that.”

4. Minty Carob-Dipped Christmas Cookies

Another holiday treat your dogs will love no matter the time of year; plus, you will appreciate the breath-freshening bonus.

5. Kira and Angie’s Thanksgiving Feast Treats

Kira shares her feelings about these treats: “Look, I’m 13. I’ve tasted a fair amount of treats in my time, and I’m not easily impressed. But these things are transcendent.” High praise, indeed. They combine ground turkey with dried cranberry and sweet potato.

6. Smoothie Recipes

Claire discovered her pups like smoothies when Angie snuck a sip one morning. She decided to create recipes they could all enjoy: Tropical Kale, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Strawberry Mango Kale. Claire gets a full glass, while the pups get a substantial pour each.

I’m going to try the Olive Oil and Flax-Seed Cheese Biscuits. Is it wrong that one of the reasons for doing so is because, just like Angie, I love cheese? Surely, I’ll need to taste test before giving to Spot and Dolly.

Do you make homemade treats for your dogs? Please share recipes and photos in the comments!

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