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10 Best Dog Bowls for Large Dogs in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on June 25, 2024 by Dogster Team

10 Best Dog Bowls for Large Dogs in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

dog drinking in the water bowl

It’s no secret that our large-breed doggies can be quite messy and need a lot more space at mealtime. If your dog is making sloppy messes or having trouble eating out of their current food bowl, you might want a little upgrade.

Lucky for you, we found 10 of the best bowls on the market. Our reviews will give you all the good details about these products to help you decide which is right for your giant furry pal.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites of 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Sam’s Pets Wood & Steel Dog Bowl Sam’s Pets Wood & Steel Dog Bowl
  • Shallow, slightly elevated design for easy digestion
  • Durable metal frame
  • Practical design
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Frisco Stainless Steel Bowls Frisco Stainless Steel Bowls
  • Affordable
  • Simple design
  • Long-lasting
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    IRIS Elevated Feeder with Storage IRIS Elevated Feeder with Storage
  • All-in-one feeding station
  • Great for travel or home
  • Practical and durable
  • Best for Puupies
    Neater Pets Neater Feeder Neater Pets Neater Feeder
  • Protects walls and floors
  • Ideal for puppies
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Bearwood Essentials Dog Feeder Bearwood Essentials Dog Feeder
  • Great choice for giant breeds
  • Perfect for two dogs
  • Stylish farmhouse design
  • The 10 Best Dog Bowls for Large Dogs

    1. Sam’s Pets Single Wood & Steel Dog Bowl – Best Overall

    Sam's Pets Dan Single Wood & Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

    Size: 14.375 cups
    Type: Elevated
    Material: Stainless steel, wood

    Our overall favorite dog bowl for large dogs was the Sam’s Pets Dan Single Wood & Stainless Steel Dog Bowl. This product is sleek and straightforward, with no fancy bells or whistles to cause distraction. It fits the needs of almost all large breed dogs.

    The metal frame keeps it level, so there isn’t any scooting or scratching on your surfaces. The large shallow bowl design helps your pups reach their food while breathing between bites.

    The bowls fit nicely into the wooden compartments for a seamless look. You can remove them just as easily for a routine cleaning—both bowls are totally dishwasher safe. Plus, the frame and tray wipe down quite quickly, helping maintain sanitation.

    We loved everything about it. It is slightly elevated but not too drastically. It has just the right amount of room for virtually any large breed. Plus, it is easy to clean and maintain. We think this design will last years to come. However, it might not work in all décor styles or budgets.

    • Shallow, slightly elevated design for easy digestion
    • Durable metal frame
    • Practical design
    • Might not work for all budgets

    2. Frisco Stainless Steel Dog Bowls – Best Value

    Frisco Stainless Steel Bowl

    Size: 4.75 cups
    Type: Non-skid
    Material: Stainless steel

    If you’re the type who loves a steal of a deal, check out these Frisco Stainless Steel Dog Bowls. We appreciate the quality for the price, and we’re confident they’re the best dog bowls for large dogs for the money.

    These bowls are very simple—what you see is what you get. They aren’t made to be stylish, per se, but they blend in with any room. There are two separate pieces, fully stainless steel, with a rubber rim to prevent skidding.

    This set is compatible with wet and dry food but is not microwave-safe. So, you won’t be able to nuke wet food in the bowl. It is, however, dishwasher-safe and completely non-skid. Other tasks like keeping the bowl in place during feeding and cleaning should be no problem.

    If you just want two bowls to put in some food and water, this will do the trick. It’s simple, affordable, and long-lasting.

    • Affordable
    • Simple design
    • Long-lasting
    • Plain

    3. IRIS Elevated Feeder with Food Storage – Premium Choice

    RIS USA WeatherPro Airtight Elevated Pet Feeder with Food Storage Container & Bowls in Lid

    Size: 8 cups
    Type: Elevated with storage
    Material: Plastic, stainless steel

    As far as pet food dishes go, this product might be a little more on the expensive side, but we think it’s well worth the extra—you decide. The IRIS Elevated Feeder with Airtight Food Storage is a brilliant setup, with bowls on top of a dry kibble container.

    Even if you store other belongings inside, like their leashes and other gear or wet food cans, it’s still a super convenient storage spot. Plus, it helps weigh the design down, so there is no slipping, movement, or tipping.

    This convenient little station is also an easy setup to take on travel. You have somewhere to store their food, it’s easy to empty or rinse out, and everything stays together, so nothing is lost—but that’s just an extra perk to this awesome design.

    This design might not be the chicest or flashiest, but it is practical. You don’t have to buy extra bowls for the go or wonder where you will store your dog’s food inconspicuously.

    • All-in-one feeding station
    • Great for travel or home
    • Practical and durable
    • Expensive

    4. Neater Pets Neater Feeder Deluxe – Best for Puppies

    Neater Pets Neater Feeder Deluxe Elevated & Mess-Proof Dog Bowls

    Size: 7 cups, 9 cups
    Type: Elevated with guard
    Material: Plastic, stainless steel

    Most are pretty puppy-friendly regarding bowls, but we thought this one was especially so. We have Neater Pets Neater Feeder Deluxe to keep the messes out and the kibble in. If your big breed pup is anything like the ones we’ve met, they’re a little clumsy and messy at mealtime.

    Your floors and walls have total protection from water slings and food crumbles with this setup. It has full back and side backing, measuring up to 11 inches. Plus, it has an extra tray that catches up to a full bowl of water to prevent major spills.

    This product is free of so many harmful toxins; it’s BPA-free, lead-free, and rust-resistant. It protects walls from developing buildup, mold, or water damage. You just have to make sure you keep the tray clean to prevent bacteria from growing, which can make your pup sick.

    A major upside is that you don’t have to stop using this bowl set once your puppy reaches adulthood, so it’s worth the investment. We think it’s a steal of a deal for goofy pups we love so much.

    • Protects walls and floors
    • Ideal for puppies
    • Free of harmful chemicals
    • Plastic tray might become unsanitary

    5. Bearwood Essentials Farmhouse 3-Bowl Elevated Dog Feeder

    Bearwood Essentials Farmhouse 3-Bowl Full Stain Elevated Dog Feeder

    Size: 11 cups
    Type: Elevated
    Material: Wood, stainless steel

    If you have more than one pup at home and food aggression is no issue, Bearwood Essential Farmhouse 3-Bowl Full Stain Elevated Dog Feeder is an excellent choice. It has a desirable look and a feel-good finish with farm-style wood construction and durable stainless-steel bowls.

    The top is sealed, so moisture won’t wear away or discolor the wood. It also makes it super easy to wipe down. The stainless-steel bowls come out with minimal effort for an easy clean. Two large breeds could comfortably fit on both ends of this dog buffet.

    Each one of these stainless-steel bowls holds a whopping 11 cups of food. So, not only is this a wonderful product for multi-dogs, but also for giant breeds. The elevated design is both visually appealing and beneficial for your dog’s digestion, preventing potential health issues from fast-eating like bloat.

    This large of a set might not be necessary for single dog households. But we truly feel it’s a delightful addition to any home for a doggy pair.

    • Great choice for giant breeds
    • Perfect for two dogs
    • Stylish farmhouse design
    • Not for single dog homes

    6. Frisco Collapsible Silicone Dog Bowls – Best for Travel

    Frisco Travel Collapsible Silicone Dog & Cat Bowl

    Size: 3 cups
    Type: Collapsible
    Material: Silicone

    Your big guy or gal will need something on the go if you or your family loves the open road. The Frisco Travel Collapsible Silicone Dog Bowls are highly convenient, sufficient, and easy to store. You can use them for vet visits, grooming, hikes, and other outings.

    Room is a luxury on the road. So, this is a single set of two silicone bowls that fold flat and pop out as needed for space-friendliness. This set folds down and zips shut to stow away with no problem when in storage mode. You can easily put this under your car’s seat or in a large purse or backpack.

    The silicone material makes clean-up a breeze. It is easy to wipe down and clean up quickly and easily. Plus, the material is ultra-durable, an excellent choice for lasting gear.

    Naturally, this bowl option wouldn’t be the best for stationary homes. But we couldn’t find a better option for mobile needs.

    • Compacts for easy storage
    • Easy to clean material
    • Extra durable silicone
    • Not for stationery, daily use

    7. Frisco Marble Design Non-skid Ceramic Dog Bowl

    Frisco Marble Design Non-skid Ceramic Dog & Cat Bowl

    Size: 5.25 cups
    Type: Non-skid
    Material: Ceramic

    We think that the Frisco Marble Design Non-Skid Ceramic Dog Bowl is beautiful when it comes to looks. You can buy them in a count of one or two, depending on your needs—and obviously, the price reflects the difference.

    Ceramic material products like this are a great investment for mannerly dogs. If your dog is particularly rough, it might break with force, as all-ceramic would. But the material makes it super easy to clean, and its nonporous surface won’t retain any bacteria—plus, it is completely dishwasher safe.

    This ceramic set comes with non-skid rubber feet to keep it stationary on slippery surfaces. Each can hold up to 5.25 cups—and they make a smaller option if you have another breed that could use it, too.

    When properly handled, ceramic keeps for such a long time. The Calacatta-Esque marble print is charming in any home setting, creating a warm and modern appeal. Aside from it being breakable, we can’t find any other problem with this lovely set of bowls.

    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Nonporous and dishwasher safe
    • Well-made
    • Breakable

    8. OurPets Comfort Elevated Dog Bowls

    OurPets Comfort Elevated Dog & Cat Bowls

    Size: 5.5 cups
    Type: Elevated
    Material: Plastic, stainless steel

    Comfort is the name of the game with OurPets Comfort Elevated Dog Bowls—literally. It was designed to get on your dog’s level by meeting them halfway. Dogs with any joints or aging issues can greatly benefit from the ergonomic design.

    This design comes with a plastic platform fitting two stainless steel bowls, which hold 5.5 cups apiece. These are just too small for our giant guys with larger-than-life appetites. We recommend this set for closer to medium-sized breeds.

    The bowls, however, are completely rust and bacteria-resistant. The bowl and rim design are compatible with self-watering containers, too—which is an extra perk for the win. The base is black, and there are no additional colors to choose from. But let’s face it, black matches anything.

    Overall, we liked these bowls, although they are slightly less quality than some competitors. And it isn’t available in large enough sizes for some of our massive pals to enjoy.

    • Excellent for dogs with joint issues
    • Compatible with self-watering containers
    • Perfect elevation
    • One color
    • Flimsier than some others

    9. AsFrost Dog Food Bowls

    AsFrost Dog Food Bowls Stainless Steel Pet Bowls & Dog Water Bowls with No-Spill and Non-Skid

    Size: 6 cups
    Type: Non-spill
    Material: Stainless steel, silicone

    We think AsFrost Dog Food Bowls are excellent options for messy eaters. These bowls come with a convenient, pliable silicone tray. The stainless-steel bowls slip right into the tray for a seamless finish. We love the grip—you can fit it on virtually any floor surface, and it will stay protected.

    The whole setup is tidy and modern. You can buy this charming bowl tray in five captivating colors: gray, pink, black, dark gray, and blue. Each stainless-steel bowl is anti-corrosive, and the entire setup is dishwasher-safe.

    We think this product is straightforward and would work for the right dog. The cache works to get any dribbles or kibble that happen to fall out. It eliminates a lot of mess, which saves you some time in the long run.

    The only thing we didn’t like was that the silicone material seemed to attract a lot of dirt and debris, so it got dirtier faster. Over time, it can make it hard to keep up with frequent cleanings.

    • Cache for food and water spills
    • Totally dishwasher safe
    • Non-skid
    • Silicone attracts debris

    10. Super Design Mess-Free 15-degree Slanted Bowl

    SUPER DESIGN Mess Free 15 Degree Slanted Bowl for Dogs and Cats

    Size: 7 cups
    Type: Tilted
    Material: Stainless steel, melamine

    Super Design Mess-Free 15-degree Slanted Bowls are good for any large breed, but we love them, especially for our brachycephalic friends. So, if you have a Boxer, Mastiff, or another flat-faced large breed, this might prove to make an easier eating experience.

    The ergonomic tilted design helps your smashed-face cutie breathe properly at mealtime, so their noses aren’t pressed to the bottom of a bowl. It allows proper airflow and easier digestion, improving swallowing and joint strain.

    We love the design, sleek and straightforward. It comes in many colorful selection choices, including light pink, black, cream white, drama blue pattern, drama red pattern, geometry pattern, language pattern, green, gray, light blue, light pink, marble, multi-colored, orange, panda pattern, stalk, or yellow.

    It is made of melamine and stainless steel, which are dishwasher safe. So, when things get icky, you take the bowl from the holder and toss them both in the dishwasher together. While we love it, it only comes individually, so you have to buy two to get a pair—and it’s a little steep.

    • Terrific for flat-faced breeds
    • Promotes better digestion and less neck strain
    • Sleek, colorful design
    • Not necessary for every breed
    • Expensive
    • Only sold individually


    Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Best Dog Bowl for Large Dogs


    • Stainless steel

    Stainless steel is an incredibly smart material for dog bowls because it does not rust and it’s extremely easy to clean. Most stainless steel also does not harbor bacteria, so you don’t have to worry about the dingy buildup of dog food and grime once you wash it.

    Stainless steel bowls often work in many elevated or raised designs and are generally very easy to replace.

    • Ceramic

    Ceramic is a nonporous material, making it perfect for doggy dishes. Ceramic bowls are generally quite attractive, dishwasher-safe, and microwave-safe. So, if you have a miniature golden doodle that requires soft food, you can always nuke it right in the bowl in the microwave.

    The only downfall we can conclude with ceramic is that it is breakable. So, if you have a particularly rough dog or it’s sitting in an area that directly sees a lot of foot traffic, you can break the bowls.

    Also, it tends to be a little more expensive than many stainless steel options.

    • Silicone

    Silicone is an excellent material because it is often waterproof and pretty durable. It is usually pliable and long-lasting with proper care. Plus, it’s lightweight. Silicone is a generally affordable material.

    One major downfall of silicone is that it tends to collect dust and debris, so it requires frequent cleaning.


    german shepherd eating out of a dog bowl
    Image By: annabelle l, Shutterstock

    Many times, your dog food dishes are sitting in a frequently traveled place such as a kitchen or walkway. If you want to find some type of dog bowl that will blend in with your daily decor stylings, it’s very easy to do on the market today.

    You can even buy bowls and make your own elevated system that serves the purpose of both attractiveness and functionality. We all love a good DIY.

    Here are some pretty common styles on the market.

    • Raised/Elevated Dog Food Bowls

    Raised dog food bowls have so many different style possibilities that are expanding all the time. You can buy these styles in wood or metal—virtually any material you can think of.

    Raised bowls help large dogs digest their food and breathe properly while eating.

    • Tilted Dog Food Bowls

    Tilted dog food bowls come in various colors, styles, materials, and varieties. You can get as fancy or plain as you want. But most on the market these days are ceramic.

    Tilted dog food bowls allow brachycephalic dogs to breathe properly when eating. It also helps dogs with vomiting issues.

    • Standalone Bowls

    You can get standalone bowls for a lovely aesthetic if you enjoy a separate look. You can find standalone bowls of any kind—and even mix them up if you want them to have a different food or water bowl.

    • Bowls With Cache, Tray, or Guard

    Some of our puppies are messy eaters, and we don’t want that slung all over our homes. So, buying a bowl for your large breed might need a guard or cache to protect your floors and walls.

    Easy Cleaning

    No matter what type of dog or material you choose, you’re going to want something that’s not going to be difficult to clean. Many new products are dishwasher safe, but some require hand washing. Always check the care instructions before purchasing if you’re looking for something in particular.

    Certain surfaces can harbor bacteria. Often, if you choose style over function, there might be hard-to-reach areas that are difficult to clean.

    Correct Size

    You’re going to need space to put all of that food. Large breeds require much more sustenance than the average bear. A sufficient-sized food bowl gives them room and leaves less risk for messes.

    Brown bulldog eating from a bowl
    Image By: Rawpixel



    We loved Sam’s Pets Dan Single Wood & Stainless Steel Dog Bowl. It is a lovely set that is practical and blends well with any room. We think it can fit with various budgets so it might work best for most pet parents.

    If a value is what you seek, look at Frisco Stainless Steel Bowls. They are simple, basic bowls with nothing fancy to name. But they are favorably priced and feed your pet. What more could you want?

    In any case, we hope you found the dog bowl for your large breed that you were looking for.

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