Artist Carter Kustera Perfects Silhouette Portraits of Pups

With an easy-to-use website, you can make your own Kustera silhouette -- dog or human!

Last Updated on May 13, 2015 by Dogster Team

Artist Carter Kustera creates silhouette portraits in bright colors. He started out creating caricatures of people in high school. His style eventually evolved into the one that’s brought him international success. Known as “America’s favorite silhouette artist,” Kustera began accepting commissions for his pieces after receiving encouragement from colleagues. Among those commissions are portraits of beloved pets.

Our very own Editor-in-Chief, Janine, has a Kustera silhouette of her dog, Moxie, and a little while ago, Kustera generously created a portrait for one very lucky Dogster reader.

Now Kustera has teamed up with AOL so that everyone can have a bright silhouette portrait in his style. By uploading your own photo and following a simple online process, you can have your very own very personal piece.

You start by loading a photo to the site. Start with a photo that has a solid background where the subject is clearly defined. Then you can make adjustments to your chosen image to make it look more like a silhouette. You can resize the image, select a different color, and, finally add text. Once you’re done you have several different sharing options. I’d share mine, but it’s not very good, since I have a lot of hair!

So instead, I’ll show you some of the cool dog silhouettes in the gallery.

Want your own? Go here to create your own silhouette portrait.

Images via the Portraits with Carter Kustera site

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