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19 Best Dog Parks in America You Need to See in 2024

Written by: Kristin Hitchcock

Last Updated on June 18, 2024 by Dogster Team

Portuguese Water dog playing ball in park

19 Best Dog Parks in America You Need to See in 2024

There are tons of dog parks across the United States. While dog parks used to be pretty rare and only in urban areas, there is now one in just about every American town.

Not all dog parks are made equal, though. Some are objectively better than others, though a lot of what makes a dog park “good” is dependent on your priorities and opinions. That said, here are some of the most highly-rated dog parks in the country for you to consider.

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Top 19 Best Dog Parks in America

1. Fiesta Island Dog Park

This massive dog park is almost entirely shoreline, making it a great place for water-loving dogs to play. Unlike most beaches that have very strict dog rules, Fiesta Island Dog Park is far more relaxed. It stretches a massive 5.2 miles along the water, so there is plenty of room for your dog to stretch their legs and dig holes.

Of course, if your dog doesn’t like the beach, this dog park probably isn’t the best option. You should also be wary of burnt paws on warmer days when the sun can heat the sand up to scorching temperatures.

2. James Island County Park

This park is much larger than most out there, and it features a dog beach for pups who love to swim. You’ll also find a cleaning station for when your dog gets dirty and a fenced-in play area for smaller dogs. There is plenty of open, grassy space for your dog to run around in, as well.

That said, there is a small fee that’s charged upon entering the park. This fee seems to change depending on the season, so you’ll need to check the park’s website for updated fees.

3. Quiet Waters Park

In Annapolis, you’ll find Quiet Waters Park. This park is actually two separate parks—one for larger dogs and one for small dogs. There is also a small dog beach for canines that like to swim and play in the water. This dog park is located inside of a larger park that is also dog-friendly. However, dogs outside of the fenced play area must be kept on a leash at all times.

The park’s many trails are a great way to exercise your pooch on top of the dog park, though. The park also holds several dog-friendly events throughout the year, so there is always something for you to do.

4. Dog Mountain

St. Johnsbury, VT, may have been the last place you expected to find a highly-rated dog park. However, Dog Mountain is one of the best dog parks in the country by far. This dog park used to be a 150-acre farm. However, it has since been transformed into one of the largest dog parks around. There is a huge doggy play area with several swimming ponds, many trails to hike, and even an art gallery. Dog Mountain is even home to the only Dog Chapel in the United States.

This park hosts many annual events and is extremely dog-friendly. Follow them on social media for updates on prices and upcoming events.

5. Marymoor Park

Marymoor Park is located in Redmond, WA, and it is easily one of the largest dog parks in existence. It spans over 40 acres where dogs can run free off-leash. This fenced-in area contains several trails, forests, ponds, and many open fields. There is room for dogs to do just about anything they want.

The only downside is that this park isn’t completely fenced-in. Many places do have fences to act as barriers, but if your dog runs far enough, there are openings. Therefore, we can only recommend it if your dog listens to recall commands well.

6. PetSafe Unleashed Dog Park

In Sevierville, TN, there is a fully fenced dog park that is highly rated. This dog park is located within the Sevierville City Park, which is dog-friendly but requires that dogs remain on a leash. Inside the dog park, your dog is free to roam around off-leash. The play area is divided into separate areas for big and small dogs, and it comes with tons of amenities.

For instance, you’ll find a dog wash station, plenty of agility equipment, and mulch throughout most of the park. It’s open every day. All you have to do is follow the rules posted at the park.

7. Frank S. Ortiz Dog Park

If your dog really likes to roam, you have to try out the Frank S. Ortiz Dog Park in Santa Fe, NM. It is completely off-leash and encompasses 138 acres for your dog to explore. Much of the area is covered in trails and hills.

While this dog park is huge, it isn’t completely fenced-in. However, your dog can roam quite far before they start to approach the outside perimeter of the trail. Many dog owners reported that they had no trouble keeping their dog inside as long as they are well-trained.

8. Destin Dog Park

While not nearly as large as the other dog parks we’ve looked at, this dog park in Destin, Florida, is one of the top-rated in the country. It only encompasses 1.5 acres, but it is securely fenced-in and comes with many amenities.

There is a separate area for smaller dogs to play, which prevents them from being overwhelmed by the larger dogs. All dogs must be securely leashed when they enter the park, but they are allowed off-leash once inside the securely fenced area.

9. Shelby Farms Dog Park

In Memphis, TN, the Shelby Farms Dog Park provides more than 100 acres for dogs to explore. There are tons of activities within the acres, as well, including ponds and trails. There is even a water fountain for dogs that like to get wet and a washing station if your dog happens to get a little too dirty.

The whole area allows your dog to be off-leash while they play and explore. However, the park isn’t as securely fenced in as it should be, so be wary if your dog starts approaching the outside edges.

10. Sedona Dog Park

The Sedona Dog Park is a bit more strict than other dog parks, but it is one of the best in the region. It offers a separate area for small and big dogs, and several huge shade structures to help you make it through the summer. There are also many water stations, which is great considering that the park is in Arizona. Many dog owners reported plenty of benches, too.

To access the park, the dog must have their vaccinations and a city license. Therefore, tourists moving through the area won’t find this park very accessible. You really have to be a resident to access it. It’s also closed during certain times for cleaning and sanitizing, though this can be seen as a huge benefit compared to parks that never get cleaned.

11. Rancho San Rafael Regional Park

In Reno, NV, you’ll find this dog-friendly recreational area, though it isn’t technically a “dog park.” Instead, this park is more of a large multi-use pasture where dogs are free to play off-leash as long as they are well-behaved.

This park is often very busy, which is great if your dog loves to play with other canines. However, it is very important that your dog is well-trained before you head to this park. After all, it’s easy for dogs to get overwhelmed by all the people, and the multi-purpose usage of this park means that you never know who is going to be there.

12. Red Bud Isle

This dog-friendly park is in Austin, Texas, and it’s a bit unique compared to others in the country. Instead of being completely fenced-in, this park is surrounded by water on three sides. Therefore, there is plenty of space for your dog to run and play, as well as water for them to swim in. They can do so off-leash while still remaining secure.

Parking is a bit of a challenge at this park, but that is the only serious downside. Other people are also allowed in the park, and it happens to be a popular kayaking spot. Therefore, we only recommend it for well-socialized dogs who won’t be a nuisance to the others using the park.

13. Dog Park at Pundt Park

Pundt Park is home to another dog park in Texas. This park isn’t particularly unique or interesting. However, it is simply a good dog park. The area is grass with several wide walkways for exercising, and there are many shady trees planted. Benches are plentiful, and there are several water access points for your dog to take advantage of.

There are even kiddie pools provided in the warmer months for dogs that really like water.

14. Remy’s Dog Park (Red Mountain Park)

Remy’s Dog Park is a sizable dog park in Birmingham, AL. The park spans 6 acres, but it is divided between larger and smaller dogs. There is even a separate section for special needs pets that need a very toned-down experience away from active, playful dogs. Shaded benches are provided throughout the park, and there is a sizable forested area for more shade, too.

15. Estes Valley Dog Park

Location: 📍 Estes Park, CO 80517

The Estes Valley Dog Park is a pretty popular park by all standards. It is divided into two separate sections like most dog parks, allowing small and large dogs to exercise separately. In the summer, you can access the lake from inside the park, making it perfect for dogs that like to swim. Agility equipment is available throughout the park, as well.

16. Hugh Rogers WAG Park

The Hugh Rogers WAG Park is a step above most dog parks out there. It encompasses 5 acres with many different activities for your dog to choose from. There are several paths available for those who like going on walks, and many open play spaces for fetch and romping around. The park is even outfitted with a human and dog drinking fountain, though these seem to only be open seasonally.

Further into the park, there is also a pavilion, agility courses, and a pond complete with a dog beach. Before heading out, you can stop at the dog wash station to give your dog a quick rinse. There’s a small dog area for tiny canines that don’t socialize well with larger ones.

17. BrewHound Dog Park + Bar

If you’re lucky enough to live near Neptune Beach, FL, you should consider visiting the BrewHound dog park. As the name suggests, this area is both a dog park and a bar. You can let your dog play off-leash on the turf while you enjoy coffee, beer, or wine. There is a separate area for large and small dogs and even a splash pad for dogs that like to get wet.

Both areas are supervised by employees, though it’s recommended that you supervise your dog, as well. The employees are just there to let you relax a bit and enjoy the drinks provided.

Unlike most parks on this list, BrewHound is subscription-based. You have to purchase a membership to the park for access.

18. Fox Run Dog Park

Fox Run Dog Park is located in Colorado Springs, inside the city’s larger Fox Run Regional Park. The whole park is dog-friendly, but dogs are only allowed off-leash within the 5-acre dog park. Like most dog parks, it’s divided into two areas depending on your dog’s size. There are plenty of benches in shady areas for dog owners.

You can access the dog park pretty easily, as it’s located inside one corner of the larger park.

19. Dog Island

Dog Island is just what it sounds like—a fantastic, off-leash park where water-loving pups can swim to their heart’s content. Unlike many dog parks, Dog Island is designed to be more for tourists, as it’s located right off of I-80 in Grand Island, NE. You can enjoy the off-leash dog park as well as many of the trails located just outside of the dog park.

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Final Thoughts

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of dog parks in the United States today. Many of these are your average, 1-acre parks with turf grass and not much else. However, a few stand out as fantastic places for your dog to play, swim, and explore. Some of the best dog parks are very large, though we also included several smaller dog parks on this list.

No matter what dog parks you visit, it’s safe to say that we’re very happy about the increasing number of dog parks in the country. While we only included 19 on this list, there are many other stellar dog parks out there.

Featured Image Credit: blrz, Shutterstock

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