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9 DIY Projects to Make for Your Dog (With Pictures)

Written by: Brooke Billingsley

Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Dogster Team

dog bed with yellow blanket

9 DIY Projects to Make for Your Dog (With Pictures)

If you’re a dog owner, then you probably love your dog as if it’s a member of your family. Finding DIY projects to do for your dog can be a fun way to spend the weekend, and when it’s all said and done, your dog will have something new to enjoy.

It can be quite rewarding to find ways to show your dog just how much you love them, and creating things for them is a great way to show that they’re an appreciated member of the family.

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Top 10 DIY Projects to Make for Your Dog

1. Braided Rope Leash

DIY Projects For Your Dog
Image Credit: Lia Griffith
Materials: Cotton clothesline, brass swivel eye hook, leather scraps
Tools:  Scissors, hot glue gun, ruler/measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Does your dog need a new leash? You can make one at home for them this weekend! The best part about this braided rope leash project is that you can do it primarily with items you already have around the house, like clothesline and leather fabric scraps.

This project isn’t overly difficult, but due to the importance of creating a solid leash that won’t snap under pressure, it’s best to leave this project to the adults.

If you’re already familiar with how to create a regular braid, then you’ll be able to pull this leash off in just a few hours. You can customize this leash as needed to meet your needs and preferences, whether it’s through the length or the colors you pick.

2. Dog Bowl Stand

DIY Projects For Your Dog
Image Credit: Anikas DIY Life
Materials: Lumber, stain or paint, dog bowls
Tools:  Kreg jig, right angle clamp, wood glue, drill, screws, miter saw, sander, ruler/measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Difficult

This dog bowl stand project is a great way to use up extra wood you have on hand, as well as to create a raised bowl holder for your dog. You can choose paint or stain to make this bowl stand fit the design and décor of your home, and if you’re extra crafty, you can make adjustments to the plan to alter the size or shape of it.

This is a difficult project due to the amount of power tool usage that it requires, and you’ll need to be exact with your measurements to make a sturdy bowl holder.

3. DIY Pet Bed

DIY Projects For Your Dog
Image Credit: Dappled Skies and DIYS
Materials: Flannel fabric, pillows, zipper
Tools:  Needle and thread, scissors, fabric tape measure
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Does your dog need a new bed? This DIY pet bed is a good way to give your dog a comfy new bed, and you can use fabrics or even old clothes you have at home to make it. The project calls for dollar store pillows, but if you have unused pillows at home, you could use those as well.

If you have the materials on hand already, this project will essentially cost you nothing, but it does require knowledge of hand sewing. If you’re good at using a sewing machine, then you could use that as well, but hand sewing is all that is required to achieve this project. You can customize this dog bed to best fit your home décor and the size and sleeping preferences of your dog.

4. Dog Cooling Mat

DIY Projects For Your Dog
Image Credit: Diana Rambles
Materials: Fleece fabric, soft ice packs
Tools:  Scissors, sewing machine, fabric tape measure
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The dog days of summer can be uncomfortable, and even dangerous, for dogs. Cooling mats are a good way to help your dog stay cool when the temperature spikes, and this DIY cooling mat can be made in just a few hours with under $20 spent. The downside to this project is that you’ll need to have space in your fridge or freezer to keep the ice packs cool between uses.

It also requires some technical skills when it comes to sewing everything together, but if you’re comfortable using a sewing machine or hand stitching, then you’ll be able to pull this cooling mat off in no time. If you already have ice packs and fabric scraps at home, then you’ll be able to save money and use up the extra things you have on hand.

5. Dog Bandana

DIY Projects For Your Dog
Image Credit: Swoodson Says
Materials: Old t-shirt or fabric
Tools:  Iron, ballpoint needles, clips, rotary cutter, microtip scissors, pattern weights, tape, needle and thread/sewing machine
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If your dog needs a little extra style in their life and you have an old t-shirt hanging around, then this dog bandana project is perfect for both of you. If you’re comfortable with sewing and measurements, then you’ll be able to put this bandana together quickly and easily.

Bandanas are a fun way to help your dog look stylish and ready for the current season or holiday, but this project will keep bandanas affordable while still keeping your dog as stylish as ever. You can make bandanas for your dog out of any fabric you have around the house, but they’re a good way to use up old shirts, bedding, and fabric scraps that are taking up space.

6. Snuffle Mat

DIY Projects For Your Dog
Image Credit: Hound Hugger DIY
Materials: Rubber sink mat, fleece fabric
Tools:  Scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

Many people are becoming more involved in providing enrichment activities for their dogs, and snuffle mats are a wonderful way to provide entertainment and enrichment for your dog. A DIY snuffle mat is a good way to use fabric scraps you have at home. The minimal number of materials and technical ability that this project requires means that it’s a relatively easy project that can be a good way to help kids get involved in providing enrichment activities for their dogs.

Keep in mind, though, that snuffle mats should only be used with kibble and dry treats. Otherwise, mold and bacterial growth may take hold in your snuffle mat’s fabric, leading to hygiene and safety issues for you and your dog.

7. DIY Tug Toy

DIY Projects For Your Dog
Image Credit: Yes Missy
Materials: T-shirt, tennis ball
Tools:  Scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

Snuffle mats aren’t the only enriching toys you can make for your dog at home. This DIY tug toy is a great use of an old t-shirt and a tennis ball you already have laying around. You could also use a rubber racquetball for this project as well.

Like all rope and fabric toys, your dog shouldn’t be allowed to play with this toy unattended due to the risk of consuming fabric pieces, but this is a fun toy for you and your dog to enjoy together. If your dog is a tennis ball fiend, this project is a good way to keep tennis balls involved in play without fetch having to be the only game the two of you can play with tennis balls.

8. Water Bottle Puzzle Toy

DIY Projects For Your Dog
Image Credit: Proud Dog Mom
Materials: Plastic water bottle
Tools:  Scissors
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This water bottle puzzle toy will only take you a few minutes to put together. It’s a good project to keep your dog entertained while you do something else, especially if you need to be able to keep your dog close so you can keep an eye on them.

This project isn’t ideal for dogs that are known to attempt to eat everything since they might actually consume part of the bottle, but if your dog enjoys challenging games that require problem-solving, then they’ll love this game.

While this project is quick and easy to put together, the difficulty of cutting large holes out of the water bottle makes this project more moderately difficult and less kid-friendly than some other options.

9. Dog Lick Art

DIY Projects For Your Dog
Image Credit: Yo Canine
Materials: Canvas, acrylic paint, Ziploc bag, peanut butter
Tools:  Painter’s tape
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you’re looking for a DIY project your dog can help you with, this dog lick art project is exactly what you’re hoping to find. This project will leave you with a fun piece of art that your dog designed. You can fully customize the paint colors you use for this project, whether you want to match your home’s décor or a specific holiday or season.

This project is enjoyable for your dog because all they have to do is eat peanut butter. You can get the supplies for this project at your local dollar store, so you can pull this project off for just a few dollars.

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Whether you’re looking for a weekend project or something that will only take up a little time in the evening, there’s a DIY project on this list that’s perfect for you. If you want to make something for your dog, there are options here, and if you’re looking for a project that will leave you with a nice reminder of your dog you can take with you anywhere, then you’ll find a project here for you as well.

DIY projects are a fun way to use your creativity and abilities to do something productive in your downtime, or even to learn a new skill, like sewing or woodworking.

Featured Image Credit: everymmnt, Shutterstock

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