Chain Off 2006 — Humans Take Up Dog Chains For Dogs Deserve Better

Take a close look at the picture above. There's a chain on one of the necks in the pictures, AND it's NOT on the dog!...

Humans Chain Themselves Like Dogs

Contestant Don and Atlas

Take a close look at the picture above. There’s a chain on one of the necks in the pictures, AND it’s NOT on the dog!

Would you let yourself be chained outside with not much more than a potty, a shelter, water and your thoughts? What if you could win a car AND cast a revealing light on one of the daily cruelties of many dogs’ lives, being chained outside? That’s what 14 contestants in Dogs Deserve’s “Chain Off 2006.”

Dogs Deserve Better is holding Chain Off 2006 in Mundys Corner, PA beginning July 1, 2006 and continuing as long as two weeks. In todays world of reality TV, our idea will spark great interest locally and nationally, because real people are competing to win the real prize of a New Chevy Aveo! As many as 15 peoplefrom Pennyslvania, New York, Illinois, Florida, Michigan, and South Carolinawill live chained to a doghouse for as long as possible, up to approximately 2 weeks. The player staying chained the longest will win.

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As of Sunday, the remaining contestants were at Day 9.

All five contestants were still hanging in there the morning of Sunday, July 9th, despite the fact that everyone was starting to want to go home…the heavy restrictions to talking were wearing thin, plus the continued presence of a game that had long ago lost it’s appeal got them down.

We took one more shot at eliminating someone without contests, having them simulate the life of Ebb, a blind and deaf black lab from Mahaffey, Pennsylvania. Ebb spent his entire life on a chain before dying in June of this year, without a family, love, light, or sound. They lived with blindfolds and headsets for 8 hours July 9.

You can read the contest updates, contestant diaries and even vote on who should win at the Dogs Deserve Better site. You can also find a ton of information about how chaining dogs damages them and human society.

Contestant Stephen in isolation for 8 hours

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