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Buckle-Down Seatbelt Dog Collar & Leash Review 2024: Pros, Cons & Verdict: An Expert’s Breakdown

Written by: Sara Seitz

Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Buckle-Down Seatbelt Dog Collar & Leash Review 2024: Pros, Cons & Verdict: An Expert’s Breakdown

Our Final Verdict

We give Buckle-Down Seatbelt Dog Collar & Leash a rating of 4.75 out of 5 stars.

Buckle-Down is a fashion accessory company with an extensive line of products in the pet niche. They make everything from Yoda-inspired chew toys to pet carriers shaped like the Scooby-Doo van. But what they are best known for in the pet world are their collars and leashes.

They offer hundreds of fantastically bright patterns from pop culture to flashy art and everything in between. The collars are available in traditional plastic clip buckle style, seatbelt buckle style, and breakaway buckles. For each collar pattern, there is a leash to match.

Every Buckle-Down product is made in the company’s New York headquarters using quality materials that you won’t find elsewhere in the pet fashion world. These collars and leashes are known for their bright collars and quality craftsmanship.

I had a chance to put those features to the test after ordering a Buckle-Down collar and leash set for my Dalmatian mix, Ragz. And I have to say, I was even more pleased with my purchase than I expected.

Find out why I love my new Buckle-Down collar and leash so much and what you should know before purchasing your own.

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At a Glance – What We’ve Reviewed:

Rating Image Product Details
Our Favorite
Buckle-Down Seatbelt Collar Buckle-Down Seatbelt Collar
  • Unique look
  • Multiple patterns and sizes
  • Heavy-duty, durable buckle
  • Second place
    Buckle-Down Leash Buckle-Down Leash
  • Sturdy clip
  • Vibrant collars
  • Thin but durable material
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    About Buckle-Down

    buckle-down contents

    I had the opportunity to order a Buckle-Down leash and collar for my dog Ragz, who was in desperate need of a wardrobe update!

    I chose the seatbelt buckle style collar because I love its unique look and had never tried one like it before. Although Ragz is only 30 pounds, I opted for the thick 1.5-inch wide option since she has a long neck and skinny head (kind of like Beaker from the Muppets).

    I’ll talk more about my personal experience with the collar and leash in the last section. For now, let’s take a closer look at Buckle-Down, who their products are best for, and some other important factors prospective buyers should be aware of.

    Where Are Buckle-Down Products Made?

    Most Buckle-Down products are made in the company’s Farmingdale, New York, manufacturing facility.

    Who Are Buckle-Down Products Best Suited For?

    Any pet parent who enjoys decking their pet out in the latest pop cultural phenomenon is going to love Buckle-Down. This company has licensed hundreds of brands from Marvel and DC to Harry Potter and Nickelodeon.

    In addition to branded options, Buckle-Down also has hundreds of unique patterns, including colorful floral options, fun geometric prints, and more.

    Anyone who wants to add a little pizzazz to their pet’s attire will love Buckle-Down. But it is an especially great option for those looking to fill their pet’s closet with different collar and leash options for every day of the week.

    ragz wearing buckle-down collar with leash in the background

    Product Quality

    Each Buckle-Down collar and leash is made from high-quality polyester. The material is thinner and softer to the touch than other products I have tried but still strong and durable.

    The seatbelt buckles are made from chrome-plated steel. These automotive-grade buckles are extra durable. They make a great option for pets with siblings who like to chew on traditional plastic buckles.

    But do note that these buckles are heavier than your typical dog collar buckles. For smaller pets, the lighter traditional plastic clip-style collar may be the way to go. Quality-wise, these plastic buckles are on par with other premier collar brands.

    Pattern Options

    When it comes to pattern options, the only downside of Buckle-Down is that there may be too many options to choose from!

    While shopping for Ragz’s new collar, I had already picked about a dozen candidates after scrolling through only 20 pages of products—this is out of 144 pages total! And these are just all their seatbelt buckle-style options!

    So, before you go shopping for your new collar or leash, I suggest you carve out some time in your schedule so you can browse all your options. Or, better yet, cut your options down by choosing one of their many pattern categories. These include:

    • Disney
    • Marvel
    • DC Comics
    • Star Wars
    • Scooby Doo
    • Looney Tunes
    • Nickelodeon
    • Harry Potter
    • Popular TV Shows
    • Art
    • Floral Patterns
    • Text
    • And more

    Size Options

    Most Buckle-Down collar styles are available in different widths and neck sizes.

    The seatbelt-style collars come in small, medium, and large neck sizes. Each is available in 1-inch wide material or 1.5-inch.

    The plastic clip-style collars have even more options. They come in small, medium, and large, and are available in ½-inch, 1-inch, and 1.5-inch wide material.

    The vegan leather collars are sized a bit differently. Each neck size in this style is a different width.

    There are six sizes altogether, with the smallest being 0.38 inches wide and for necks up to 9 inches. And the largest being 1.35 inches wide and for necks up to 31 inches.

    The cat collars are only available in one size. They are ½-inch wide and fit necks between 8.5 and 12 inches.

    Leashes are available in lengths of 4 feet or 6 feet. And each length is available in widths of ½ inch, 1 inch, or 1.5 inches.


    Warranty and Returns

    There is no warranty information for these products listed on the website. However, Buckle-Down offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all non-custom products. If the collar or leash was damaged in transit, defective, or if you were sent the wrong size, you don’t have to pay for the return shipping.

    In Summary

    • Numerous pattern and size options
    • Multiple buckle options
    • Bright prints
    • Thin yet durable material
    • Quality craftsmanship
    • Wide-size fabric pinches at the buckle connection

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    Reviewing the Most Popular Buckle-Down Products

    Let’s take a look at two of the most popular Buckle-Down products: their seatbelt-style dog collar and their leash.

    1. Buckle-Down Seatbelt Collar

    Buckle-Down Seatbelt Collar Product image

    The seatbelt-style dog collars feature a steel push-button quick-release buckle, like those used in older-model cars. This substantial, heavy-duty buckle has a unique and sleek look. And it certainly stands out compared to dog collars with traditional plastic buckles.

    While very durable and long-lasting, you do have to be careful about getting these wet. Users who let their dogs swim with these collars on report that the internal metal pieces can rust.

    One thing to note about these seatbelt collars is that they are only available in 1-inch and 1.5-inch lengths. Both sizes of collar use the same sized seatbelt buckle, which is about 1 inch wide. That means that the fabric of the wider style collars must be folded in at the sides where it goes through the buckle connections.

    Users have noted that this causes a bit of a “bulky” look and makes sizing the collar to the dog’s neck a bit tricky. I noticed this on my 1.5-inch collar, but after getting it fitted and having my dog wear it for a few days, the fabric flattened out and this bulkiness was less noticeable.

    These buckles are much heavier and larger than traditional buckles. For this reason, they may be a better option for large breeds and dogs with wide necks.

    Like other Buckle-Down collars, these come in a range of pattern options. Each print is vibrant and really pops against the background color.

    • Vibrant collars
    • Heavy-duty, durable buckle
    • Unique look
    • Multiple patterns and sizes
    • The buckle is heavy
    • One-size buckle for both widths

    2. Buckle-Down Leash

    Buckle-Down Leash Product image

    Like the collars, the Buckle-Down leashes come in hundreds of different patterns and feature bright, vibrant prints.

    Each has a traditional metal dog clip on one end and a hand loop on the other. They are available in three widths. The skinny, ½-inch width is perfect for cats and small dogs. Meanwhile, the large 1.5-inch option is great for large dogs looking to make a fashion statement.

    The material is thinner than other printed leashes I’ve tried. It feels softer and more flexible. But sturdy stitching and quality material make these leashes no less durable.

    Like most other pattern-printed leashes, the pattern on these is only printed on one side of the leash. The other side is black. I agree with what many other users have said that it would be awesome if they printed the gorgeous patterns on both sides of the leash.

    • Thin but durable material
    • Vibrant collars
    • Multiple patterns and sizes
    • Sturdy clip
    • Pattern is only printed on one side

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    Our Experience With Buckle-Down’s Seatbelt Collar and Leash

    ragz with buckle-down collar lying on the bench outdoor

    I ordered my dog, Ragz, a 1.5-inch wide, medium-sized seatbelt collar, and a matching 6-foot leash. I chose the “Flower Blossom” pattern because I thought the bright colors would look great against Raz’s black and white fur.

    Boy, was I right!

    This collar absolutely pops against that monotone Dalmatian coat. The print is even brighter and more vibrant than I would have expected.

    I chose the widest collar option because Ragz has a bit of a “Beaker” neck, so there’s a lot of room despite her smaller size. I love that the wider collar allows for more of that gorgeous pattern.

    But, on the downside, the wider material has to fold where it goes through the narrower buckle connection. This folding made it more difficult to adjust the size of the collar when I first got it. But now that it’s been in use for a few weeks, I don’t notice it at all.

    One drawback to these seatbelt-style collars that I think everyone should consider is how heavy the buckles are. And because the same-sized buckle is used on the thinner 1-inch collars, sizing down isn’t going to shed any of this weight.

    For Ragz, who is only 30 pounds, this buckle is pretty heavy. It doesn’t seem to bug her, and it doesn’t “look” overly bulky. But I do typically take it off at night just to give her a break and ensure she’s not sleeping on a big hunk of steel.

    With this in mind, I will probably opt for the traditional plastic buckle from Buckle-Down next time I upgrade her wardrobe. But for bigger dogs, I think the seatbelt style is a great way to go. These buckles are far more durable and they do look really cool.

    As far as the leash goes, I chose the matching floral pattern. It is just as beautiful and vibrant as the collar.

    Like other users, I would love to have that pattern on both sides. But I can’t think of any other brands that offer this option, so I won’t hold it against Buckle-Down. (Though, if they really wanted to stand out, this would be a great way to do it!)

    One other thing I really love about this leash is that it’s thinner than my other patterned leashes. This might be a bad thing if you have a leash-chewer, but for my older dog, it offered only benefits. It feels softer and more comfortable in my hand and is more flexible which makes it easier to maneuver.

    And, for what it’s worth, it seems just as durable as those stiffer leashes I own.

    Overall, I was very happy with both the leash and collar. And Ragz seemed equally pleased with them, though I’m sure her dog vision didn’t allow her to fully appreciate the vibrancy of the pattern.

    Given the huge variety of pattern options Buckle-Down has, I will absolutely be buying more collars and leashes from them in the future.

    ragz with buckle-down collar and leash walking with owner outdoor

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    If you want a new collar and leash for your dog—or a few dozen new collars and leashes—Buckle-Down is the only place you need to shop. Their high-quality pet products are made to last. And they come in multiple styles and sizes to fit any dog and need.

    What blows me away most about these collars and leashes is how vibrant the prints are. Whether you’re looking for Fandom products or just something eye-catching, you’ll find hundreds of options to choose from with these collars and dog leashes.

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