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21 Dalmatian Mixed Breeds (With Pictures)

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on May 21, 2024 by Dogster Team

dalmatian great dane mix dog at the beach

21 Dalmatian Mixed Breeds (With Pictures)

Dalmatians are easily an icon in the dog world. Their white coats and black spots have made the breed stars of movies and our hearts. It also makes them a popular breed to mix with others and create unique crossbreeds. Let’s take a look at 21 Dalmatian mixed breeds so you can learn more about these dogs and decide if one of them is right for your home.

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The 21 Dalmatian Mixed Breeds

1. Dalusky (Dalmatian Siberian Husky Mix)

A beautiful Dalmatian mix breed is the Dalusky, also sometimes referred to as a Huskmatian. Mixed between a Dalmatian and a Siberian Husky, these dogs are full of energy and love to stay on the go. Most Daluskies are active, loving, talkative, and a bit comical. They also need lots of training and at least an hour or more of exercise a day. Not to mention all the grooming if they take after the Husky side of the family.

2. Australian Dalmatian (Dalmatian Australian Shepherd Mix)

Both Australian Shepherds and Dalmatians are working dogs, so when you mix these two breeds, an active dog is a sure thing. The Australian Dalmatian is a fun, active, and playful mixed breed. You’ll need to be an active pet parent to own one of these dogs. There’s also no telling what you’ll get when it comes to colors. The coat can have mixes of patterns, patches, and even spots.

3. Pitmatian (Dalmatian Pitbull Terrier Mix)

When it comes to colors, everything is up in the air with the Pitmatian, a Dalmatian Pitbull Terrier mix. These dogs can be any color but normally black, white, and a few spots come into play. Early socialization is a must with this breed, however, considering the protective natures of both parent breeds. You’ll also need to ensure this mix gets enough exercise, as both parent breeds are highly active.

4. Bassmatian (Dalmatian Basset Hound Mix)

If you want a smaller, less active dog, the Bassmatian could be your answer. This mix between the Dalmatian and Basset Hound sheds all year, but they are very smart dogs. Bassmatians are great with families and are gentle, playful dogs. However, you will find that this breed can be a bit food-aggressive. If you have other animals or children in the house, you should always pay close attention during mealtimes.

5. Dalmadoodle (Dalmatian Poodle Mix)

Another spotted mixed breed beauty is the Dalmadoodle. The Dalmatian Poodle mix is an active breed that wants lots of room to run and explore. This breed is known to be fans of water, highly intelligent, and, at times, show-offs. You will have multiple color and spot options to choose from as well.

6. Corgmatian (Dalmatian Welsh Corgi Mix)

The Corgmatian is known by several other cute names. Whether referred to as a Corgmatian, Dorgi, or Dalcorgi, you’ll love this breed’s look. The short legs hold up an elongated body with cute spots. Mixed with two working dogs, you’ll need to ensure plenty of exercise. Corgmatians are intelligent dogs and require mental stimulation to be happy.

7. Blue Dalmatian (Dalmatian Blue Heeler Mix)

Another active Dalmatian mix is the Blue Dalmatian. By taking a Dalmatian and breeding it with a Blue Heeler, also known as an Australian Cattle Dog, you get a working dog that does great on a farm or ranch where it can work. If this isn’t possible, no worries. This blue-hued pooch will also love hiking, long walks, and competitions if that’s your thing.

8. Dalmador (Dalmatian Labrador Retriever Mix)

The Dalmador, or Labmatian, is one of the more common and most popular Dalmatian mixes out there. This mix can come in several colors, some with or without spots. You’ll also find that if you socialize these dogs early, you may not have as much issue with this pooch being territorial, thanks to its Dalmatian heritage. Labradors are sweet yet active dogs. Combining the two means this mixed breed will need lots of engagement and exercise, especially mental stimulation, so be ready.

9. Goldmatian (Dalmatian Golden Retriever Mix)

Bred roughly 30 years ago, the Goldmatian is considered one of the world’s first designer dog breeds. This mix of Dalmatian and Golden Retriever is quite striking. Most of these dogs take the thick, long coat of the Retriever along with the colors and markings of the Dalmatian. This isn’t always the case, however, so don’t be shocked at seeing variety. Thanks to the loving nature of the Golden Retriever, this mix is great with families but can be protective, so be prepared to do a bit of training.

10. Bodatian (Dalmatian Border Collie Mix)

Another natural mixed breed, thanks to their working dog backgrounds, is the Dalmatian and Border Collie mix, the Bodatian. When combining these two breeds, you should plan on spending a little extra time grooming your pet. You’ll also find this mix is quite loyal and loving with their families. If you have kids, though, expect this mix to try herding them and keeping them in line.

11. German Dalmatian (Dalmatian German Shepherd Mix)

If you’re in the market for a great guard dog, the German Dalmatian is a great option. The combination of the Dalmatian and German Shepherd unites two breeds with working backgrounds, lots of intelligence, and a need to protect those they love. You’ll also have a Dalmatian mixed breed with a longer coat and tons of loyalty. Make sure you’re ready to take the reins when it comes to training. You’ll need to establish that you’re the boss of this mixed breed.

12. Boxmatian (Dalmatian Boxer Mix)

Unfortunately, there are issues with purebred Boxers and their breathing. This is due to their square faces. To help keep the breed growing and limit breathing issues, mixing this breed with others that have longer muzzles is a must. The Dalmatian Boxer mix is a smart way to tackle this. With this mix, you’ll get the Dalmatian’s better health with the Boxer’s love of play and strength.

13. Great Dalmatian (Dalmatian Great Dane Mix)

For lovers of large dog breeds, the Great Dalmatian is a perfect option. If you want one that has strong potential to be a great watchdog, even better. The Great Dalmatian brings together the alert personality of the Dalmatian and the size and relaxed personality of the Great Dane. While these dogs are large, there are no worries about excessive exercise needs. As we said, Great Dalmatians are laid back and don’t require as much exercise as some of the other Dalmatian mixes.

14. Chimatian (Dalmatian Chihuahua Mix)

Not every Dalmatian mix is favorable. While they are cute, make good watchdogs, and are very protective, mixing a Dalmatian and Chihuahua doesn’t result in the healthiest mixed breed. This is due to the differences in the size of the parent breeds. This is why the Chimatian is a scarce breed, but they are out there.

15. Bullmatian (Dalmatian English or American Bulldog Mix)

The Bullmatian is created when you breed a Dalmatian with either an English or American Bulldog. This mixed breed makes an ideal companion as they are sweet and loyal while being protective of those they love. You’ll also find they are a medium-sized breed that often has black and white coloring with a short coat. You should be aware, however, that this mix is known to drool quite a bit.

16. Rottmatian (Dalmatian Rottweiler Mix)

Another large dog breed is the Rottmatian. This mixed breed is the result of crossing the Dalmatian and Rottweiler. This mix is powerful and tends to be the alpha. This is where good training comes into play. You must show this mix that you’re the leader of the pack. This mix usually takes the black coloring of the Rottweiler, but you may see a few spots here and there.

17. Dachshmatian (Dalmatian Dachshund Mix)

The small Dachshmatian is adorable with its brown colors, flop ears, and spots. By bringing these two breeds together, you have an intelligent, mischievous, and energetic dog that can be a bit difficult to handle. You’ll need to stay on your toes with early training and socialization to keep them in line.

18. Pugmatian (Dalmatian Pug Mix)

The medium-sized Pugmatian is a heavy shedding breed that can have a few breathing issues thanks to the Pug’s brachycephalic background. This means you can’t push these pups too much when out exercising or exploring. As far as personality, these little dogs are quite loving and loyal, although a bit skeptical when it comes to strangers.

19. Dalfoundland (Dalmatian Newfoundland)

Both Dalmatians and Newfoundlands are large-sized dogs. Bringing the two breeds together results in a big dog that can weigh in at over 100 pounds. This mixed breed does great with kids and loves to cuddle. Keep in mind, though, that this breed is a bit stubborn when it comes to getting them to do something they aren’t in the mood for.

20. Dobermatian (Dalmatian Doberman Pinscher Mix)

Another large mix on our list is the Dobermatian. By combining these two breeds, you’ll have a sleek, handsome dog that can excel at taking care of their families. However, due to the protective nature of both breeds, without proper training, these dogs can be difficult to handle and can show aggressive tendencies.

21. Beaglematian (Dalmatian Beagle Mix)

Also known as the Dalmeagle, the Dalmatian Beagle mix is a flop-eared, happy-go-lucky dog that easily wins hearts with its great personality. These dogs are full of energy and love to go exploring using their noses.


This list of 21 Dalmatian mixes isn’t all that’s out there to love and adore, but it does get you started. If you love the Dalmatian and would like to have one that is mixed with another breed you’re a fan of, don’t fret. Most likely, there are mixed breeds out there that would love to call your family their own.

Featured Image Credit: Kharzey, Shutterstock

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