British Police Chief Calls for Pit Bull Guardians to Turn Over Their Dogs to Be Killed

Is this title too rough for some people? Too bad! This idiocy demands rough rebuke! Let's get this straight. A little girl was killed by...


Is this title too rough for some people? Too bad! This idiocy demands rough rebuke!

Let’s get this straight. A little girl was killed by a Pit Bull owned by her drug-running uncle and now the police want to kill EVERY dog of that breed! Are these people missing a gene for rationality? That’s like saying, “hey, someone ran over someone else with a car. I guess its time to destroy all cars.” And we said the Chinese were cruel for killing all dogs over a certain size to reduce the chances for rabies!

How about trying something that actually makes sense? What about simply outlawing dog ownership to criminals and animal abusers? Oh yes, that could be harder! How about requiring certain minimum levels of dog stewardship so that young toughs would be deterred from owning dogs at all. Let them get motorcycles or shingshots if they want to fight it out. But to MURDER thousands or even hundreds of dogs because they look like a dog that was mistreated and therefore hurt a little girl. That’s ludicrous!

Note that the chief implies that this sort of tragedy will never happen again if they can just rid the world of Pit Bulls. Well, guess what? This kind of tragedy WILL happen again because if you leave the underlying problem untreated, it continues to fester. In this case, the underlying problem is the societal view of dogs and allowing dogs to be mistreated by idiots such as the unfortunate young girl’s uncle. Until that boil is lanced, the poison will find another way to seep out, and another breed of dog or species of animal, to use as its pawns.

My heart goes out to the young girl’s family AND the guardians of all the Pit Bulls who will be sacrificed on this altar to short-sightedness!

This comes from The

Police chief appeals for danger dogs amnesty

A police chief yesterday proposed an amnesty to rid the streets of dangerous dogs after the death of five-year-old Ellie Lawrenson.

Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Merseyside Chief Constable, called for the move to let owners who fear their dogs may be illegal to come forward without fear of arrest. The move came after Ellie was mauled to death by a banned pit-bull type dog at her grandmother’s home in St Helens, Merseyside, on Monday.

A similar pit bull amnesty is under way in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Mr Hogan-Howe said: “Let’s get these dogs off the streets. We need to do all we possibly can to prevent this from happening again.”

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