Beautiful Senior Dog Photos and Stories – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 in our exhibit of incredible, touching, sweet senior dogs from our readers around the world. Click here for details of this...

Welcome to Part 2 in our exhibit of incredible, touching, sweet senior dogs from our readers around the world. Click here for details of this very special Dogster feature, which continues throughout the week and weekend.



This is Sanka. He is 10 years old. I hardly ever call him by his name nowadays. He responds to “old man” now lol. Whenever I see him, I always say, “What’s going on old man”. When talking about him in conversation, I always refer to him as the old man. “Yup, I brought the old man to the vet the other day”. He really doesn’t act his age. Don’t call him an old man while he’s running full speed down the road pulling me while I’m on the bike.

I actually had someone tell me he has “old eyes”. They meant it as a compliment. This person is actually kind of afraid of dogs. They have their own black lab, but they are still timid of other dogs. When this person met Sanka, she said she felt safe with him because he has “old eyes” that reminded her of her own black lab, who was 16 years old at the time!

I like this picture (the one with his ears flying in the wind) of him because it’s capturing him doing what he really enjoys doing. He’ll just lay down, stick his nose to the wind, and inhale all the wonderful scents that drift his way. I also think he looks wise in this picture. It’s funny how he doesn’t really react to new things the way he used to. Lawnmowers, windchimes, bangs, and clashes…it’s all something this old man has heard many times before, and none of it startles him anymore.



Casey is our 12-year old golden retriever: he will be 13 at the end of August. He likes to be around the family, but also values his “private time”. He has taught 4 other golden retriever puppies how to behave in our home, and that even though he is old and can’t get around very quickly, he is still THE BOSS. — Eileen Halas



Georgie Girl is a Great Dane/Lab mix. She is going to be 11 years old and that is OLD in Dane years..LOL.
Georgie was found roaming the streets of Atlanta Georgia, hence the name Georgie. She was a starving, abused, abandoned puppy just newly weaned. I originally thought her to be a Lab. Much to my surprise upon a visit to the vet for her puppy check up I was informed she was half Great Dane..LOL — Linda Barton


078 Satiba

Satiba was saved from a bad situation at 6 months and has her share of medical issues. Beating cancer twice (she’s missing a toe because of it), swallowing a sewing needle, having her ACL repaired and getting e coli. A few times we didn’t think she would make it but she pulled through and is now a little old lady who is slowing down. We love her to death and every once in awhile we see that young girl come out in her and realize how lucky we are to be sharing this journey with her. — Kent & Marianne Dutrieux



This is Rudy and she went to Dog Heaven last September when she was 11. She was a wonderful dog, patient, loving, and kind to all people and animals. We miss her dearly. — Allyson L. Young



Sugar is 13-years-old. She is a Lhasa Apso/Yorkshire Terrier mix. We adopted Sugar from the shelter when she was about a year old. She has been a well loved member of our family for 12 years now! Sugar is the best watch dog and still acts very ‘young’ for her age. My family and I hope that Sugar will be a part of our family for many more years to come. We love her very much! — Susan K.


mcm 069

Here is Sassy. She is 16.5 years old right now but this photo is from a hike we were on in spring of 2008 when she was only 14.5 years old. She likes hiking downhill best and was wondering why I asked her to stop.

She has been my hiking and agility companion since adopting her as a young adult in 1994. She can still do a couple of tricks for dinner. Still hunts down the rabbit poop on walks and wants to go in the car. And eat, I have been cooking for her for almost 3 years and she sure likes my cooking! When she starts bugging the other dog or nudging my elbow it is time NOW! — Katherine Yata



This is Cash, my old guy. He’s an alaskan malamute (mix?) and I’ve had him for about 7 years now. He is between 9-12 (have conflicting ages) and is the light of my life. He is papa to countless foster kitten, big brother to many a foster dog, and grumpy grandpa to many a rowdy foster puppy. I couldn’t be more blessed to have such a sweet old man in my life. He’s slowed down some but still loves cuddles and long walks and loves to go to dog beach and eyeball the squirrels. I hope he’s with me for many more years. — Paige Holden


zuki feb 6

Zuki is at least 14 years old. Since he is a stray we don’t know exactly. We’ve had him for 10 years. His favorite things are peanut butter, being next to his humans, and wrestling a little bit with a toy. — Aimee Bittinger



Here is my Biscotte. She will be nine years old on may 17th and I love her with all my heart. — Josee Quiron


twill best

Here is a picture of TWILL age 14 born on Oct 12th 1995. Twill was a great working dog in his younger days. Now he is the official greeter for our nature center. — Sophie Belanger


cody clean

This is Cody, my best friend, confidant, source of solace as well as the greatest source of joy in my life. He was born August 31, 1993 and just recently passed on March 6th 2010. He helped me get through the worst times of my life. He was by my side every minute as I grieved over my parents death (5 years apart) and he was once again by my side as I suffered a debilitating surgery that went terribly wrong and resulted in my being disabled. He always seemed to know exactly what I needed and when. A goofy dog for a laugh, a cuddle for those times I felt alone and depressed. He was absolutely amazing and I still miss him very much. Thank you for recognizing our senior pets. — Aggie Latyak



Sieglinde died at home surrounded by her hoomans, Valkyrie her puppy sisfur and all her beloved cats on her 13th birthday, 9 September 2006.

She was a rottweiler/shepherd cross with the sweetest nature. She adored all her cats, her pup sisfur, children – anyone who crossed her path was greeted with slobbers.

She completed her 13th Million Paws Walk (a yearly fund raiser for the RSPCA) in May 2006 – these photos are from that day. She had walked on the first one held, and every one until her death. Actually, she didn’t walk the last one – she was too old and her back legs were going because she had had both knees pinned in place as a puppy because her leg bones were shaped like boomerangs. But The Paws Walk was her once a year day – she loved it – and I couldn’t leave her at home to miss out on all the socialising. St John’s Ambulance looked after her while Valkyrie did her first Paws Walk with me.

Even at 12 and a bit she was a character. I returned from the walk to discover she had picked up a much younger, and much larger man – they were having a mutual slobber and getting on great guns. His breed was indistinct but his size was enormous – and she loved socialising.

So many stories I could tell, and so many memories – sleep soft, dear friend, for while I live, you shall not die (Michael Joseph – actually written for a cat, but Sieglinde loved cats – she raised quite a few). — Jacky Owens

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