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Are Dogs Allowed in Lowes? (Updated in 2024)

Written by: Patricia Dickson

Last Updated on April 29, 2024 by Dogster Team


Are Dogs Allowed in Lowes? (Updated in 2024)

Lowes is a well-known retailer with a vast inventory of tools, equipment, lumber, hardware supplies, and plants. If you are a frequent shopper, you’ve probably seen people walking around with their dogs. You might have wondered how they get by with that because most stores don’t allow pets of any kind. However, Lowes allows you to bring your dog into its stores as long as you follow its regulations. We’ll discuss the pet policy at Lowes and much more, so grab your furry pal, settle in, and join us.


What Is Lowe’s Official Pet Policy?

Lowes permits dogs inside their stores, but they also have an official pet policy to abide by. The official pet policy states that they allow authorized service animals and other animals in their store. At one time, they asked for proof that the dog is a service animal, but they don’t usually check now and allow well-behaved, leashed, harnessed, or carried animals.

Most locations carry pet supplies such as crates, beds, dog toys, treats, and other supplies, and to compete with other pet suppliers, most stores are more lenient with dog owners.

You won’t be able to get away with your dog running through the store freely, and if the animal escapes, threatens customers, or damages anything in the store, the staff will ask you to leave.

You’ll want to make sure that your pup goes to the bathroom before you take them into Lowes, as you’re responsible for cleaning up any mess the dog makes while you’re there.

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Do All Lowes Locations Allow Dogs?

While it’s the policy of Lowes to allow dogs on the premise, it’s up to the individual store manager whether pets are allowed inside or not. We could not find an official list of stores that allow pets, but you can call the Lowes stores in your area to determine if they’re pet-friendly.

Are There Other Chain Stores That Allow Dogs Inside?

Lowes isn’t the only chain store that allows you to take your dog inside with you while shopping. We’ve done our research and come up with some of the most notable chain stores with pet-friendly policies.

  • The Apple Store: While most Apple Stores allow dogs, they are tiny stores and often become crowded, which might stress your dog out. Also, many Apple Stores are inside malls, which may have a no-pets-allowed policy. Make sure you check before trying to take your furry friend inside for the best results.
  • Petco: Since Petco offers grooming services, pets are allowed. Animals must be on a leash, in a harness, and always under a pet parent’s control.
  • Home Depot: Home Depot allows leashed, well-behaved pets.
  • Nordstrom: Nordstrom allows pets and even has a # on Instagram about its policy.
  • LUSH Cosmetics: As long as your dog is leashed and well-behaved, it is allowed in this cruelty-free cosmetics store.

It’s also important to note that your dog must be well-behaved, or you will be asked to leave these stores. Also, if your dog causes problems or bites someone, you are responsible for the damages and legal fees.


Wrap Up

Lowes is a pet-friendly store, and more retailers are modifying their policies to support pet parents. You need to keep your dog on a leash, in a harness, and in complete control, regardless of which pet-friendly stores you’re in. Twenty years ago, few stores, except those with pet services, allowed dogs inside, but Lowes and other pet-friendly retailers are breaking tradition and probably gaining more customers because of the change.

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