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250+ Creative Dog Names: Inspired by Art, Fashion, Music & Food

Written by: Chantelle Fowler

Last Updated on May 14, 2024 by Dogster Team

golden retriever dog with a beret, paint brush and easel

250+ Creative Dog Names: Inspired by Art, Fashion, Music & Food

So, you’re bringing home a new puppy, and now you’re tasked with finding a name that suits your sweet new furball. Choosing a name for your new pup is challenging as you don’t want to select something cliché or overdone. You’re probably stuck in decision paralysis because the name possibilities are literally endless. Why not name your new pet something that reflects who you are and your interests?

Whether your creative endeavors include painting, music, culinary arts, or writing, we have dog names to suit your style. Read on to find the perfect name for the new addition to your family.


Dog Names Inspired by Art & Artists

Whether you’ve always been a whiz with a paintbrush or just find infinite inspiration in the art and artists of yesteryear, these names inspired by art terms and artists’ names are great jumping-off points while searching for a name for your pup.

Artist Names

  • Ansel (Ansel Adams)
  • Banksy
  • Dalí (Salvador Dalí)
  • Edvard (Edvard Munch)
  • Frida (Frida Kahlo)
  • Georgia (Georgia O’Keeffe)
  • Henri (Henri Matisse)
  • Jackson (Jackson Pollock)
  • Leonardo (Leonardo da Vinci)
  • Michaelangelo
  • Money (Claude Monet)
  • Rembrandt
  • Pablo (Pablo Picasso)
  • Vincent (Vincent van Gogh)
  • Warhol (Andy Warhol)
beagle dog holding a paint brush in its mouth and an easel on the side
Image Credit: Billion Photos, Shutterstock

Art Term Names

  • Blue
  • Crayola
  • Easel
  • Fresco
  • Fuchsia
  • Glitter
  • Graffiti
  • Indigo
  • Jet
  • Muse
  • Ochre
  • Onyx
  • Sienna
  • Sketch
  • Slate
  • Topaz


Dog Names Inspired by Fashion

If you’re always wearing the best clothes by top designers or making your own with a sewing machine or needle and thread, you might consider the following names inspired by fashion brands and popular models for your new pup.

Brand Names

  • Armani
  • Bravo
  • Capri
  • Chanel
  • Coco
  • Dior
  • Dolce
  • Fendi
  • Gabbana
  • Giorgio
  • Gisele
  • Gucci
  • Hélène
  • Louis
  • Prada
  • Stella
  • Tiffany
  • Valentino
  • Vera
  • Versace
  • Yves
yorkshire terrier dog wearing fashionable clothes
Image Credit: Viorel Sima, Shutterstock

Model Names

  • Armando (Armando Cabral)
  • Ashley (Ashley Graham)
  • Beckham (David Beckham)
  • Bella (Bella Hadid)
  • Cara (Cara Delevingne)
  • Channing (Channing Tatum)
  • Cindy (Cindy Crawford)
  • Emily (Emily Ratajkowski)
  • Fabio (Fabio Lanzoni)
  • Gigi (Gigi Hadid)
  • Gisele (Gisele Bundchen)
  • Heidi (Heidi Klum)
  • Irina (Irina Shayk)
  • Kaia (Kaia Jordan Gerber)
  • Kate (Kate Moss)
  • Kendall (Kendall Jenner)
  • Mirana (Miranda Kerr)
  • Tyra (Tyra Banks)
  • Tyson (Tyson Beckford)


Dog Names Inspired by Food

If your favorite place is in the kitchen or between the pages of a cookbook, these dog names inspired by food and world-famous chefs will be a great source of inspiration for your new pup’s name.

Food Names

  • Alfalfa
  • Alfredo
  • Brie
  • Burrito
  • Butterscotch
  • Caramel
  • Cheddar
  • Cheeto
  • Colby
  • Cookie
  • Cream Puff
  • Ginger
  • Gyro
  • Honey
  • Huckleberry
  • Java
  • Jelly
  • Kahlua
  • Kiwi
  • Magdalena
  • Marshmallow
  • Meatball
  • Milkshake
  • Mocha
  • Mochi
  • Nacho
  • Noodles
  • Nutmeg
  • Olive
  • Oreo
  • Pancake
  • Peaches
  • Pickles
  • Poppy
  • Pumpkin
  • Sage
  • Shortcake
  • Shrimp
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Taco
  • Twix
  • Vino
  • Waffles
  • Wonton
close up brown dog with chef hat and wooden spoon
Image Credit: Barna Tanko, Shutterstock

Chef Names

  • Batali (Mario Batali)
  • Bobby (Bobby Flay)
  • Bourdain (Anthony Bourdain)
  • Deen (Paula Deen)
  • Duff (Duff Goldman)
  • Guy (Guy Fieri)
  • Julia (Julia Child)
  • Martha (Martha Stewart)
  • Oliver (James Oliver)
  • Rachael (Rachael Ray)
  • Ramsay (Gordon Ramsay)
  • Sunny (Sunny Anderson)
  • Wolfgang (Wolfgang Puck)


Dog Names Inspired by Music & Musicians

Music is a special kind of magic as it brings people together and creates a beautiful sense of belonging between individuals. If you’re a musician yourself or just love the captivating enchantment that a good song embodies, these names influenced by musical terms, songs, and musicians may provide inspiration for your pup’s name.

Musical Terms

  • Allegro
  • Arietta
  • Cadence
  • Celesta
  • Clef
  • Demi
  • Forte
  • Harmony
  • Lyric
  • Major
  • Medley
  • Melody
  • Nera
  • Opus
  • Pitch
  • Poco
  • Rhapsody
  • Rubato
  • Sonata
  • Viola
dachshund dog playing the piano
Image Credit: Vanoa2, Shutterstock

Classical Musician Names

  • Antonio (Antonio Vivaldi)
  • Beethoven (Ludwig van Beethoven)
  • Camille (Camille Saint-Saëns)
  • Chopin (Frédéric Chopin)
  • Claudio (Claudio Monteverdi)
  • Felix (Felix Mendelssohn)
  • Franz (Franz Schubert)
  • Giuseppe (Giuseppe Verdi)
  • Haydn (Joseph Haydn)
  • Igor (Igor Stravinsky)
  • Johannes (Johannes Brahms)
  • Sebastian (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  • Tchaikovsky (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky)
  • Wagner (Richard Wagner)
  • Wolfgang (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
closed eyes fawn french bully wearing green vest and gold chain necklace
Image Credit: Karsten Winegeart, Unsplash

Modern Musician Names

  • Adele
  • Alice (Alice Cooper)
  • Ariana (Ariana Grande)
  • Axl (Guns and Roses)
  • Beyonce
  • Billie (Billie Eilish)
  • Blink (Blink 182)
  • Bruno (Bruno Mars)
  • Chester (Chester Bennington)
  • Cobain (Kurt Cobain)
  • Dolly (Dolly Parton)
  • Drake
  • Elton (Elton John)
  • Elvis
  • Freddie (Freddie Mercury)
  • Greta (Greta Van Fleet)
  • Joplin (Janis Joplin)
  • Judas (Judas Priest)
  • Kanye
  • Lana (Lana Del Rey)
  • Lenny (Lenny Kravitz)
  • Madonna
  • Malone (Post Malone)
  • Mariah (Mariah Carey)
  • Marley (Bob Marley)
  • Merle (Merle Haggard)
  • Miley (Miley Cyrus)
  • Missy (Missy Elliot)
  • Ozzy (Ozzy Osbourne)
  • Prince
  • Reba (Reba McEntire)
  • Shakira
  • Swift (Taylor Swift)
  • Zappa (Frank Zappa)
  • Zeplin (Led Zeppelin)
  • Ziggy (Ziggy Marley)
dachshund dog dressed in suit and vest with a hat on
Image Credit: Masarik, Shutterstock

Song Names

  • Bennie (Bennie and the Jets – Elton John)
  • Billie Jean (Billie Jean – Michael Jackson)
  • Bojangles (Mr. Bojangles – Bob Dylan)
  • Caroline (Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond)
  • Delilah (Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s)
  • Dixie (Sweet Dixie – Molly Hatchet)
  • Earl (Goodbye Earl – The Chicks)
  • Janie (Janie’s Got a Gun – Aerosmith)
  • Jericho (Jericho – Joni Mitchell)
  • Jolene (Jolene – Dolly Parton)
  • Jude (Hey Jude – The Beatles)
  • Layla (Layla – Eric Clapton)
  • Lola (Copacabana – Barry Manilow)
  • Lucille (Lucille – Little Richard)
  • Maggie (Maggie May – Rod Stewart)
  • Rhiannon (Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac)
  • Roxanne (Roxanne – The Police)
  • Sadie (Sexy Sadie – The Beatles)
  • Sergeant Pepper (Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles)
  • Stan (Stan – Eminem ft. Dido)
  • Ziggy (Ziggy Stardust – David Bowie)


Dog Names Inspired by Books & Writers

Every bookworm can tell you the name of an author and a book that has shaped their life in some form or another. If you’re a book lover, you might consider one of the following names for your pup based on book characters and their authors.

Book Names

  • Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
  • Aslan (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe)
  • Atticus (To Kill a Mockingbird)
  • Bastian (The Neverending Story)
  • Bilbo (The Lord of the Rings)
  • Blythe (Anne of Green Gables)
  • Charlie (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
  • Charlotte (Charlotte’s Web)
  • Crusoe (The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe)
  • Daisy (The Great Gatsby)
  • Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)
  • Dorothy (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)
  • Fern (Charlotte’s Web)
  • Finn (Adventures of Huckleberry Finn)
  • Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings)
  • Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)
  • Harry (Harry Potter)
  • Hermione (Harry Potter)
  • Holden (The Catcher in the Rye)
  • Juliet (Romeo and Juliet)
  • Katniss (The Hunger Games)
  • Marilla (Anne of Green Gables)
  • Matilda (Matilda)
  • Oliver (Oliver Twist)
  • Othello (Othello)
  • Pippi (Pippi Longstocking)
  • Primrose (The Hunger Games)
  • Romeo (Romeo and Juliet)
  • Sawyer (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer)
  • Scarlet (The Scarlet Letter)
  • Smaug (The Lord of the Rings)
  • Watson (Sherlock Holmes)
  • Wilbur (Charlotte’s Web)
  • Wonka (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
Cute dog reading a book
Image Credit: titiya chuaichat, Shutterstock

Writer Names

  • Austen (Jane Austen)
  • Beatrix (Beatrix Potter)
  • Carroll (Lewis Carroll)
  • Charles (Charles Dickens)
  • Christie (Agatha Christie)
  • Dahl (Ronald Dahl)
  • Elliot (T.S. Elliot)
  • Enid (Enid Blyton)
  • Fitzgerald (F. Scott Fitzgerald)
  • Harper (Harper Lee)
  • Hemingway (Ernest Hemingway)
  • Hugo (Victor Hugo)
  • King (Stephen King)
  • Kirby (Jack Kirby)
  • Lewis (C.S. Lewis)
  • Nora (Nora Roberts)
  • Octavia (Octavia Butler)
  • Orwell (George Orwell)
  • Oscar (Oscar Wilde)
  • Poe (Edgar Allen Poe)
  • Seuss (Dr. Seuss)
  • Steel (Danielle Steel)
  • Sylvia (Sylvia Plath)
  • Tolkien (J. R. R. Tolkien)
  • Tolstoy (Leo Tolstoy)
  • Twain (Mark Twain)
  • William (William Shakespeare)



We know picking the perfect name for your new pup can seem impossible. You want something creative you won’t grow sick of after a few months. Naming your dog something that acts as a nod to your talents and interests is a great way to add a personalized flair to your pup’s identity and ensure he gets a name that you won’t tire of down the line.

Hopefully, our guide has provided some inspiration, and you now have several options to choose from when it comes time to bring your new pup home.

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