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Will a Pomeranian Be Good With My Kids? Everything You Need to Know

Written by: Jana Blagojevic

Last Updated on May 1, 2024 by Dogster Team

Pomeranian with a girl

Will a Pomeranian Be Good With My Kids? Everything You Need to Know

A Pomeranian’s size has an advantage (besides being adorable!), which is the unintimidating petite build perfect for families with young children. If you want a canine companion that won’t make your kids feel threatened to be around, the Pomeranian is a perfect choice. However, while these types of relationships can last for a long time, it is crucial to educate your children properly so no one gets hurt. Since Pomeranians tend to be sassy at times, socializing them early is recommended.

If you are wondering how beneficial Poms are for children and the other way around, read the article below.

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Are Pomeranians Good With Children?

Pomeranians are incredibly cuddly with their soft and gentle coat and show plenty of love and affection for the people they live with. While these are all exceptional traits and reasons why Poms are excellent with kids, you must be cautious when your child is too young to interact appropriately. Children make many sudden movements and can even hurt dogs when they are too young.

Some dog breeds will tolerate any type of interaction from children, even pinching, scratching, and pulling, while Pomeranians have a sassy temper and will usually not tolerate this kind of behavior.

To have a positive relationship with children, the kids must be old enough not to treat the dog as a toy. Providing a safe environment for your children and the dog begins with proper education.

pomeranian pulling a child in sled on snowy road
Image Credit: ElenaYakimova, Shutterstock

Benefits of Pomeranians for Children

There are many benefits of having a Pomeranian in your family with children. These dogs are incredibly caring and full of love, so they will adore any family member they live with:

  • Their small size makes them convenient to play with inside the home, which your children will adore.
  • Having a Pomeranian as a family member will teach your children responsibility and empathy.
  • Pomeranians are active and energetic and will make any day more fun and joyful.
  • Your kid will have a fulfilled and healthy life growing along a Pomeranian.
  • A Pomeranian will help your kid develop social skills and dedication.

Drawbacks of Pomeranians for Children

While the benefits of Pomeranians for kids are great, there are some downsides you need to be aware of before getting one of these dogs.

  • They are sassy and tend to react to sudden movements.
  • Pomeranians are very protective and may be hostile or even aggressive toward strangers near their family.
  • They shed a lot and need constant care and maintenance.

Fun Activities for Children and Pomeranians

There are many fun activities for your children to do with their Pomeranians. They can play inside or in a backyard if possible. They may become very excited, which is why it’s recommended to go outside when playing to avoid getting hurt. Learning new tricks is extremely beneficial for your dogs because it develops proper brain functioning and mentally stimulates the dog.

Learning tricks is fun for both sides, and your kids will surely enjoy teaching your dog all sorts of new information.

girl training a pomeranian
Image Credit: ElenaYakimova, Shutterstock

Making Sure Your Pomeranian Feels Safe and Happy

To have a long-lasting and unbreakable bond between a Pomeranian and your kids, it is essential for both sides to know their jobs and play responsibly.

Train Your Pomeranian

You need to socialize with your dog from an early age and train it to be friendly and outgoing with strangers, kids, and other dogs. Since this breed has a stubborn and sassy temper, it may be challenging, but it’s certainly not impossible. It is crucial to respect your dog and its boundaries.

Watch the dog’s body language—if it is done playing and wants to rest, respect its wishes and let it rest. Once your dog is done relaxing and is ready to play again, you can reintroduce it to your kid. Whenever a Pomeranian acts with your kids as you’d like, reward it with treats to reinforce this behavior.

Teach Your Child

If you want your dog to feel safe around your kids at all times, you must teach them to respect the dog’s boundaries. Besides training your puppy, your kids must understand that dogs aren’t toys and must be treated with respect and dignity.

Family of Four Having fun Playing with Cute Little Pomeranian Dog In the Backyard. Father, Mother, Son Pet Fluffy Smart Puppy, teach and train it Commands. Sunny Summer Day in Idyllic Suburban House
Image Credit: Gorodenkoff, Shutterstock

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Once you learn about Pomeranians and their potential relationship with kids, you’ll probably become smitten with owning this breed. They are cuddly, affectionate, and full of love, and with the right type of friend can be set for life. They quickly begin trusting others, although they are very protective around strangers.

Pomeranians and children can have an incredibly close and active relationship, but they must be properly socialized and your kids must be taught how to properly interact with your Pom.

Featured Image Credit: Maliutina Anna, Shutterstock

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