360 Precious Puppies Seized

It feels like everyday I'm posting a story on a puppy mill raid. It's great that something is finally being done about bad breeders, but...


It feels like everyday I’m posting a story on a puppy mill raid. It’s great that something is finally being done about bad breeders, but where on earth are all these dogs going to go.

People are turning in their dogs at an alarming rate already, add on top of this thousands of dogs from puppy mills being thrown into the mix. A recipe for disaster. In this case, more dogs put down per year than ever before.

It’s time the laws are changed to make the penalty fit the crime. Backyard breeders will never stop as long as the reward outweighs the risk. The profit outweighs the penalty. The time to change things is now, before it’s too late.

J.B’s Precious Puppies located in Seneca, MO was raided after a tip came from someone who went to purchase a dog. The tipster was shown an unhealthy looking dog and requested to see another one, after being turned down the buyer became suspicious.

A tiger and cat were seized along with over 360 dogs found at this facility. This is not the first time the owner has been in trouble with the law.

Public information indicates that the breeder has had previous violations, the Humane Society release said. In January 2006, the U.S. Department of Agriculture levied $10,000 worth of fines against the breeder for multiple violations within the Animal Welfare Act, the news release said.

In 2007, the state seized 150 dogs from the property and sold them at a private auction. The proceeds were given to the owner. No charges were filed at that time .

It is unbelievable that this woman received the proceeds of the dogs auctioned. As mentioned above, until the penalty outweighs the profit these people will just keep going. The animals just rescued were living in wire cages covered in urine and feces. There was no food visible and the water they had was frozen. Obviously, this person has no regards for the animals and needs to be stopped once and for all.

The dogs will be taken to the Humane Society’s headquarters in St. Louis for triage. This rescue comes just days after the Humane Society took in 100 Yorkies from a breeding facility in Greene County.

Dogs rescued from the Seneca facility included small-breed dogs including chihuahuas, Boston terriers, miniature pinchers, Lhasa apsos, Pomeranians and Westies, according to the news release. There were also 25 to 30 large breeds including huskies, chow- chows and Shar Peis.

So far the Humane Society has been able to cope, but they are calling on all their volunteers to help out. I’m sure they could use as many volunteers as possible, if interested visit their site for more info.

* Pic courtesy Missouri Humane Society

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