10 Ways Dogs Traditionally Welcome Spring

Spring is upon us and dogs everywhere can't wait to cross the following things off their wish lists.


Spring is in the air! … Sort of, maybe, kind of … Okay, some of you are still dealing with snow, and here in San Francisco it rained last week, but it’s definitely been a little warmer, right? Right?

Like us, dogs can’t wait for the season to turn in earnest, bringing with it sunny days, a renewed sense of vitality, and the promise of summer. In particular, dogs can’t wait to do these 10 things in spring:

1. Shed that winter coat

This applies to dogs of the double coat variety, but man, it’s been a bummer carrying all that extra fur around, are we right? Not to mention it adds, like, five extra pounds to your frame, and if it’s not groomed properly can just appear unseemly.

2. Enjoy more daylight

Which means more time in the day to nap in sun puddles, fetch sticks, go on long walks, play with the human friends, and harass the cat.

3. Nap in the sunshine

Longer daylight hours and warmer weather have dogs everywhere clearing their agendas and writing in, “Take a six-hour nap.”

4. Play in the mud

As the snow melts and the rain falls, all that exposed dirt is just ripe for epic mud puddles. Free of the burden of her winter coat, the dog now relishes any chance to roll around in dirt soup.

5. Roll in the grass

An extension of rolling in the mud, as grass casts off its icy prison, new, fresh, soft lawns reveal themselves … we believe it is dog law that compels canines to roll around in grass as well as mud.

6. Eat the grass after rolling in it

Mmm, fresh, sweet grass to eat and then hack up violently on the rug! Perfect, right? Who doesn’t love a good belly-clutching yack on the rug?

7. Go to the beach

Well, all right, it’s not quite warm enough for the beach yet, but at least the dream is a little closer to reality.

8. Go swimming

Because swimming is fun!

9. Smell new smells

Flowers are blooming! Which bring with them a whole new bouquet of delicious smells to investigate. What’s the story, Morning Glory?

10. Puppies!

Okay, this one is for us more than the dogs. Spring is typically when animals have babies, and everyone loves puppies!

Can’t get enough spring puppies? Here are more puppies! While springtime is great and exciting, it can also pose a host of hazards to your dog, so make sure you read up on them. Even though it’s April Fool’s Day today, do not prank these serious dogs — you will be sorry.

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