10 Dogs With Mustaches to Celebrate Movember

In honor of the event to raise awareness of men's health, we present these proud pups showing off their 'staches.

golden Labrador retriever with moustache
Image Credit: Caleb Fisher, Unsplash
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Movember is here! This means that men around the world are cultivating the most impressive mustache they can in order to raise awareness for male-centric health issues. (If you haven’t already guessed, the name comes from a fusion of the word “mustache” and “November.”)

Naturally, the dogs of the world are keen to get in on the hirsute shenanigans — as this roundup of the most dapper mustached dogs of the Instagram shows.

A puppy with a mustache perched in a box. Yep, this one’s pretty much Movember perfection!

Any good pup knows it’s important to establish your facial hair credentials early if you want to be taken seriously on the social media circuit.

Waxed to a point of perfection — this dinky chap understands the value of a finely sculpted mustache.

File under: All-out party dude dog.

Sometimes cultivating a canine mustache can require a full-on bath to get the right look.

Is this proud Pit Bull engaging in a dusty mustache attempt or simply displaying the remnants of a particularly vigorous wet food meal?

It might be considered churlish and an act of grand party pooping to point out that this dog is technically eating his mustache. What a wag!

This adorable pup shows his dedication to the cause by celebrating Movember every month of the year.

This handsome chap knows that his subtle and understated mustache is a winning look for fall.

Inspired use of a pup as a hirsute prop. What synergy!

Does your own beloved dog also sport a mustache? Show and share in the comments section below!

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Featured Image Credit: Caleb Fisher, Unsplash

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