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9 Best Dog Foods for Poop Eaters in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on June 27, 2024 by Dogster Team

9 Best Dog Foods for Poop Eaters in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

bulldog eating foodSo, your dog loves to eat their own feces in the yard or from your cat’s litter box—and you’re concerned. We understand. It’s disgusting for us to watch. But while poop-eating is gross, it’s also a natural phenomenon for some dogs.

Granted, if the change is sudden, your dog might be trying to get certain nutrients from the already-digested material. But some dogs who are otherwise perfectly healthy just can’t wait to grab a log to snack on.

If you have a poop eater, you likely want to remedy the issue. While some diet plans can make a difference, we implore you to seek a vet’s opinion to ensure you are getting to the root of the problem—just in case there’s more to it.

Here are our reviews of the products that might curb your dog’s desire to dine on dung if it’s diet-related. Let’s dig in.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites (2024)

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
The Farmer's Dog Fresh Dog Food Subscription The Farmer's Dog Fresh Dog Food Subscription
  • Pre-portioned packages
  • No fillers or preservatives
  • Human-grade food
  • Budget Buy
    Second place
    Purina ONE +Plus Digestive Health Purina ONE +Plus Digestive Health
  • Soothes skin and coat
  • Affordable on most budgets
  • Contains patented SmartBlend formula
  • Third place
    ORIJEN Amazing Grains Dog Food ORIJEN Amazing Grains Dog Food
  • Quality, easily digestible ingredients
  • Contains freeze-dried fresh and raw protein
  • Excellent recipe for active dogs
  • Wellness CORE Digestive Puppy Food Wellness CORE Digestive Puppy Food
  • Tailored to meet puppy growth needs
  • Promotes cognitive development
  • Uses prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes for gut health
  • Purina Pro Plan High Protein Shredded Dog Food Purina Pro Plan High Protein Shredded Dog Food
  • Total body support
  • Boosts appetite with aroma
  • Offers moist textures
  • The 9 Best Dog Foods for Poop Eaters

    1. The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Dog Food Subscription – Best Overall

    the farmer's dog turkey recipe

    Main ingredients: Chicken, pork, beef, and turkey
    Protein content: Pork/39%, chicken/49%, beef/41%, turkey/38%
    Fat content: Pork/32%, chicken/37%, beef/31%, turkey/26%
    Calories: Approx. 152/serving, although recipes may vary for each dog

    The Farmer’s Dog is our best overall pick for the best dog food for poop eaters. There are several reasons a dog may feast on poop. Some studies suggest that one of the reasons a dog may eat poop is that he may be lacking essential vitamins and enzymes for proper nutrition. The Farmer’s Dog is human-grade dog food that was developed by veterinarians to provide your dog with the proper balance and nutrition for his specific needs. The recipes are made of turkey, chicken, pork, or beef. The sweet potatoes, Bok choy, broccoli, kale, and lentils are added, making it a true meat and vegetable meal for your pet.

    It includes amino acids, vitamins, and fish oil for a balanced and healthy blend that does not contain fillers and preservatives. It’s a subscription meal plan customized for Fido’s age, breed, weight, activity level, and food sensitivities. Keep in mind that this food option is expensive, and it is subscription-only.

    • Pre-portioned packages
    • No fillers or preservatives
    • Four meal choices
    • Human-grade food
    • Subscription service
    • A bit costly

    2. Purina ONE +Plus Digestive Health Dog Food – Budget Buy

    Purina ONE +Plus Adult Digestive Health Formula Dry Dog Food

    Main ingredients: Chicken, rice flour
    Protein content: 25.0%
    Fat content: 16.0%
    Calories: 384 per cup/4,016 per bag

    If you want that dog to drop the poop, but you love savings, try out Purina ONE +Plus Digestive Health. This kibble has a unique blend of probiotics and nutrients to soothe the digestive tract. We think it’s the best dog food for poop eaters for the money.

    We have to point out that this dog food does have a few extra allergy triggers for sensitive pooches—like soy, grain, and common proteins. However, it has tons of excellent ingredients, like chicken as the first ingredient with easily digestible ingredients to avoid imbalance.

    This recipe contains SmartBlend, touting high-quality vitamins and fatty acids to nourish the body. This recipe is naturally easy to digest, including oatmeal, rice, and barley. Added fish oil helps soothe and soften the skin and the glucosamine provides extra support for joints.

    There were also many healthy ingredients in here to improve skin and coat quality, which is especially good if your dog’s coat feels lackluster, coarse, or brittle.

    • Soothes skin and coat
    • Affordable on most budgets
    • Contains patented SmartBlend formula
    • It might not match stricter diet requirements

    3. ORIJEN Amazing Grains Dog Food

    ORIJEN Amazing Grains Dog Food

    Main ingredients: Chicken, turkey, chicken liver
    Protein content: 38.0%
    Fat content: 18.0%
    Calories: 490 per cup/3,920 per bag

    ORIJEN Amazing Grains Original might be a little more expensive than some on the list—but it is also has top-quality healthy ingredients and delectable taste. What is really cool about this dog food is that it contains both fresh and raw meat that was freeze-dried and packaged. This helps enhance the effects of the nutrients.

    This high protein recipe contains cage-free, free-run chickens, turkey, and wild-caught fish for a full-fledged feast of flesh. The company claims to freeze each ingredient at peak freshness—and the first five ingredients of every recipe are fresh and raw.

    We loved the transparency and quality of these ingredients. It contains DHA and EPA for added brain support and development. However, this particular food is incredibly high in calories and high in protein—so it can cause weight gain in less active dogs.

    These grains in the recipe are easily digestible for a smooth experience, touting whole oats, flaxseed, quinoa seed, butternut, and pumpkin—hopefully helping with your poopy woes. We love everything we saw on the menu, and all the quality ingredients check out—but you’ll pay for it.

    • Quality, easily digestible ingredients
    • Contains freeze-dried fresh and raw protein
    • Excellent recipe for active dogs
    • Expensive
    • Can cause weight gain in less active dogs

    4. Wellness CORE Digestive Puppy Food

    Wellness CORE Digestive Puppy Food

    Main ingredients: Chicken, brown rice
    Protein content: 31.0%
    Fat content: 15.5%
    Calories: 398 per cup/3,558 per bag

    We don’t take puppy nutrition lightly. If your little pup is a poop eater, let us introduce you to Wellness CORE Digestive Health Puppy. This chow aims towards the gut to nourish your puppy’s system with live probiotics and many other easy-to-digest ingredients.

    Every growing puppy needs muscle, brain, and bone growth support. This specific recipe targets health for pups under one year of age. It’s full of DHA and EPA to promote cognitive development. It also has prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to ensure your puppy’s digestive tract is on par.

    Chicken is the number one ingredient, followed by chicken meal, brown rice, barley, oat groats, and turkey meal. It is packed full of protein from multiple sources naturally grown without a bunch of antibiotics or growth hormones.

    When it comes to overall nutrition, it might not wholly curb your puppy’s urge to eat a pile of poop—but it will nourish their growing bodies effectively.

    • Tailored to meet puppy growth needs
    • Promotes cognitive development
    • Uses prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes for gut health
    • For puppies only

    5. Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dog Food

    Purina Pro Plan High Protein Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula with Probiotics Dry Dog Food

    Main ingredients: Chicken, whole grain wheat
    Protein content: 26.0%
    Fat content: 16.0%
    Calories: 387 per cup/4,038 per bag

    Purina Pro Plan High Protein Shredded Dog Food contains a bountiful medley of prebiotics, probiotics, antioxidants, and other ingredients that aid in total body support.

    Also, the texture of this dog food is phenomenal, giving your pooch the tooth-cleaning power of dry kibble with meaty morsel shreds to boost appetite. It also contains a high dose of vitamin A and Omega 6 fatty acids to promote excellent skin and coat condition.

    If you have a poop eater, the combination of probiotics and prebiotics paired with high fiber will ensure your dog’s digestive tract is running smoothly from the mouth to the intestines.

    Chicken is the number one ingredient, followed by rice, whole grain wheat, and poultry by-product meal. Though by-products get questioned, it’s actually an excellent source of glucosamine. This specific dog food contains corn gluten meal, soybean meal, and other potentially aggravating triggers. So, we recommend this specific brand only for dogs without these sensitivities.

    • Total body support
    • Boosts appetite with aroma
    • Offers moist textures
    • Contains questionable ingredients

    6. AvoDerm Natural Healthy Digestion – Best Grain-Free

    AvoDerm Natural Healthy Digestion

    Main ingredients: Chicken, peas, potatoes, avocado
    Protein content: 28.0%
    Fat content: 24.0%
    Calories: 357 per cup/3,308 per bag

    We want to point out that not every dog benefits from grain-free diets. So, if your dog has a grain allergy, try out AvoDerm Natural Healthy Digestion. It is an excellent recipe that contains everything your pooch needs to have a healthy gut. If you choose this type of dog food, it should be at your vet’s recommendation.

    Our favorite thing about the recipe is that it is formulated for all life stages, so it won’t matter your pup’s age. This recipe really targets skin and coat, using a lustrous blend of avocado as a totally safe and ultra-beneficial ingredient.

    Designed for the gluten-sensitive dog, this recipe contains no corn, wheat, soy, or grains. Instead, it touts chicken as the number one protein source with a blend of antioxidants that nourish the immune system.

    This recipe contains peas, landing as the third ingredient in the bag. While there is still some debate, pea-based dog foods have been linked to potential health concerns, so please call your vet before deciding on a brand.

    • For gluten-sensitive dogs
    • Avocado for healthy skin and coat
    • All life stages formula
    • Grain-free is for allergy sufferers only

    7. Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice Dry Dog Food

    Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice Dry Dog Food

    Main ingredients: Chicken, chicken meal, whole grain brown rice
    Protein content: 26.0%
    Fat content: 16.0%
    Calories: 421 per cup/3,708 per bag

    Another great dog food for poop eaters goes to the amazing Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice All Life Stages Formula. This dry kibble is outstanding in content—plus, it fits the needs of almost any doggy home, despite age or pregnancy status. If you have a poop eater, you have to check it out.

    This dog food contains many excellent ingredients, including K9-specific probiotics that aid in gut health—targeting those pooches that might be eating poop for nutritional compensation. In addition, there are prebiotics to aid further digestion of live probiotics.

    Cage-free chicken is the #1 ingredient, meaning there is whole protein as the base of this kibble. It caters to the needs of puppies, adults, seniors, and pregnant dames to support muscle health, vision, bone development, and maintenance—and more!

    It also contains impressive superfoods like kale, blueberries, and coconut for a burst of antioxidants.

    We love this recipe so much and think you will agree. Now, it might not curb the desire to eat poop completely, but it will boost your dog’s overall gut health and provide them with a nutritionally sound daily diet.

    There are no artificial flavors or fillers, so that’s a significant upside for potentially sensitive dogs.

    The only downside is that some dogs are sensitive to common proteins like chicken. If that’s the case, you might have to change up the protein source. But don’t worry! Made in the USA, Diamond Naturals has plenty of recipes that don’t contain chicken.

    • All life stages formula
    • Contains K9-specific probiotics & prebiotics for gut health
    • Whole protein & wholesome fruits and veggies
    • Some dogs are sensitive to chicken protein

    8. Iams Advanced Health Healthy Digestion Dog Food

    Iams Advanced Health Healthy Digestion Dog Food

    Main ingredients: Chicken, ground whole grain
    Protein content: 25.0%
    Fat content: 10.0%
    Calories: 380 per cup/ 3,646 per bag

    Iams Advanced Health Healthy Digestion is a modestly priced dry kibble with an array of ingredients that could diminish your dog’s desire to eat poop. It combines real farm-raised chicken, fiber, prebiotics, and antioxidants to cater to every aspect of canine health.

    Flaxseed is an excellent additive to help regulate digestion. By-product meal gives the recipe an extra kick of protein, with egg added for perfect coat and skin health. We checked out the ingredients, and while there might be a few questionable additives for some dogs’ diets, it would work for most healthy adults.

    We notice that there is a bit of artificial color and flavor in this dog food, so it might be potentially triggering if you have a sensitive dog. Always do a quick sweep of the ingredients to ensure it’s compatible with your pooch.

    Ultimately, the quality wasn’t as good as some premium competitors, but the recipe caters to gut health aspects to deter poop eating. So, we think it’s an honorable mention.

    • Contains a medley of easy-to-digest ingredients
    • Targets gut health
    • Contains flaxseed for regulation
    • It might trigger allergies in sensitive dogs
    • Contains artificial ingredients

    9. Blue Buffalo True Solutions Blissful Belly Dog Food

    Blue Buffalo True Solutions Blissful Belly Dog Food

    Main ingredients: Chicken, chicken broth
    Protein content: 7.5%
    Fat content: 3.0%
    Calories: 373 per can/1,053 total

    If you’re looking for wet dog food that’s chock full of good ingredients that soothe your pet’s belly—try out Blue Buffalo True Solutions Blissful Belly. It is aromatic, flavorful, and easily digestible. However, it won’t be for every dog—as it is high in calories and can get expensive in multi-dog situations.

    It is 100% free of artificial flavors and preservatives like all Blue Buffalo recipes. It is enhanced with so many good vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics with ingredients like apples, carrots, oatmeal, and brown rice. It also contains no wheat, corn, or soy if your dog is sensitive to these ingredients (though most dogs are not.)

    Blue Buffalo makes it a point to give the most quality ingredients to dogs. However, this food comes in a pasty consistency rather than chunks of visible components. Some dogs might scarf it down without a second thought, but they might disapprove if you have a picky or spoiled eater.

    You can use this dog food as a standalone diet or dry kibble topper—the choice is yours. It adds an extra kick of hydration that your dog can really benefit from. However, we think it would stretch a lot further if you combined this with another dry recipe. Luckily, Blue Buffalo sells a dry dog food version of True Solutions Blissful Belly. Check it out if that works for you.

    • High moisture content
    • Aromatic
    • Excellent main ingredients
    • Dry dog food option available
    • Can get expensive
    • Pasty consistency


    Buyer’s Guide: How to Select the Best Dog Food for Poop Eaters

    Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

    As gross as it might sound to us, our dogs eat poop sometimes. Some dogs crave it, some dogs sample here and there, and a few dogs don’t eat it.

    Gut Support

    We want to clarify that not all poop eaters have a nutrient imbalance. They might find what they need in a pile of cat poop—or even their own. But in many cases, a missing nutrient in the diet causes your dog to compensate for what they lack naturally.

    Giving your dog a dog food designed to help total digestion from mouth to gut really can help curb the habit of eating poop. But don’t hold your breath—or do if your dog has been eating fecal matter.

    Often, probiotics can really help, but added prebiotics and easily digestible ingredients are a definite plus.

    Activity Level

    When you are considering dog food, activity level is fundamental. Recipes for more active canines generally have higher caloric and carbohydrate content, which can cause weight gain in less active pooches.

    If your dog is a moderately active breed, you can buy practically any standard adult recipe.


    If you have a dog swinging on the edge of being over or underweight, you should buy a recipe to help either side of the coin. Remember to properly portion the meals according to the brand of dog food you purchase.

    Life Stage

    Dog food is designed to nourish specific age groups and life stages. Some recipes target all life stages, which is fantastic if you never want to change the type of dog food you buy.


    Puppy chow has an increase in protein, DHA, and glucosamine to provide the right nutrients for optimal growth.


    Adult dog food is built for the maintenance of current health. It aims to provide the nutrients adults need to keep the correct body mass, muscle mass, skin pH, and fur texture.

    Hunting dog eating
    Image Credit: Nadezhda Zaitceva, Shutterstock


    Seniors’ bodies have passed their prime, and now they are on a slow decline. Providing your senior with a recipe catered to promote bone, muscle, joint, and skin health is imperative.


    A canine mama replenishes her own nutrients while providing a whole litter of pups with sustenance. Recipes high in calcium, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals generally help pregnant and nursing pups.


    If you have a picky pooch with mad preferences, consistency matters! Also, there is much debate on overall health.

    Dry Kibble

    Dry kibble has become the gold standard for dog food in recent years, but is it being snuffed out by fresher brands? Dry kibble is terrific because it has a long shelf life, cleans teeth, and holds standards for overall health.


    Wet dog food gets some hate, but it has its upsides. The wet cans of dog food enhance appetite, provide additional hydration, and provide a savory eating experience.


    Fresh dog food is receiving all the praise these days. Dogs find it delicious, but the recipes also enhance flavor, boost appetite, and provide wholesome ingredients without heat causing nutrient reduction.

    Dog eating Nom Nom Fresh Dog Food


    Freeze-dried food usually comes as a standalone topper or in combination with dry kibble. When it comes to flavor, some dogs love it, and others seem disinterested, so be prepared to mix! Rarely you might see a dog food type that is entirely freeze-dried.


    With every dog food consistency comes recipe type.

    Everyday Nutrition

    Everyday nutrition recipes cater to the majority of most healthy adult dogs, providing a base of solid ingredients carefully balanced for digestion.

    High Protein

    High protein recipes are excellent for very high activity or metabolism.

    Low Calorie

    If your dog is packing on the pounds, a lower-calorie dog food will help them with weight management without depriving them of nutrition.

    Limited Ingredient

    Some dogs are sensitive to certain common ingredients in commercial dog foods. Limited-ingredient diets cut out some of these potential triggers to provide a better experience.

    dachshund dog eating from elevated bowl
    Image Credit: marialevkina, Shutterstock

    Sensitive Stomach

    Sensitive stomach recipes are those geared toward soothing your dog’s digestion. Many of these recipes have the necessary ingredients to combat poop eating while supporting the gut.


    While rare, some dogs can develop grain allergies. Only a vet can diagnose your dog with this type of issue and don’t feed them grain-free unless directed by a professional.



    You can’t change our minds— The Farmer’s Dog is still our favorite. It caters to dog’s at every stage of life, providing a mix of easily digestible, gut-soothing ingredients that poop-eaters crave.

    If you’re looking for the biggest savings, check out Purina ONE +Plus Digestive Health. We think this dog food is super affordable, fitting most budgets. Plus, it specifically targets gut health to make digestion a breeze.

    If you have a poop-eating puppy, try out Wellness CORE Digestive Health Puppy. It enhances your puppy’s performance by supporting the gut, aiding in brain development, and fueling muscle growth. We really think it’s a fantastic blend of nutrients to keep your puppy on par while taking digestion seriously.

    Also, don’t forget to try Purina Pro Plan High Protein Shredded Dog Food. Your dog is sure to appreciate the meaty, shredded morsels—and you’re sure to appreciate the perks. Your poop-eating pal will likely drop that habit, as it contains a fiber, antioxidant, and gut health blend of ingredients.

    Which one called out to you? Remember, if you need clarification, always call your vet.

    Featured Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

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