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6 Best Dog Ramps for SUVs, Trucks & Cars in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Nicole Cosgrove

6 Best Dog Ramps for SUVs, Trucks & Cars in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks


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Pet Gear Tri-Fold Dog Car Ramp

We don’t always prepare for every possible scenario that comes with owning a canine. If your dog has trouble walking or has suffered an injury, you might be looking for options to make their lives a little easier around the house or on the go.

Luckily, with the increase in pet awareness, there are tons of products online explicitly designed for canines to help them with mobility. We took the liberty of reviewing six of the best ramps on the market for mobility-limited dogs. Here are our reviews.


A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites of 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Pet Gear Dog Stairs Pet Gear Dog Stairs
  • Machine washable non-slip tread
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Perfect for all ramp needs
  • Best Value
    Second place
    PetGear Supertrax Dog Step & Ramp PetGear Supertrax Dog Step & Ramp
  • Affordable
  • Machine washable carpet
  • Rubber base for traction
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    PetSafe CozyUp Dog Steps PetSafe CozyUp Dog Steps
  • Dual purpose
  • Great for dogs of all sizes
  • Folds down easily
  • Best for Puppies
    Ylovecl Solid Wooden Dog Ramp Ylovecl Solid Wooden Dog Ramp
  • Five adjustable points
  • Ultra-durable construction
  • Ideal for puppies
  • PetSafe Telescoping Dog Car Ramp PetSafe Telescoping Dog Car Ramp
  • Perfect for extra-large breeds
  • Terrific traction on ramp
  • Telescoping design for easy storage
  • The 6 Best Dog Ramps for SUVs, Trucks, & Cars

    1. Pet Gear Cat & Dog Stairs – Best Overall

    Pet Gear Cat & Dog Stairs & Ramp

    Sizes One size
    Materials Plastic
    Colors Chocolate, tan
    Main functions Non-slip tread

    We always start with our favorite overall product; this round, it’s the Pet Gear Cat & Dog Stairs. It is the most significant helper around the house for pooches that need that extra boost to get up to hard-to-reach areas.

    If your dog has complications accessing places like beds, couches, and other high-up spaces, it might work for you, too—that makes it even more money-worthy. And it should fit in with most budgets, which is an extra perk.

    We love that the gentle slope is ideal for puppies and seniors alike, providing a gradual incline with non-slip tread support that is removable and machine-washable. Our pups used it without any issues whatsoever of getting up and down.

    It is made of plastic, but it’s heavy-duty and lightweight, providing a functional product with a long life expectancy. This ramp only comes in one size, but it works for every canine (or feline) up to 150 pounds.

    • Machine washable non-slip tread
    • Lightweight but durable
    • Perfect for all ramp needs
    • One size only

    2. PetGear Supertrax Combination Dog Ramp – Best Value

    Pet Gear Stramp Stair and Ramp Combination

    Sizes One size
    Materials Plastic, carpet
    Colors Gray, white
    Main functions Non-slip rubber base

    If you are scouring the next for the best deal, think about the Pet Gear Supertrax Combination Dog Step & Ramp. It is a tremendous value at a great price, making it the best dog ramp for SUVs, trucks, and cars.

    This ramp is exceptionally lightweight, so it’s easy to transport on the go. It is suitable for up to 5 feet, working for most vehicles, but it is only available in one size.

    The top is lined with a machine-washable removable cover that allows your pet to keep traction during use. The bottom of the ramp is complete with rubber bases to keep it secure, preventing accidents. The slope is exactly 5 feet, an easy incline for dogs of virtually any issue to use with ease.

    We don’t think you could beat it for the price. The only thing we don’t like so much is that it doesn’t easily fold down for storage.

    • Affordable
    • Machine washable carpet
    • Rubber base for traction
    • Does not fold down

    3. PetSafe CozyUp Dog Steps & Ramp – Premium Choice

    PetSafe CozyUp Dog & Cat Steps & Ramp

    Sizes One size
    Materials Wood, carpet
    Colors White, gray
    Main functions Fold-out steps/ramp dual transition

    PetSafe CozyUp Dog Steps & Ramp might be a little more expensive than traditional ramps, but it also has a lot to offer. It doubles as both steps and a ramp, as the name implies. You can use this indoors or on the go. The height only reaches 20 inches, so it’s best for smaller-sized SUVs or cars. The steps are layered with a durable carpet cover, so your whoops pool pads won’t lose traction on the way up. We had no problem folding down the design. It stowed away nicely and is very easily storable.

    We love everything about this ramp. It is perfect for dogs of all sizes, creating a nice, steady incline to decrease pressure on sensitive joints. You can use this design for years to come for any event. We don’t think you can beat the quality.

    • Dual purpose
    • Great for dogs of all sizes
    • Folds down easily
    • Pricey

    4. Ylovecl Solid Wooden Dog Ramp – Best for Puppies

    Ylovecl White Dogs Ramps

    Sizes One size
    Materials Wood
    Colors Brown
    Main functions Prime adjustability

    If you have a little pup that needs some help climbing, we love the Ylovecl Solid Wooden Dog Ramp. It has five adjustable points and a 200-pound limit—so they can use it their whole life.

    It’s made from strong, stained pine wood from New Zealand and high-quality traction pads for the walkway. It also has grooved wood slats for added traction. It is pretty stylish and looks fantastic in the home, too.

    When you get the ramp to your desired point, you can lock it with the unique Smart Lock design on the back. It folds flat, fitting into the trunk of a car or SUV. However, it is quite large, even when it’s folded down. So, we recommend this ramp for larger vehicles.

    As your dog ages, this ramp can come in handy for many things. So, we think it’s a brilliant investment.

    • Five adjustable points
    • Ultra-durable construction
    • Ideal for puppies
    • Too large for some vehicles

    5. PetSafe Happy Ride Telescoping Dog Car Ramp

    PetSafe Happy Ride Telescoping Dog Car Ramp

    Sizes Regular, extra-large
    Materials Aluminum, plastic
    Colors Silver
    Main functions Telescoping design for easy storage

    Even though the PetSafe Happy Ride Telescoping Dog Car Ramp could work for various dog sizes, we especially recommend it for extra-large breeds. It is rare to find ramps that help support dogs of larger stature. We want to be upfront—you probably shouldn’t use this in the home, as it’s pretty heavy-duty.

    This ramp supports between 300- and 400-pounds total, covering the weights of almost any canine. This ramp is composed of a solid aluminum material, making it lightweight but sturdy.

    The surface has incredible traction, letting your dog secure their footing on the way up to prevent injury or strain. It has a telescoping design to aid in storage conveniences. You can simply fold down and turn the safety latch to keep it in place.

    One downfall of this product is that you can’t secure it in one place, which could cause sliding. You have to make sure to distribute the weight evenly. Otherwise, it could cause tipping and other unfortunate accidents.

    • Perfect for extra-large breeds
    • Terrific traction on-ramp
    • Telescoping design for easy storage
    • No security
    • Not for indoor use

    6. PetGear Tri-Fold Dog Car Ramp with Supertrax

    Pet Gear Tri-Fold Dog Car Ramp with Supertrax

    Sizes One size
    Materials Plastic
    Colors Green, black
    Main functions Trifold design

    We think the PetGear Tri-Fold Dog Car Ramp with Supertrax is fantastic for all sorts of issues. This product is extremely space efficient. You can haul it in your SUV anytime and barely notice it’s onboard.

    Overall, we were satisfied with the storage capacity for medium-sized SUVs. However, you might have to move it out in smaller cars after use to fit anything in your trunk. It also comes with a safety tether to secure the ramp to the back of the vehicle. We love this added security feature.

    This product has pressure-activated cushions on the mat that work with your dog’s paws to create a firm grip and stability. Supertrax material comes off, so you can toss it in the wash when it gets a little grimy.

    As the name implies, this ramp folds flat in three sections. It fits perfectly in the trunk of the car or the closet at home. It has a very convenient handle on the side to tote around easily.

    • Pressure-activated, machine-washable Supertrax mat
    • Safety tether for cars
    • Extra cozy for the paws
    • Won’t fit in some smaller vehicles

    Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Best Dog Ramp for SUVs, Trucks & Cars

    When you make any investment, you want to know it’s worth it. If you need a ramp for your pooch, you need to make sure it’s safe, secure, and efficient. So, how do you shop?

    What to Look for in a Dog Car Ramp

    • Correct Sizing: Correctly sizing a ramp for a vehicle is crucial for your pet’s safety. If a ramp is too small for your dog’s weight, it might tip or breakdown prematurely. To avoid any accidents, returns, or other frustrations, always make sure to size correctly
    • Safety & Stability: Ramps have different security mechanisms to keep them in place and to prevent slipping. Some use a weighted base, while others use straps and other security means.
    • Durability: When you spend your hard-earned money on something, you want it to last long enough to get your money’s worth out of it. Getting a proven sturdy-built ram is important for long life and proper safety.
    • Ease of Use: If you have a dog that already has mobility issues, a ramp shouldn’t make their life more complicated. Just make sure that the end client is gradual and gripping on the steps or platform to ensure stability.
    dog with car ramp
    Image Credit: Dagmar Breu, Shutterstock

    Ramp Convenience


    tiny pups are clumsy and not so great at jumping sometimes. If they have trouble getting into your high-up vehicle, getting a ramp can really help. They won’t need it for long, but you can always Stow it away if they need it in the future.

    Small Dogs

    Little dogs don’t often have the muscle power to high up. While this might not be true for springy terriers, dogs like dachshunds and other short-legged or long-bodied little dogs can have a real problem.

    If these dogs jump the wrong way, it can cause spinal injury. Letting them use a ramp will ensure they can make it up to the destination without consequence.

    Dogs With Joint Issues

    Our canine companions can face some pretty severe joint issues as they age. Problems such as hip dysplasia and arthritis can really put a damper on your dog’s day, keeping them from enjoying once-loved activities.

    If your dog needs a little extra support, ramps can give them something gradual to walk up, so they don’t put any additional strain on their already poor ligaments and joints.

    dachshund on ramp
    Image Credit: Masarik, Shutterstock

    Senior Dogs

    As time goes on, our buddies can really slow down. If you have a senior who just doesn’t get around the way they used to, getting a ramp might be the only way your pup can enjoy time on the road. By getting them a ramp, you can take your old guy on trips, enjoying the scenery.

    Human Injury or Limitation

    If you, as an owner, have any type of mobility limitation or lifting restrictions, you might not be able to lift your dog like you once did. If that’s the issue, getting a ramp you can use in place of lifting is absolutely essential.



    Overall, our favorite remains the Pet Gear Cat & Dog Stairs. It was the sturdiest, safest, and fit more needs than all the others we looked at. We think you’ll appreciate the entire design and get your money’s worth easily.

    If you were looking for the biggest savings, don’t forget about the Pet Gear Supertrax Combination Dog Step & Ramp. It is affordable, efficient, and well-built for long-term use. Plus, it’s super lightweight for easy traveling.

    No matter the reason your dog requires a ramp, we hope you found the option that works best for your pooch.

    Featured Image Credit: Pet Gear, Chewy

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