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How Much Exercise Do Dobermans Need? Vet-Approved Facts & Tips

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on May 11, 2024 by Dogster Team

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How Much Exercise Do Dobermans Need? Vet-Approved Facts & Tips


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All dogs need daily exercise, but different breeds have different needs. Smaller dog breeds won’t need as much exercise as large ones, and some breeds are naturally just more high-energy than others. Take the Doberman, for instance.

The Doberman is a larger dog breed and one that is highly energetic, so it will need more exercise each day than a breed such as the Chihuahua. But just how much exercise does the Doberman need? Dobermans require about 2 hours or so of exercise every day, so if you have a Doberman, you’ll need to engage in plenty of activity with your pet!

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Doberman Puppies and Exercise

Puppies may be more energetic than older dogs, and they do need daily exercise as well. But Doberman puppies won’t need the 2 hours of exercise that an adult Doberman needs. The biggest reason for this is that Doberman puppies are still growing, which means bones and joints haven’t fully developed. Over-exercising your pup at a young age can cause serious damage if you aren’t careful. And these dogs are prone to joint issues in the first place, so you don’t want to add stress to the joints with too much exercise.

This means your Doberman puppy will do better with short walks and play rather than long walks and runs. A good rule of thumb is to walk your dog for 5 minutes for each month of age. So, a 3-month-old puppy would only need about a 15-minute walk. You’ll easily be able to tell when your puppy has had enough of walking and playing as they’ll begin lagging, laying down, or panting heavily.

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Top 5 Ideas for Exercising Your Doberman

Daily walks aren’t enough; your Doberman will need to engage in a variety of activities, so they don’t become bored. If you’re unsure how else you can make sure your dog gets enough exercise each day, look at the ideas below!

1. Flirt Pole

This has a bit of a strange name, but it’s essentially similar to a cat wand—it consists of a long pole with a bungee cord and some kind of toy at the end. And like the cat wand, you’ll move it around so your dog will chase it. A flirt pole is an excellent way to exercise your Doberman because it works the entire body and lets them get rid of excess energy. Just don’t let your pup eat the pole!

2. Fetch

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Image Credit: Vivienstock, Shutterstock

Fetch is a classic dog game because it’s simple, and dogs love it! It’s particularly good for Dobermans because this breed will happily play fetch for hours if you let it, plus it burns off excess energy in no time. You can even engage your dog in a game of fetch when you aren’t around with an automatic ball launcher.

3. Obstacle Course

Dobermans are great at obstacle and agility courses, so why not set up one in your backyard? You can use items you already have on hand to DIY one or purchase tunnels, hurdles, and more online. Of course, you’ll have to train your Doberman on how to run the course, but doing this will strengthen your bond with your pet while it gets the exercise it needs.

4. Dog Park

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Image By: Best dog photo, Shutterstock

Is there anything better than a trip to the dog park? As long as your Doberman has been properly socialized and is able to get along well with other dogs, you can easily let it get some exercise with a visit to your local dog park!

5. Swimming

This one can only be done in the warmer months, but swimming is an excellent exercise for Dobermans because it’s gentle on joints. While your Doberman may enjoy swimming, it’s not something this breed takes to naturally, so you might have to help your pet out a bit.



Dobermans are a large breed and highly energetic, so they need plenty of exercise each day—at least 2 hours. However, Doberman puppies will need less than that as their bones and joints are still developing. Too much exercise for puppies could lead to joint issues (which they are already more likely to deal with). If you don’t have time for daily walks, there are other ways to ensure your Doberman gets enough exercise, such as with dog park visits, agility courses, and swimming.

However you do it, make sure your Doberman gets the exercise it needs; otherwise, you’ll have a very bored dog on your hands, which could lead to destructive behaviors!

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