Is Your Dog Peeing Blood? Here’s Why

Is your dog peeing blood? What medical issues could be at play and is a dog peeing blood something that needs to be seen by a vet ASAP?

A dog squatting to pee or poop on the grass.
A dog squatting to pee or poop on the grass. Photography © Wavetop | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

While it may not be the easiest symptom to detect, if you do happen to notice your dog peeing blood, there are a few likely causes. Fortunately, if your dog is peeing blood, it usually points to easily treatable health conditions — but there are some cases when serious issues could be at hand with a dog peeing blood.

Why Is Your Dog Peeing Blood?

A sick or tired pug lying down on the floor.
What causes a blood in your dog’s urine? Photography © Monica Click | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

According to Dr. Gary Richter, DVM, a dog peeing blood means there’s bleeding somewhere within the urinary tract — and could be a problem related to your dog’s kidneys, urinary bladder or urethra. If you have a male dog, prostate issues can also cause your dog to pee blood.

“As a general rule, blood in the urine is not an emergency unless the pet is passing what looks like straight blood,” Dr. Richter says. “Blood-tinged urine definitely needs to be evaluated, but unless the pet is uncomfortable, it’s not an emergency.”

Dr. Richter says that possible causes of your dog peeing blood include: urinary tract infections, kidney infections, bladder stones, kidney stones, or growths in the bladder, prostate or urethra. A prostate infection can also cause blood in the urine, or in less likely circumstances, pets with a systemic bleeding or blood clotting disorder.

When Is Your Dog Peeing Blood a Sign of Something Serious?

According to Dr. Steve Weinberg, DVM, founder of 911 VETS in California, a dog peeing blood who’s also repeatedly straining to urinate or licking at his genitals could signal a urinary tract infection. If there’s a blockage from a urinary stone, you may notice your dog is more lethargic than usual, or possibly even vomiting because urine is backing up.

“Blood in the urine can be a serious sign warranting a visit with the vet,” Dr. Weinberg says. “The most common cause in dogs is a urinary tract infection, and on occasion, the urinary tract infection can be accompanied by the presence of urinary stones or even kidney stones.”

Diagnosis for a Dog Peeing Blood

So, for a dog peeing blood, schedule a visit with your veterinarian — in some cases as soon as possible. Dr. Richter explains that the diagnosis for a dog peeing blood will usually begin with a urinalysis to check for an infection. “Other diagnostic tools used include blood tests to check for kidney issues or other medical problems, culturing urine to check for infections, and imaging such as x-rays or abdominal ultrasound,” he adds.

Prognosis and Treatment for a Dog Peeing Blood

The treatment and prognosis for a dog peeing blood are going to depend on the diagnosis, since blood in the urine can point to a few different medical issues. “Urinary tract infections carry a good prognosis, while bladder tumors and clotting disorders are a guarded prognosis,” Dr. Weinberg explains. “Urinary blockages can also carry a good prognosis if the blockage is removed.”

Depending upon your dog’s diagnosis, Dr. Weinberg says treatment may include antibiotics, surgery to remove stones, chemotherapy or radiation for tumors, or no treatment in the case of trauma that caused a transient hemorrhage. Clotting disorders could potentially require transfusion with plasma and/or the use of Vitamin K. “Any change in behavior or normal patterns for water drinking and/or urination are cause to contact your veterinarian,” Dr. Richter says. “These could be early signs of medical issues.”

Thumbnail: Photography © Wavetop | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

This piece was originally published in 2018. 

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19 thoughts on “Is Your Dog Peeing Blood? Here’s Why”

  1. My dog was diagnosed with bladder stone like a month ago and took antibiotics for a week and the blood went away and he was feeling completely fine
    But there was blood in his urine again today
    The thing is the bleeding happens only after i walk him,both last time and this time
    I mean he was fine for a month and today we went walking and there it was blood again!
    What does this supposed to mean?coincidence?

  2. This is very helpful info, thank you!

    So… I have a 15 pound rat terrier, 5 years old… named Dewey. I noticed on a long walk, was actually peeing blood!

    I immediately called the vet. They asked for a urine sample. When I got home from the walk, I ‘caught’ some of his urine in a cup. It was very YELLOW, but no blood this time. I gave the urine to the vet.

    The next day they called and said it showed no ‘definitive’ signs of a UTI. So they asked me to bring him in and get some tests. They took some blood and did an abdominal xray.

    While waiting for the blood results to check kidneys, etc. the vet said the bladder seemed a ‘bit thick’. And it may possible be bladder stones… so they prescribed “Clavacillin” for 2 weeks and said they want to see him again for another xray.

    In the meantime, 2 days later, the bloodwork came back ‘fine’ (no kidney infection, elevated levels, etc.)…

    Since he has been on the antibiotics for about 8 days, he has had yellow urine, but sometimes it is dark. And it seems like when I take him for a walk, he pees several times, and the 2nd and or 3rd time, he seems to be straining a bit, and the pee is still tinged with blood. 🙁

    He seems active, has an appetite, etc.

    It is just a matter of continuing the antibiotics at this point…? Any additional advice, suggestion?

    Thank you very much!

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  6. My dog is a vegetarian. He eats lots of veggies and fruits. He has been very healthy and for the past 3days. There is pale blood in his urine and the blood drop is after he pees. Now it is starting of summer and it is 36′ C. He is 16years old and pomaranian breed. I love him a lot. Can you suggest something for him.

  7. My dog is being treated for a UTI, going on a week now with antibiotics. At first he wasn’t eating and not relieaving himself due to the pain. Now he is peeing but it’s more blood than anything. Ultrasound and x Ray came back negative. He’s a Great Dane and is 8 1/2 years old. Not sure what’s going on and the vets really not sure besides the UTI diagnosis. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Terri,
      Please take your dog to a vet ASAP. Here are some articles on how to afford vet bills:

      1. Hi there,
        Please see some articles on affording vet bills and please get your dog to a vet!

  8. My French Bulldog has been peeing blood since April! She has been to the vet numerous times. She is prone to both IBS & UTI and is on a rotating regimen of antibiotics as well as HA veterinary prescription diet kibble. She has had a urine analysis and has had urine sent out for culturing. She has also had an ultrasound to look for blockages & stones. All have come back clear. The next option is exploratory surgery. She turned 10 last May (DOB 5-22-2008) and she had spinal surgery December 26, 2017 to correct misshapen vertebrae that were a birth defect. What do YOU think we should do?

    1. Hi there Laurie,

      Thanks for reaching out and we are sorry to hear about your dog. We suggest doing what your trusted vet thinks is best. Additionally, it’s always encouraged to get a second opinion on another vet on what to do.

  9. If you feed your dog vegetables, as I do, be aware that beets can cause the urine to appear bloody. The red color from beets is perfectly harmless, of course! We had an episode this summer that caused some alarm at doggie day care. (I don’t feed a vegetarian diet, but do include a variety of veggies in our boy’s food.)

    1. Thanx for the info ! I too fed my female pug beetroots and now i see pink colour urine ! Glad to hear that nothing abnormal ! Cause she isnt showing any other signs of discomfort

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