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22 Whippet Mixed Breeds: Pictures, Facts & History

Written by: Codee Chessher

Last Updated on July 24, 2024 by Dogster Team

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22 Whippet Mixed Breeds: Pictures, Facts & History

Whippets are a rare British racing dog bred from Italian Greyhounds and scrappy Terriers, and their popularity has been skyrocketing recently after AKC wins and speed records. They’re a quiet, calm breed, but that changes to a zealous exuberance at playtime.

When mixed with other dog breeds, the Whippet can contribute a gentle, mild temperament and athletic ability, but it depends heavily on the other breed. For a better idea of what Whippet mixed breeds are out there and what they’re like, check out our exhaustive list below.

The 22 Whippet Mixed Breeds

1. Italian Whippet

Mixed with: Greyhound

This is a popular mix because of how similar the Whippet is to the Greyhound, and they’re also called the Grey Whippet. Generally speaking, they’ll be larger than Whippets but not quite as bulky as a Greyhound. This breed makes great sighthounds for hunting and they’re super mellow to boot.

2. Whipoodle

Mixed with: Poodle

The whip-smart Poodle and the Whippet make a larger, smarter, and fluffier crossbreed – Whipoodle. They’re also low shedders thanks to those nearly hypoallergenic Poodle genes, with the potential for many quirky, wacky color combinations. Intelligence is another gift from the Poodle side that you’ll love.

3. Aussie Whip

Parent breeds of the Aussie Whip
Parent breeds of the Aussie Whip: Left – xkunclova, Shutterstock | Right – S J, Unsplash
Mixed with: Australian Shepherd

Talk about a match made in dog heaven. Both the Aussie Shepherd and Whippet are highly active runners, and their offspring is no exception. Aussie Whips usually look like a more colorful Whippet, and they often pick up the Aussie parents’ unique coloring. This is another highly intelligent Whippet mix.

4. Whipador

whipador or labrador whippet mixed breed dog on blue background
Image Credit: Foonia, Shutterstock
Mixed with: Labrador Retriever

If you ever wished a Whippet didn’t look lanky, a Whipador with the stocky Labrador frame might be more your speed. Whipadors are more solidly built than Whippets and can inherit colors from both parents to create a large number of unique coat patterns. This breed also makes a great watch dog.

5. Collie Whip

border collie whippet mixed breed dog dock diving jumping
Image Credit: GoDog Photo, Shutterstock
Mixed with: Border Collie

Collie Whips are one of the most energetic dogs out there, and we highly recommend owners have a secure yard to help them burn off their energy reserves. Don’t think they’re just a dumb jock, though, because Collie Whips are one of the smartest dogs on the block!

6. Whipgi

Mixed with: Corgi

Whipgis inherit the smaller frame of the Corgi with the athletic prowess of the Whippet in a compact package. This is an interesting breed because it gets both the Whippet’s aptitude for agility and the Corgi’s herding instincts. Nip the herding in the bud young or they’ll herd you around your own house!

7. German Whippet

Mixed with: German Shepherd

German Whippets come out larger and more powerfully built than Whippets but not quite as built as a pure German Shepherd. They certainly get that Shepherd intelligence, though. This is a highly active dog. German Whippets are intensely loyal and make a fine family companion.

8. Golden Whippet

Mixed with: Golden Retriever

The Golden Whippet is one of the most mellow, friendly dogs you’ll ever meet owing to both parents’ innate positivity. They turn out shaggier than Whippets but more slender than Goldens, which is a beautiful mix. Golden Whippets love playtime but know when it is time to curl up at home too.

9. Pippet

Pippets look like Whippets that drink protein shakes and go to the gym religiously. They’re a more medium-sized mix between the Pitbull and Whippet, with all the loyalty both breeds have to offer. This is a great combo because the Whippet DNA mellows out the rowdier Pitbull DNA.

10. Bedlington Whippet

Mixed with: Bedlington Terrier

Lovingly called Beddy Whippets, Bedlington Whippets have become a popular mix between two already popular British breeds. The result is a more scraggly, scruffy coat with shockingly little shedding and a fun-loving, friendly nature.

11. Hippet

Parent breeds of the Hippet (Whippet Siberian Husky Mix)
Parent breeds of the Hippet: Left – S J, Unsplash | Right – Saira Sustaita, Unsplash
Mixed with: Siberian Husky

Hippets are one of the most striking breeds on this list, combining the Husky’s timeless elegance with distinct Whippet traits. With both parents among the friendliest out there, Hippets are born to be the center of attention everywhere they go. A secure yard is ideal to prevent Husky escape artist antics.

12. Shiba Whippet

Mixed with: Shiba Inu

Talk about opposites attracting. Whippets and Shibas are as different as dogs can be, and their puppies combine the best of both worlds. They’re more assertive than Whippets but not as domineering as Shibas, with a dense, fluffy coat you’ll love to snuggle.

13. Jack Whip

Mixed with: Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Whips are more driven and stubborn than Whippets, and they can inherit a short or medium coat depending on the parents’ coats. Considering both Whippets and Jack Russells are high-strung as far as energy, you might have your next jogging buddy!

14. Chi Whip

Mixed with: Chihuahua

Chi Whips look little but have a big personality packed into their compact body. They mix that trademark Chihuahua bravado with the Whippet’s crowd-pleasing charm in a tiny body that is perfect for apartment dwellers. The cherry on top is that they shed very little, which makes grooming a painless affair.

15. Whipbeagle

Mixed with: Beagle

The Whipbeagle is a relatively new mixed breed, adding the Beagle’s keen nose to the Whippet’s incredible agility prowess to make for a natural hunting dog. They’re just as great as family pets, though, with a charming and good-natured temperament.

16. Whiphund

Mixed with: Dachshund

Crossing a Whippet with a Doxie gives you a more agile but still adorably tubular pup with a stubborn streak – the Whiphund. They make up for it with an infectious zest for life, and they always want to know what you’re up to when they’re not making trouble for themselves.

17. Whipmatian

Mixed with: Dalmatian

If you’ve ever wished the Whippet had Dalmatian spots, this is the dog for you. Whipmatians are more refined, graceful Dalmatians with a friendly character. They’re excellent sighthounds with blazing speed but prefer to spend time with their families in the middle of the action.

18. Whipperman

Parent breeds of the Whipperman (Whippet Doberman Mix)
Parent breeds of the Whipperman: Left – S J, Unsplash | Right – GracefulFoto, Shutterstock
Mixed with: Doberman

Whippermans inherit the Doberman’s innate protectiveness over their families, but Whippet DNA tempers that into a more laidback watchfulness. Their appearance is truly unique, and no two are ever alike. This breed needs a lot of outside time to blow off steam, so get ready for lots of walks!

19. Whipper Spaniel

Parent breeds of the Whipper Spaniel (Whippet Cocker Spaniel Mix)
Parent breeds of the Whipper Spaniel: Left – S J, Unsplash | Right – Eric Isselee, Shutterstock
Mixed with: Cocker Spaniel

Also called the Cockerwhip, the Whipper Spaniel is a sweet and playful mix between two beloved family breeds. They’re sporty but more compact than Whippets, but that makes them a great companion for hikers or people who lead active lifestyles. They also do well with active apartment dwellers.

20. Whippetzu

Parent breeds of the Whippetzu (Whippet Shih Tzu Mix)
Parent breeds of the Whippetzu: Left – S J, Unsplash | Right – Goochie Poochie Grooming, Pexels
Mixed with: Shih Tzu

If you like the look of Whippets but wish they were a little smaller, furrier, and more playful than active, Whippetzus might be perfect for you. They enjoy a rousing jog around the block, a few rounds with a frisbee in the backyard, or just padding after you around the house on your daily routine.

21. French Whip

Parent breeds of the French Whip (Whippet French Bulldog Mix)
Parent breeds of the French Whip: Left – S J, Unsplash | Right – ElfinFox, Pixabay
Mixed with: French Bulldog

One of the most outgoing and people-loving breeds on this list, the French Whip is sweet like the Frenchie but active and chill like the Whippet. They do well with children, but their infrequent bursts of energy can be too much for smaller kids, so supervision is recommended.

22. Boston Whippet

Mixed with: Boston Terrier

Boston Whippets are usually more carefree than Whippets, imbued with a playfulness straight from the Boston Terrier lineage. This is a pint sized Whippet mix that fits in easily with any household, with or without kids. They’re adaptable and tend to match your energy.

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Whippets add an unruffled spirit to nearly any dog you can pair them with, from the gregarious French Whip to the feisty Chi Whip. As far as appearance, you’ll always notice the Whippet’s graceful, sleek body shape in their offspring. Any one of the dogs here would make a great pet, so write down your favorites today!

Featured Image Credit: Fotomaha, Shutterstock

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