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How Much Does a Samoyed Cost? 2024 Price Guide

Written by: Jessica Kim

Last Updated on April 17, 2024 by Dogster Team

white female samoyed dog standing on a fallen log in the snow

How Much Does a Samoyed Cost? 2024 Price Guide

The Samoyed is a medium-sized purebred dog that was originally bred as a working dog that pulled sleds in Siberia. Everything about the Samoyed is functional. They’re highly energetic and have great endurance and stamina. Along with having a thick, insulating coat, Samoyeds have what appears to be a permanent smile on their faces. The corners of their mouths are turned upward to prevent them from drooling and having icicles form on their faces.

Samoyeds are as beautiful and charming as they are practical and hardworking. They can become excellent companion pets, but they also have a lot of needs that can take up a significant amount of your budget. It’s important to consider all the details that will go into caring for a Samoyed. Here are some costs you can expect when living with a Samoyed.

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Bringing Home a New Samoyed: One-Time Costs

There are a lot of things to consider and prepare for before bringing home a Samoyed puppy. Depending on where you get your Samoyed puppy, you can expect to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars. When it comes to first-time costs, you can expect to pay between $1,040–$2,070. The initial one-time costs will vary depending on the brand and quality of the supplies.

Samoyed dog in the summer forest
Image by: Nik Tsvetkov, Shutterstock


Samoyeds are a very sought-after breed, so it’ll be challenging to find any that are free. You may be able to find breeders who are looking for homes for some of their older Samoyeds who have retired from their breeding program. However, this is pretty rare, and most breeders will have a waiting list and will be very selective about the families they choose for their Samoyeds.


  • $150–$400

The average adoption fee for adult dogs is about $275 (fees will vary from state to state). Puppies are often a little more expensive, and senior dogs usually have lower adoption fees. It’ll be difficult to find a purebred Samoyed in an animal shelter. However, there may be some Samoyed rescue organizations in your state that help unclaimed or abandoned Samoyeds find forever homes.


  • $1,200–$3,500

Samoyed puppies are relatively popular, so you can expect them to be sold at higher prices. You can find purebred Samoyed puppies that are solely bred for companionship purposes, and these types of Samoyeds are usually set at a lower price. Purebred Samoyed puppies that are bred for show and have a more prestigious pedigree will be much more expensive. Both types of Samoyeds will be healthy and make good companion pets. So, if you don’t plan on entering the dog show world, there’s really no need to pay for a particularly expensive Samoyed puppy.

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Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $900–$2,070

You can expect to pay several hundred dollars or go over a thousand dollars when purchasing initial supplies for a Samoyed. Costs will vary depending on the brand of the supplies and what materials they’re made from.

An initial vet visit is also included in our calculations. Your Samoyed’s age and health status will significantly impact the cost of this visit and whether subsequent visits are required.

samoyed dog in snow
Image by: Audrius Vizbaras, Pixabay

List of Samoyed Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar $15–$30
Spay/Neuter $100–$350
X-Ray Cost $150–$250
Ultrasound Cost $300–$600
Microchip $25–$65
Teeth Cleaning $180–$300
Crate $100–$200
Nail Clipper (optional) $8–$15
Brush (optional) $10–$15
Toys $30–$40
Travel Carrier $100–$150
Food and Water Bowls $20–$40

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How Much Does a Samoyed Cost Per Month?

  • $50–$500 per month

Your monthly budget for your Samoyed will include regular health care costs, toys, and entertainment. You’ll also have to set aside money for home maintenance, especially while your Samoyed puppy is going through potty training. Here are some important monthly items to budget for when caring for a Samoyed.

Health Care

  • $135–$450 per month

Food, grooming, and veterinary care are some monthly costs associated with caring for your dog’s physical health. The monthly budget for health care costs can vary widely because there are larger price differences between different types of food and pet insurance plans.

samoyed dog near door
Image by: Pixel Shot Shutterstock


  • $50–$150 per month

Dog food prices vary greatly for various reasons. First, dry dog food is often cheaper than wet dog food. You can also find premium brands that use organic ingredients or make fresh dog food recipes. Fortunately, you can find budget-friendly options that don’t heavily compromise on quality, so there’s a lot more wiggle room for your dog food budget.


  • $0–$90 per month

Most of your grooming costs will be budgeted for professional grooming. Samoyeds often benefit from going to a professional groomer every 6 to 8 weeks. They’ll probably get a trim and a blowout to remove any dead and loose hairs from their coat.

At-home grooming includes regular coat brushing, teeth cleaning, and nail trimming. Samoyeds are known to be especially sensitive about their paws getting touched. So, you may need to enlist the help of a groomer or a veterinarian technician to help clip your Samoyed’s nails.

Medications and Vet Visits

  • $15–$120 per month

After your Samoyed puppy receives all their vaccines and gets a health clearance from your veterinarian, you probably won’t have to visit the vet outside of annual checkups. So, the only monthly medical costs usually come from heartworm medication and flea and tick medication.

Cream Samoyed looking at the camera
Image by: Michael De Leon, Shutterstock

Pet Insurance

  • $50–$90 per month

Pet insurance can help cover medical costs and is useful for unforeseen accidents. Pet insurance premiums will vary depending on the amount of coverage you receive, and you can find plans that only cover accidents while others cover both accidents and illnesses.

You’ll also notice pet insurance costs rising as your Samoyed ages. Another factor that affects premiums is your location. Cities with higher living costs tend to have higher premiums than smaller suburban neighborhoods and rural areas.

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Environment Maintenance

  • $20–$50 per month

You’ll most likely spend most of your environmental maintenance costs during your Samoyed’s puppyhood. As your Samoyed is being housetrained, you can expect some accidents to happen around the house. A pet odor and stain remover is often an essential item throughout puppyhood, and it’s helpful with cleaning up other accidents, like vomit. Laying out puppy pads around the home during the potty-training period will help protect your carpets and floors from stains and damage.

Puppy Pads Up to $20/month
Pet Odor and Stain Remover Up to $10/month
white samoyed on riverside
Image by: coolcoolleah, Pixabay


  • $15–$50 per month

Playtime is essential throughout your Samoyed’s lifetime. Play encourages exercise and provides mental stimulation to keep Samoyeds happy and stress-free. The amount of money you spend on toys will depend on your Samoyed’s play style. If your Samoyed prefers playing with plush toys, you can expect to purchase a new toy almost every month. Tennis balls and rubber toys usually last a few months.

There are several different dog box subscriptions that ship a month’s supply of new toys and treats. These subscription boxes can introduce your Samoyed to new toys that aren’t typically found in pet stores. They’re also usually cheaper than purchasing toys and treats individually.

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Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Samoyed

  • $50–$500 per month

Overall, you can expect to spend a couple hundred dollars a month on caring for your Samoyed. Just keep in mind that this amount will fluctuate month to month depending on whether your Samoyed requires professional grooming or a visit to the veterinarian.

Additional Costs to Factor In

Other costs to consider for your Samoyed include obedience training and care services if you plan to be away from home for long hours or go on vacation. Obedience training costs will depend on whether you choose to enroll in group classes or one-on-one sessions. Group sessions tend to be cheaper than one-on-one training.

Your Samoyed may also need a dog walker or a sitter if you regularly work away from home for most of the day. You can also look into doggy daycare services. It’s also important to research several different dog boarding services near you in case you plan to be out of town for several days.

Samoyed in snow
Image by: chek89645040878, Pixabay

Owning a Samoyed on a Budget

There’s no denying that it costs a significant amount of money to live with a Samoyed, and dogs, in general, don’t tend to be budget-friendly pets when compared to other common pets. However, you can offset some monthly costs by choosing more affordable brands. It does require a little more research, but you can often find food, toys, and other dog supplies that are cheaper while still maintaining good quality.

Another way you can save on costs is to stay on top of your Samoyed’s at-home grooming. Groomers can charge extra if they have to spend extra time grooming your dog. Regular brushing and maintaining your Samoyed’s coat health and dental health often reduces the number of grooming services your Samoyed will need.

Saving Money on Samoyed Care

With some more thorough research, you can find ways to save money on Samoyed care. Researching on budget-friendly dog food can help you save a significant amount of money on monthly costs. Dog supply subscription services can also help you get discounted prices on various products. Just make sure that you use these products regularly, or else you’ll quickly accumulate a pile of unused items.

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Before bringing home a Samoyed, it’s important to budget estimates for one-time costs and ongoing monthly care costs. You can expect to spend over $1,200 on purchasing a purebred Samoyed puppy from a breeder and spend an additional $900–$2,070 on initial costs for supplies and veterinary care.

Monthly costs will vary depending on your Samoyed’s grooming and veterinary needs and if you need to restock food or toys. With that being said, you can expect to spend between $50–$500 a month.

Dog owners must be prepared to invest a significant amount of time and money in caring for a Samoyed. However, there’s nothing quite like a happy and healthy Samoyed, so everything that you invest into your Samoyed will certainly be worth it.

Featured Image Credit: Monika Hodanova, Shutterstock

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