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Do Australian Shepherds Bark a Lot? How Much & How to Stop It

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Nicole Cosgrove

Australian shepherd dog with mouth open vocalizing and barking

Do Australian Shepherds Bark a Lot? How Much & How to Stop It

Thinking about adopting an Australian Shepherd? If so, you may have heard that they bark a lot. But is this true for all Aussies? For better or worse, the short answer is yes. To get a better understanding of why they bark, how much they actually bark, and tips on reducing their barking, keep reading!


Are Australian Shepherds Big Barkers?

Australian Shepherds are known for being intelligent, loyal, and hardworking herding dogs. They were bred to control livestock in the harsh climate of Australia. As such, it’s not surprising that this breed is known for its alertness and for barking to communicate with humans.

So, how much do Australian Shepherds bark? The truth is that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Some individuals may bark more than others, depending on their situation, environment, and training.

But in general, Aussies bark when they feel something is wrong or when they want to alert their owners. They may also bark as a way of expressing themselves—almost like talking!

Two Australian shepherds looking far
Image By: Maxime THIBAULT, Pixabay

The 4 Ways How to Stop Your Australian Shepherd from Barking

The good news is that the amount of barking can be managed with proper training and socialization. And we’ve got tips on exactly how to do that. So, check out the following to help you reduce your Aussie’s barking:

1. Give Them Plenty of Exercise

Taking your Aussie on daily walks and outings can help burn off excess energy, so they won’t feel the need to bark as much. This is a surprisingly effective way to reduce barking.

Australian shepherd dog playing memory brain game outside in the grass
Image By: Ryan Brix, Shutterstock

2. Teach Them to Respond to Commands

Teaching your Aussie basic commands such as ‘stop,’ ‘quiet,’ and even ‘speak’ can help them understand when it’s appropriate to bark—and when it isn’t. They should be rewarded for obeying commands so that they learn the behavior you want to encourage.

3. Be Consistent With Rules and Routines

Routines give your Aussie a sense of structure, which can help reduce their barking. Make sure that everyone in the household follows the same rules for your pup so that they know exactly what’s expected of them.

A young woman teaching australian shepherd puppy to stay
Image By: Suzanna Bunch, Shutterstock

4. Provide Lots of Mental Stimulation

Australian Shepherds are known for being incredibly smart and active, so it’s important to provide them with plenty of mental stimulation. Puzzles, food-dispensing toys, and interactive play can help keep their minds busy and prevent excessive barking.

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Why Do Aussie Shepherds Bark So Much?

At the end of the day, Australian Shepherds bark for lots of reasons. They may bark due to boredom, fear, territoriality, or simply because they want attention. The key is to recognize when your pup is barking excessively and intervene before it becomes a habit.

By understanding why Aussies bark, providing them with plenty of exercise, teaching them to obey commands, and giving them plenty of mental stimulation, you can help reduce their barking and make sure that your Aussie is a happy and well-behaved pup!

So, are Australian Shepherd’s barkers? Yes, they are—but all hope isn’t lost. With the right guidance and training, you can help your Aussie learn when it’s appropriate to bark and when it isn’t.



All in all, Australian Shepherds do bark more than some other breeds. But with the right training and socialization, their barking can be managed. So if you’re up for the challenge, this breed makes a great addition to your family! Good luck on your adventure with Aussies—and happy barking!

Featured Image Credit: Ryan Brix, Shutterstock

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