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Are Golden Retrievers Hyper Dogs? Reasons & How to Control Them

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on June 24, 2024 by Dogster Team

golden retriever playing fetch with ball throw toy

Are Golden Retrievers Hyper Dogs? Reasons & How to Control Them

Golden Retrievers are hailed as some of the best family dogs in existence and for good reason. They are kind, loving, loyal, attentive, affectionate, protective, and great with kids. They never take anything too seriously, and their gentle nature almost guarantees that they will not become aggressive. Despite this breed’s popularity, many people worry about the dog’s hyper dispositions when deciding whether to adopt one as a pet of their own.

Golden Retrievers are indeed hyper dogs, and there is no way of getting around it.  Their hyper personalities are most apparent when they are puppies, but even as mature adults, these dogs seem to maintain their puppyish energy and playfulness. However, this does not mean that the average Golden Retriever is not controllable. Their hyper behavior does not have to take over the household dynamic or become stressful for anyone living within the household. Here is everything that you should know about this topic.

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Why Golden Retrievers Are Hyper

Golden Retrievers are naturally hyper. They are born with a great deal of energy, and they wake up every day with renewed energy to expel. These are not lazy dogs. They were bred as hunting companions and come from a long line of descendants that are used to working every day, so their bodies are built to move. But natural behavior is not the only reason that Golden Retrievers can be hyper, especially when they become adults.

Here are a few other reasons to know about:
  • Lack of Exercise — Golden Retrievers that do not get to exercise every day do not know what to do with their pent-up energy, so they sometimes resort to expelling that energy through hyper behavior.
  • Boredom — A Golden Retriever that gets bored can quickly become hyper. They will do whatever it takes to avoid boredom and experience excitement, even if that means running in circles, jumping on people, and vying for constant attention.
  • Lack of Attention — These dogs are reliant on companionship and do not do well when they are ignored. They require plenty of interaction and affection throughout the day. If you do not give them your attention often enough, your dog may react by getting hyper to attract the attention that they crave.
Golden retriever dives into the water
Image Credit: Mordasova Elena, Shutterstock

Controlling the Hyper Behavior

Luckily, there are many things that you can do to keep your Golden Retriever’s hyperactivity at bay throughout the day. The most important thing that you can do is take your pooch on daily walks. A brisk hour-long walk each day will help drain your dog’s energy and help them feel calmer as the day goes on. You should also make sure that plenty of interactive toys and puzzles are available for them to play with at any time during the day.

Even when outdoors, your pet should have access to toys that they can chew on, throw around with their mouth, chase down, and even tear apart if they want to. Interactive puzzles will help stimulate your dog’s mind and encourage them to use their problem-solving skills. Making time for one-on-one time for your dog is also important.

Doing so will provide them with the attention that they crave and give you both an opportunity to strengthen your bond. Obedience training can help ensure proper behavior while in social settings, when hyperactivity may be displayed due to excitement and curiosity of the situation. Another thing that you can do is encourage calm behavior with treats and praise while ignoring any hyper behavior.

Dog trainer teaching a Golden retriever obedience
Image By: 16081684, Pixabay


In Conclusion

While Golden Retrievers can be hyper, their behavior can be controlled so that their hyperactivity does not become overwhelming. However, even with all the exercise and attention in the world, you can expect your pooch to occasionally show hyper tendencies. When the hyper behavior begins, redirecting your dog’s attention or putting them outside is an easy solution to default to. Following this guide will also help you keep your dog under control.

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