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Are Beagles Protective? Breed Temperament Explained

Written by: Sarah Psaradelis

Last Updated on June 20, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Are Beagles Protective? Breed Temperament Explained


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The Beagle, part of the hound family, is known for being a medium-sized dog breed that has a loyal and protective nature. Beagles can become great watchdogs or guard dogs and they are eager to protect their family. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), Beagles are the fifth most popular dog breed in the United States, not only because they are excellent family-orientated dogs, but because Beagles are very protective towards their owners and make good guard dogs since they are alert and vocal animals.

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Do Beagles Make Good Guard Dogs?

Beagles make excellent guard dogs because they are vocal, expressive, and protective of their families—the main qualities that make a good guard dog. Beagles are often believed to be poor guard dogs because of their small bodies and friendly personalities; however, a guard dog must not be confused with an attack dog. A guard dog’s job is to alert their owners of danger, not to directly attack the threat unless necessary.

Beagles are known to bark when they sense danger or something unusual, which can help them alert their owners of intruders or potential danger. They are also highly alert and their excellent hearing and other senses can help them pick up on any disturbances that can pose a threat to their family.

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Image Credit: Andrey_and_Lesya, Pixabay

Are Beagles Protective?

Yes, Beagles are instinctively protective when it comes to their family. Beagles can often be seen jumping and barking at guests and sniffing the ground when they are trying to figure out the cause of a smell thanks to their strong noses.

It is rare for a Beagle to be aggressive and bite unless they feel threatened, however, they can be overprotective of their owners and bark at the slightest noise or movement. It is common for Beagles to sit at the gate or door if there are slits that they can see out of and keep watch over the house and yard.

Although most Beagles that have been socialized well are friendly, they can become aggressive when they feel they need to defend their owner and sense danger.

Beagles may not look very aggressive or scary towards potential threats, but that does not prevent them from making excellent guard dogs or watchdogs to warn their owners of intruders.

Can Beagles Be Trained as Guard Dogs?

Beagles can be trained as guard dogs; however, Beagles are naturally protective and do not necessarily have to be trained unless there are specific behaviors you want your Beagle to display when it comes to protecting the family and alerting to threats.

Beagles have been bred throughout the years as hunting dogs to have a sharp sense of smell, excellent instincts, and a deep howl and bark. These qualities make the Beagle a good guard dog because they will bark to alert their owners when they sense danger. After all, they would often bark to alert hunters when they have found prey.

It may be difficult to train Beagles because they can be quite stubborn and independent, however, most Beagles are born with the instincts necessary to become a guard dog already. Training can be useful, though, if you want your Beagle to be more on-guard around the house and follow commands to make them more aggressive towards intruders by using trigger words.

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Image Credit: Madeeva_11, Shutterstock

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Despite its small size and overall genial personality, the Beagle makes a good guard dog for many families. Beagles can be naturally protective of their owners, children, and other dogs and they will use their skills to keep their owners safe.

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