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Can Dogs Eat Quesadillas? Vet-Verified Risks & FAQ

Written by: Melissa Gunter

Last Updated on May 6, 2024 by Dogster Team

Can Dogs Eat Quesadillas

Can Dogs Eat Quesadillas? Vet-Verified Risks & FAQ


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It’s no secret that dogs want to eat everything they see us enjoying. Of course, as responsible dog owners, we know that isn’t possible. Certain foods are toxic to dogs while others simply aren’t good for them. One of the foods many of us enjoy is the tasty quesadilla. Yes, this tasty food is full of cheesy goodness, but should we share it with our dogs when they are begging for a bite? Unfortunately, for our canine pals, quesadillas are not a good food option for them. While they aren’t toxic, that doesn’t mean they can’t cause your pooch a few issues if you share your dinner.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at why you shouldn’t be giving your dog quesadillas and why our pet pals can’t enjoy everything we eat.


What Are Quesadillas?

If you aren’t a fan of Mexican food, you may not know what a quesadilla is. Basically, they are tortillas that are folded and stuffed with cheese and other tasty ingredients. Inside a quesadilla, you can find meats, different types of cheeses, veggies, guacamole, sour cream, or even sauces. That’s one of the biggest appeals of a quesadilla. They can be modified however you choose. Unless you make the quesadilla yourself, these modifications make it difficult to say exactly what is found in one of these folded tortillas and just how dangerous one can be for your pets.

Cheese quesadilla on wooden board
Image by: Dzmitry Krus, Shutterstock

Why Quesadillas Aren’t Healthy for Dogs

With it being so hard to know exactly what’s in a quesadilla, unless you make it yourself, keeping them away from your dog is your best option. Not only will you find that the tortillas themselves are full of salt which can be harmful for your dog, but the seasonings and meat can also contain ingredients like garlic and onions that are toxic for pets. Let’s look more into the possible ingredients and why your dog shouldn’t have them.


As we mentioned, tortillas are full of salt and fat. While certain amounts of salt and fat are good for your dog, too much can be detrimental. Your pet can easily get the necessary amounts of salt and fat in their dog food. This is especially true if you choose to feed them high-quality brands. However, too much salt in a dog’s diet can lead to serious issues such as high blood pressure and salt poisoning. Too much salt can also contribute to a dog developing heart disease. Unfortunately, too much fat can lead to issues with obesity that can cause your dog to develop worse issues over time.


Did you know that too much dairy isn’t good for a dog? While there are lots of treats on the market that include cheese, too much can lead to problems with your dog’s digestion. Most dogs don’t have enough lactase enzyme in their bodies to properly break down lactose. If your dog were to enjoy a cheesy quesadilla, it could make them have diarrhea and stomach pains.

grated cheese_Steve Buissinne_Pixabay
Image Credit: Steve Buissinne, Pixabay

Meats and Seasonings

Unless you are making quesadillas at home, it’s impossible to know what seasonings, spices, and additions have been added. We all know the urge to spice things up when cooking Mexican food. Onions and garlic can be used for this purpose. Fresh onions and garlic or the powdered version are all toxic to your dog. Instead of taking chances when you aren’t sure what a meal has been seasoned with, it’s best to avoid taking chances.

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What If My Dog Accidentally Eats a Quesadilla?

We all know how sneaky dogs can be. No matter how hard you try, there are times when you look away from your plate or leave it alone long enough for your dog to grab it. If this happens, and your dog only gets a small bit of quesadilla, they will most likely be fine. You still need to closely monitor them for any issues though. If by chance you were gone long enough for your pooch to snatch your entire quesadilla, you may need to worry a bit more. Especially if it contained toxic ingredients. Monitor your dog and call your veterinarian for instructions on what you should do next.

Image by: smrm1977, Shutterstock

Foods You and Your Dog Can Enjoy

If you want to snack around and be able to share with your pooch, knowing what’s healthy is important. Dogs can’t have just anything, but these human foods are good options when you’re in the mood to share.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, sharing a quesadilla with your pet isn’t the best decision to make if you want them to stay healthy. Instead of offering your dog such a salty, cheesy, and fatty treat, consider sharing healthier snacks they are allowed to enjoy. This will make things healthier for both you and your dog, making it possible to share a long life together.

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