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On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me … one adorable puppy!

And that adorable puppy was named Boo — the Cutest Dog in the World (all right, we know some of you may contest his title, but those are Boo’s words, not ours).

In a short promotional Christmas special, Boo and his brother, Buddy, visit St. Nick himself. There’s no doubt they’ve been cute dogs, but have they been good dogs? Of course they have! When Santa asks the dogs what they want, Boo rattles off quite an expensive wish list. Besides a tennis racket and an iPad, it also includes a miniature red Mercedes convertible. Getting fancy there, Boo.

Fast forward to Christmas morning, and the dogs gather to unwrap their gifts beneath the tree. In what might be the Gift of the Magi, Buddy gets Boo a hair brush and Boo gets Buddy a copy of his book — dogs can’t use hair brushes! And dogs can’t read! But wait, there’s more: Another gift appears and the dogs eagerly unwrap it. Lo and behold, it’s that Mercedes they always wanted.

With Boo at the wheel, the two dogs ride off into the sunset.

Via Yahoo! News