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A Love Letter to My Dogs

Dolly and Spot bring joy into my life and they make me a better person, so this Valentine's Day, I declare my feelings for them in full.

 |  Feb 14th 2014  |   6 Contributions

Dear Dolly and Spot,

I love you. Not a day goes by without me saying so, usually during a flurry of kisses, but I have never told you the reasons why. Here goes.

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My sweet Dolly.

Your strength and courage amaze me, Dolly girl.

After three surgeries to remove cancerous masses and 19 radiation treatments to keep them from coming back, you live on as if none of it ever happened. Sure, you shake a bit when we go to the vet or oncologist's office for checkups, but you did that long before the first diagnosis.  

A caring hand always puts you at ease, and every doctor praises your stoicism. If I ever get sick, you and mom—your cancer buddy with her own victories over the disease—will be my role models.

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My Spotty boy.

Spot, I admire your passion for life.

You approach every activity with gusto, from enjoying a treat to barking at the neighbor cat to chasing a ball. The happiness that fetch, in particular, brings you encourages me to find equally fulfilling activities. It's so easy to let work take over my life, and I thank you for reminding me to stop and play every single day.

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I take Dolly and Spot just about anywhere they are welcome. They love meeting new people, especially those who give good scratchies.

You both also set the best example for making new friends. 

Every person you meet has the potential to be a pal in your eyes—they must prove otherwise. As humans, we tend to take the opposite approach. I keep this in mind when out and about, but please do understand if I continue to shake hands instead of lick faces.

These are just a few of the many reasons why I adore you, Dolly and Spot. You also make me laugh on a regular basis. 

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Spot called dibs on the sunny chair. Dolly ignored him.

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Dolly wouldn't even looking at me, she was so annoyed.

Thank you for the many years of emotional support and unconditional love. For the morning snuggles and goodnight kisses. For the wildly enthusiastic greetings, no matter how long I've been away. For just being you.

Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet pups.



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About Pamela Mitchell: Human companion of Dolly and Spot. Geeky for all things sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Writer living and working in Houston, Texas.

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