Superhero Dachshund Saves Home, 5 People...and 2 Cats

 |  Feb 26th 2010  |   18 Contributions


Once again, a dog who was rescued by his owners has ended up rescuing them in return.

JoJo, a Washington state dachshund who wouldn't take "no" for an answer, saved his human family, their home, and his two feline roommates, according to a story in The Tri-City Herald.

Around 1 a.m. an outlet in one of the children's rooms started to overheat. The girl was asleep, so JoJo came out to tell the adults about the problem. The couple couldn't figure out what he wanted. "He came out to see us four times, then kept going back into our daughter's room," Diane Urquhart told the Herald.

Urquhart said she and her husband can usually tell what's going on with JoJo -- if he's happy or hungry or has done something wrong -- by his ears.

"These ears we did not recognize," she said. "And his face, if a dog can look worried, he looked worried."

At one point she heard her daughter stirring, so she went to check on her. She was met by an "extremely strong burning rubber smell," the newspaper reports, and the sight of JoJo trying to awaken 11-year-old Kalen.

"He had his heinie against the wall and was shoving his nose against her side trying to wake her up and shove her out of the bed," Urquhart said.

They phoned 911, got everyone --including the two family cats -- out of the house. Firefighters told her that the outlet was minutes away from catching fire.

So superhero JoJo saved his family and a whole lot more. It's only fitting. When JoJo was a puppy, his family found him adrift alone in a river. They saved him and gave him a home.

JoJo finally got his chance to repay them.

(Photo is of a handsome doxie model, not JoJo. Photo credit: r0b0r0b/Flickr)


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