Saving Georgia Dogs — Spaying and Rescuing Southern Dogs

Samson's foster furmom Jayne barked in about a fundraising effort going on in Georgia. If you've adopted a dog from a northeastern shelter you may...

Joy  |  Jan 23rd 2008


Samson’s foster furmom Jayne barked in about a fundraising effort going on in Georgia.

If you’ve adopted a dog from a northeastern shelter you may very well have a dog with a southern accent. Keep that in mind when considering whether or not to make a small donation to Saving Georgia Dogs.

Jayne and Saving Georgia Dogs are an inspiration for us all! Here’s a link to the Dogster Forum page for Saving Georgia Dogs.

And please notice that Samson is looking for a new home. If you are looking for a new furbaby check him out! He’s got a great smile!

Hi Joy,
I don’t know if you remember me, but last year you posted a thread on the Blog about a bad situation at the animal control facility in Tipton County, TN.

That situation really inspired me to expand my work beyond local rescue (which I still do) to help with dogs in the South, and in particular TN and GA (two states that have HIGH kill rates in their shelters). I am now on the board of directors of Saving Georgia Dogs, Inc. a non-profit GA rescue that rescues dogs on death row in GA and transports them to rescues all over the country (sometimes metro-Atlanta, but more often the Northeast U.S. where the adoption rates are much higher).

We are trying to implement many programs including a spay/neuter clinic in Griffin, GA ( a county about an hour south of Atlanta), a heartworm treatment/preventative fund for owners who can’t afford it and shelter dogs whose HW status stands in their way of adoption/rescue, a humane education program for area schools, and a program to help women in domestic violence situations who are forced to surrender their pet to seek refuge in a shelter or other location.

One of our main obstacles is awareness. I know this may seem like a localized problem, however many people have similar situations in their own states that they may not be aware of. Also MANY people who adopt from rescues may adopt a southern dog without even knowing it, so I think many people would view this as a good human interest story.

Right now Saving Georgia Dogs, Inc. is in a contest with Parade Magazine/6 Degrees foundation to win a $50,000 grant to help fund some of these programs. I have contacted Dogster’s HQ who gave me permission to post in the forums about the contest and try and fundraise, and I am wondering if you could write a little story about us on the blog, it doesn’t have to focus on the contest at all, but maybe that could just be a blurb at the end.

If you need anymore information, please let me know.


Jayne G.
Saving Georgia Dogs, Inc.