New(ish) Dogster Feature: Small Dogs Section

 |  Aug 19th 2010  |   7 Contributions


Like small dogs? Dogster has just the place for you: Our relatively new Small Dog Breeds section.

This is a fun little corner of the world where no dogs are larger than 22 pounds -- the standard cutoff for small dogs. It's a miniature version of Dogster, with breed info, cute photos, reader questions, and interesting articles.

Check out this article on the original jobs of small dogs. (So much for the myth that small dogs have always been waited on hand and foot...) Here's a good one: "Miniature Poodles were kept in the long sleeves of nobility during the Renaissance. They aptly became known as 'sleeve dogs.' " OK, it's not exactly pulling sleds through the Arctic, but it's a job!

Wag on over to the small dogs section soon, because it's only around for a limited time!

(Flickr photo: Nutloaf)


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