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I just found this great story about a feral dog that lived by a busy highway for more than a year and finally has a place to call home.

WATAUGA – “Highway” the dog has finally found a home.

The stray, who survived for more than a year surrounded by converging freeways east of downtown Fort Worth, now belongs to a former employee of the Humane Society of North Texas who helped rescue her 18 months ago.

During 2007, motorists often spotted the pooch near the busy interchange at Interstate 35W, U.S. 287 and Spur 280. The animal slept beneath an overpass. She crossed busy on-ramps and ambled alongside streams of speeding traffic, lonesome as a hitchhiker, oblivious to the danger.

Travis, a veterinary technician, and another Humane Society employee trapped the dog Nov. 28, 2007, and placed her with more than 400 other animals in its facility on East Lancaster Avenue.

“She was basically feral,” Travis said. “She hadn’t had any human contact and didn’t want any.”

Eventually, the 5- or 6-year-old animal grew comfortable around other dogs and warmed to the company of her rescuer. Until Travis took Highway home with him last week, she remained at the Humane Society facility where Adams continued to visit her four-legged friend.

“She’s a completely different dog. I get tears in my eyes every time I see her,” Adams said, gratified by the story’s happy ending.

A big kudos to all the people who came together to help save Highway. I think he’s reached his final destination.

* Pic of Highway and Travis courtesy D.J. Peters