Fisherman's Best Friend

 |  Dec 17th 2010  |   10 Contributions

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Capt. Jay and his faithful fishing and crabbing companion, Daphne (Photo: Craig Hanson)

Yesterday my husband, Craig Hanson, went crabbing on a boat just outside the Golden Gate Bridge. Jay Yokomizo was the captain on this very successful trip, where all 10 customers on the New Huck Finn got six-crab limits of big dungeness crabs. But while Captain Jay may have been at the helm, his best friend, Daphne, was clearly in the driver's seat. Look at this sweetie. My husband says she and Captain Jay's other dog (Cricket, an older black lab who has a cubby hole with a bed set up in the boat's cabin) go on all the fishing and crabbing excursions, and are as mellow as can be.

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Yes, my husband is clearly correct in his "mellow as can be" statement. (Photo: Craig Hanson)

What a great salty sea dog!!!

Jake also loves to be on boats, but I think it would take many, many trips for him to be this relaxed about it. How about your dogs, Dogsters? Any sea dogs among the crowd? If your dog is a land lubber, how do you think she would like a boat?


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