Diane Keaton Runs Over Her Dog Red, Blames Her Car

 |  Feb 3rd 2007  |   6 Contributions

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Now we know -- fat can save your dog's life!

I found this Starpulse News Blog article via Ecorazzi.com.

Diane Keaton Ran Her Dog Over

Oscar winner Diane Keaton was left in shock after accidentally running over her beloved dog, Red.

The Something's Gotta Give star was driving her hybrid car at the time, which runs very quietly and believes her dog didn't hear her coming.

She explains, "I ran over my dog! I had a Lexus, like a hybrid, and it's silent and I was going into my driveway and my dog Red was there and I didn't see him!"

The 61-year-old star was thrilled her pet didn't suffer any serious injuries adding, "Red is great. Red lived. This dog is 15 years old. I found him on the street. The truth is Red had no injuries because he's so fat. I ran over him on his rib cage and they didn't break! He is rolled in fat. And thank God, it's good to know, because you want to be bigger if you get run over! I love that dog so much, he's a miracle dog. Thank God Red made it!"


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