New York Newfoundland Gipsy Memorialized 130 Years After His Death

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Well, at least Gipsy was FINALLY remembered.

Thanks to the ASPCA for this historical note! And look for their new book, Heritage of Care, when it comes out.


When doing research for Heritage of Care, a history of the ASPCA that will be published later this year, the ASPCAs Marion Lane made a curious discoverya dog had been buried in the Wilmarth plot at Brooklyns historic Green-Wood Cemetery in 1879.

Indeed, a short article headlined A Faithful Dogs Funeral," printed in the November 25, 1879, edition of the New York Times, hailed the bond between a Newfoundland named Gipsy and his owners: Twenty-three years of constant association with the animal had created an affection which was enhanced by the circumstance of the dog having saved Mrs. Wilmarth from drowning several years ago, and the old couple being childless, their feelings were lavishly expressed in attention to the dog." The Times article went on to mention an order for a headstone to be put on the grave. But the order was never fulfilled, and Gipsy has remained forgottenuntil now.

On Sunday, September 30, Gipsy was officially honored at The Animals of Green-WoodA Celebration of Animals and the ASPCA," a special tour via a state-of-the-art trolley coordinated by ASPCA Senior Director Valerie Angeli and Green-Wood historian Jeffrey Richman. A tribute poem entitled Gipsy, written by ASPCA founder Henry Bergh at the time of the canine heros death and published in the New York Evening Post, December 13, 1879also uncovered by Lane when digging through ASPCA archiveswas read by ASPCA President Ed Sayres, as shown in the photo. A new plaque commemorating Gipsy was unveiled, and as a special tribute, three rescued Newfoundland dogsKai, Duke and Beckiwere in attendance to honor their brother.


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