Celebrate National Coffee Day with a Brand All Dogsters Will Love

 |  Sep 29th 2011  |   0 Contributions

Happy National Coffee Day, Dogsters!

A surveycommissioned by the 7-Eleven chain reveals that two-thirds of Americansperk up withcoffee, and many gulp down their first cup within an hour of awakening. On average, the 65 percent of Americans who drink coffee each consumes an average of 13 cups of coffee per week, and three out of five agreed with the statement "I need a cup of coffee to start my day."

Considering how our best friends force us to be morning people whether we like it or not, it'ssafe to assume manyDogsters are also coffee lovers. Among the findings of the 7-Eleven survey, 28 percent of coffee drinkers had their first cup within 15 minutes of waking and 68 percent within an hour, 57 percent added sugar or sweetener to their brews, and 54 percent agreed that "coffee makes me feel more like myself."

Well, Dogsters — here's a coffee brand that will really make you feel more like yourself: HyperHound Coffee.

Organic. Fair Trade. Roasted Upon Order. The bow-wow blends include Best in Show and Howl at the Moon. There's even Wag Swag, a selection of logo'd items for sale, including mugs (like the travel mug pictured above) and T-shirts (below).

What's not to love about this coffee brand? But the best part isHyperHound's motto: "Saving Man's Best Friend, One Cup at a Time."

As its mission statement says, "The HyperHound Coffee brand was created to help homeless dogs throughout the United States. We support the funding of no-kill animal shelters so homeless dogs can be nourished, healed, spayed or neutered, and ultimately find a home. Thats why HyperHound Coffee donates 15% of all our proceeds to rescue shelters."

Each month, a different no-kill shelter benefits from HyperHound's generosity. This month (September) it was Austin Pets Alive.

This dynamic, dog-friendly company is a great place to dosome holiday shopping!


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