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Help Stop Puppy Mills

Here are three simple things you can do to help stop puppy mills. You may be a responsible breeder wanting to stop puppy mills in their tracks or just a dog lover. Either way, here's how to take action: 1. Stay informed. You can go to things like the ASPCA or the Humane Society of the United States for more info on how to stay up to date on puppy mill news. 2. Spread the word. Tell a friend on how wrong puppy mills are. The more people are aware, the better. 3. Lead by example. If you are getting a dog, be responsible and get your puppy from a rescue or responsible breeder.

Anna M., owner of a Labrador Retriever

What BSL Stands For

BSL is short for Breed-Specific Legislation. It is the banning of certain breeds because of their being perceived as a threat. BSL is impractical, for several reasons. (1) It is how a dog is raised, trained, and socialized that shapes the greater part of it's temperament, not it's breed. To say that a dog is aggressive simply based on it's breed is nothing short of racism. (2) BSL does not work. People disobey the laws all the time, and more laws will not make a poodoo of difference to them. Dog fighting, for example, is against the law, yet some people still do it. (What DOES work is a dangerous dog ordinance, which does not target any specific breed.)

Tiffany C., owner of a German Shepherd

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