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And Now There's VIDEO of Cheesecake the Capybara and Her Puppies!

The impossible has happened, people: the story of Cheesecake the Capybara and her puppies just got cuter.

 |  Mar 21st 2013  |   26 Contributions

OK, we're done for today. Call in sick to work, pack up, go home -- the cutest thing ever has just materialized.

Remember how we told you about those puppies who were abandoned behind a church in a sealed plastic bin? Remember how we all fell in love with those photos of Rocky Ridge Refuge's Capybara named Cheesecake fostering those abandoned puppies? Yeah, we bet the idiot who ditched those puppies is pulling their hair out right now because Rocky Ridge just released a video of the Capybara and puppies in adorable action.

Warning: Extreme cuteness ahead, watch at your own risk.

But we're not done yet. Here are 10 more critters of the Rocky Ridge Menagerie of Cuteness being utterly adorable:

1. Cheesecake fostering a litter of Great Dane puppies

It turns out Cheesecake has experience taking care of puppies of all shapes and sizes.

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Cheesecake: Experienced foster mom.

2. Baby Cheesecake sharing a fruit bar with Pride the dog

No wonder the Capybara is fond of dogs.

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Sharing is caring.

3. Cheesecake posing with a miniature pony named Bazinga

OK, so there are no dogs in this photo, but the cuteness is too much to resist.

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Hay is for horses … and giant rodents.

4. Bazinga and Butterbean sharing a cuddle

Don't you wish you could be part of this interspecies cuddle puddle?

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Way too cute.

5. Butterbean coveting Crouton's peas

No, you've never seen a dog want vegetables this badly.

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Peas on earth.

6. Butterbean having a staring contest with a bunny

Whoever loses is dinner -- just kidding!

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Don't blink!

7. Bazinga helping Blade get up

Because everyone needs a helping hand … or paw … or hoof.

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Need a hoof?

8. A lamb crying, "Wolf!"

Because Token the dog sort of looks like one.

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So cute!

9. Zamboni and a lamb who look awfully alike

Although inside, we all bleed red.

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It's take your lamb to work day.

10. Cornbread the pig and Disco the dog looking for acorns together

Because two heads are better than one.

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Bonus points to Rocky Ridge Refuge's Janice Wolf, who, in addition to demonstrating boundless compassion, gives her animal friends some really cool, cute names. The work that Wolf does is amazing, so if you love these photos, please consider giving a donation to Rocky Ridge. We know it's March, but you can purchase a 2013 calendar full of adorable photos of Rocky Ridge's menagerie.

Photos via Rocky Ridge Refuge's Facebook page


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