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Sorry Doge, We Are All About Bad Pun Dog Now

If you like bad jokes and happy dogs, then oh boy, have we got a meme for you.

 |  Mar 4th 2014  |   0 Contributions

We know you love doge. What is doge? Doge is this: 

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The doge meme is still a big Internet hit, thanks to a side-eye from a Shiba Inu.

We wrote all about it here and here. Jamaica's bobsled team even got all doge during the Olympics. Doge had a good run as the Internet meme of the moment, but now there is a new dog on the scene: Bad Pun Dog. He reminds us a lot of doge dog, because he is so happy, but his happiness is not a mystical and elevated happiness, but rather a goofy and slapstick happiness. You see, Bad Pun Dog tells puns. Are they any good? No! They're bad. Here:

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You see how that works? And don't you feel a little better right now? Here's another one: 

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So great and awful, Bad Pun Dog. How about one more before we go: 

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Via MemeCenter, UPROXX, and Tastefully Offensive

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