How many nipples does a dog have?

My dog is pregnant and has six nipples and I am sure she had eight nipples the last time she was pregnant. Please explain. Thank you.

Asked by Member 524234 on Oct 31st 2007 in Pregnancy
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The number of nipples your dog has can not change.

All dogs are born with a set of nipples, but not all dogs are born with the same number. Dogs can have as few as six nipples or as many as 10. Some dogs even have an uneven number of nipples, like 7 or 9.

However, that number of nipples stays constant throughout the dog's life, whether the dog is spayed, or is pregnant, or is pregnant several times.

If you're only *seeing* six nipples but think she had eight, roll her onto her back and check her out. Even if not all of them are swollen, she'll still have all her nipples.

Quite frankly, if you're asking about the number of nipples changing on a dog, you probably should not be breeding one litter, let alone more than one.

Abby answered on 11/1/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 4 Report this answer


Is this question for real?

Please stop breeding dogs, you obviously have no idea what you're doing.

JaVa answered on 11/1/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer

Buddy Doughnut *CGC*ESA*

You should not be breeding plain and simple. A dog can not "change" her nipple stats.

Buddy Doughnut *CGC*ESA* answered on 11/3/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer