What's my aussie mixed with?

When we bought our dog they had him classified as an aussie mix. After looking at pictures we thought maybe he was mixed with a border collie but…

ASKED BY Jax on 12/25/12
IN Australian Shepherd


Are Australian shepherds protective?

My aussie mix is 7 months and won't let anyone come around him unless its my son or I. We love with my parents but he still won't let them approach…

ASKED BY Jax on 12/24/12
IN Australian Shepherd

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Help! My mini Aussie puppy is so obsessed with eating the snow she is too distracted to go to the bathroom when outside?

We have tried putting her on a leash and not letting her run around the yard but she just walks around in circles eating and licking the snow. She has…

ASKED BY Member 1144481 on 12/9/12
TAGGED miniaussie, snoweating, distracted, pottytraining IN Australian Shepherd


When can we start training our aussie for agility?

Kodiak is 8 weeks old and has a lot of energy. He is very smart and always wants to run around the house. We decided to get him because we just…

ASKED BY Kodiak on 9/24/12
TAGGED agility, training IN Australian Shepherd

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Aussie ears!? will they go down or stay up?

my 5 month old red tri Aussies ears prick straight up. I was wondering if they would ever go down or if they are just going to stay up? the one…

ASKED BY Member 1124539 on 8/7/12
TAGGED aussie, puppy, prickedears, floppyears, teethlosing IN Australian Shepherd


Do you think Indy is a purebred aussie?

13 months old, 45lbs. I didnt get him until he was 4 months old. Theres no way of really knowing, but I think he looks pretty good. Im not…

ASKED BY Indy on 6/24/11
TAGGED aussieaustralianshepherd IN Australian Shepherd

Las Rocosa  Zoegirl RN

Does anyone know if you can change your aussies name after you have already registered{{{in ASCA}}}?

I had a mistake(on my part) in registering my aussies ASCA full name. DO they allow you to change it? If so, what do i do? (I prefer to be…

ASKED BY Las Rocosa Zoegirl RN on 3/9/10
TAGGED asca, namechange, registry, registration IN Australian Shepherd

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