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12 Fun Winter Activities to Do With Your Dog (2024 Guide)

Written by: Melissa Gunter

Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Dogster Team

Playing in the snow with a Dalmatian dog

12 Fun Winter Activities to Do With Your Dog (2024 Guide)

Whether you’re the type of person that loves to see snow on the ground in the winter or one that prefers to stay inside hiding from the cold, your dog will need a bit of fun during the colder months of the year. Like with any time of the year, finding new things for your dog to experience in the winter can be difficult. This is where we come in. We’ve compiled this list of 12 fun winter activities you can do with your dog to help you not only spend time with your faithful companion but also to stay active when most of us want to hibernate. Check out our list below and discover which activities your dog may enjoy.

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The 12 Winter Activities to Do With Your Dog

1. Hiking

two dogs hiking with the pet owner
Image Credit: Thirdman, Pexels

Going on a hike is one of the most entertaining activities you can do with your dog in the winter. Sure, it may be cold outside, but if you’re a hiker, that’s not usually an issue. Your dog feels the same way. They’ll enjoy getting out to smell the scents in the woods and see new scenery. Who knows, if the snow is on the ground you may even see a bit of comedy from your pooch.

2. Skijoring

If you’re the owner of an active dog breed, (Huskies anyone?) then heading out for a bit of skiing with your dog is a fun thing to do. Known as skijoring, using your cross-country skiing know-how and adding your dog can help them burn off energy and enjoy a little playtime in the snow.

3. Running and Walking

Your normal routine doesn’t stop during the colder months of the year. Your dog wouldn’t want theirs to stop either. Sure, it may be easier to let your pooch frolic in the backyard when it’s chilly outside but if you want to have a little fun and spend time together going on your normal walks or runs is a great way to do it. Not to mention that cool, fresh air.

4. Sledding

siberian husky pulling a sled
Image Credit: Viola ‘, Pixabay

Whether you go out on your own or plan on taking the family out for a bit of sledding, don’t forget your dog. Your pet will love being part of this fun winter activity. The idea of rushing alongside you or the little humans will exhilarate your pooch and make for an incredible bonding experience for everyone involved.

5. Wintertime Camping Trips

There are people out there who love to take off and go camping during the winter. Your pooch will love being a part of this fun activity as well. You and your trusty pal can feel like you’re on a private winter adventure. Your dog will love running the trails, exploring, and especially snuggling in the tent when it gets cold. Just remember to know the weather conditions beforehand so you and your dog can do this activity safely.

6. Kicksledding

Kicksledding is another great way to let your dog burn off their energy while enjoying the great outdoors. To take part in this activity you need flat snow, a sled, a harness, a towline, and you and your dog. You can let your dog pretend to be part of a famous sledding team as he pulls you across your neighborhood street.

7. Snowshoeing

man and dog snowshoeing
Image Credit: StockSnap, Pixabay

Grab the harness and line then slap on your snowshoes for another great outing idea. With snowshoeing, you and your pooch can decide how vigorous things get. If you want to keep it simple, take a leisurely stroll through the snow. If you want things more exciting, let your dog take over and lead the way. Either way, the two of you will have a great time.

8. Have a Snowy Scavenger Hunt

Having a bit of snow on the ground can open up new opportunities to play games with your dog. Head outside to hide a few treats or toys in snow mounds. Your dog will rush around the yard in search of the treats while digging and having fun in the snow that may not stick around all that long.

9. Go for a Drive

If the roads aren’t treacherous, taking your dog out for a winter drive can be fun for both of you. You’ll get to experience the beauty of a winter wonderland while your dog enjoys the fresh, crisp winter air. You may even find new places to take walks or hikes while out on your journey.

10. Get Creative

Dog licking a wet painting on paper
Image Credit: Greta Hoffman, Pexels

If the temperatures are just too much outside, you can always get a little creative with your pet. To make sure the two of you are spending quality time together, purchase washable paint and a few canvases. You can make handprint art with your pet that you’ll always cherish.

11. Enjoy a Few Treats

Winter is the perfect time for baking. No, your pooch can’t go to the kitchen and whip up tasty treats but you can. Baking treats for your pup in the winter can be fun for the whole family. Your dog will want to stick around the kitchen and be the taste tester while you get creative with ingredients. Just make sure that all of the ingredients are safe for dogs.

12. Don’t Forget to Snuggle

It’s cold outside so don’t be surprised if your dog wants to cuddle a bit more than normal. You can even make a date for it by popping in your favorite movie, starting a fire, and tossing on your matching PJs, if you’re into that. Anytime spent with your pet can be fun, but a winter snuggle just seems to be better all around.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are lots of fun winter activities you can do with your dog that are cool and exciting. There are also a few that slow things down and make for great quality time. No matter what mood you and your pooch are in, winter is the perfect setting. The fun activities above can be added to your normal games of fetch and tug rope to entice your pet to try new things. Always remember to keep your pet safe in the colder temperatures as they can’t tell you when it’s just a bit too cold out there.

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