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What Breed of Dog Is Tracker From Paw Patrol? Cartoon Dogs Presented

Written by: Beth Crane

Last Updated on May 21, 2024 by Dogster Team

What Breed of Dog Is Tracker From Paw Patrol? Cartoon Dogs Presented

Tracker from Paw Patrol is a Potcake, but this is disputed. Many resources across the web refer to Tracker as a Chihuahua, and his bilingual nature seems to allude to this.

However, on the Nickelodeon parents’ website and in official Paw Patrol YouTube videos, Tracker is described as a Potcake—a crossbreed originating from the Caribbean islands.

dogster paw dividerWhat Is a Potcake Dog?

While not the most recognizable breed in the world, the Potcake has a rich and exciting history dating back to the 1800s at least, officially becoming a recognized breed by the Bahamas Kennel Club in 2011.

The Bahamas coined the name “Royal Bahamian Potcake” in the 1970s. Since then, the breed has gained significant popularity, enough that the canine cartoon Paw Patrol gifted one of its cute characters with the unusual species.

Potcake Dog
Image Credit: Paul Sveda, Shutterstock

What Do Potcakes Look Like?

Potcakes represent a long and eclectic list of different breeds; each Potcake’s appearance will vary by island. This variation in physical attributes isn’t entirely unheard of but owing to the Potcake’s unfortunate prevalence in animal shelters on the islands. It’s safe to assume a lot of crossbreeding with dogs brought on to the islands from overseas did (and still does) occur.

Most Potcakes will have two color markings similar to that seen in Tracker, likely from the presumed original mix of Labrador, Fox Terrier, and German Shepherd breeds that created the first Potcake.

What Does Tracker Do in Paw Patrol?

Tracker is the jungle rescue pup in Paw Patrol, using his excellent hearing to track animals that need his help across the world (hence his name!).

Tracker is bilingual and can speak English and Spanish. This may be one of the reasons his breed is sometimes wrongly cited as a Chihuahua since Chihuahuas hail from Mexico.

Tracker uses his vehicle, the Jungle Cruiser (green and white Jeep), to rescue animals in peril with the rest of the Paw Patrol by deploying its spotlights and radar. His pup pack also contains equipment to help him navigate the dangerous jungle, including a set of multi-tools and what appears to be a grappling hook.

Tracker from Paw Patrol, Guru Animation Studio Ltd., Spin Master Ltd.
Characters by Guru Animation Studio Ltd., Spin Master Ltd.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

How Old Is Tracker From Paw Patrol?

Tracker is 4 years old and is the youngest member of the Paw Patrol pack. Interestingly, in dog years, Tracker would be 32, and he would be classed as a medium-sized dog.

What Is Tracker’s Catchphrase?

Tracker's signature catchphrases are:
  • “I’m all ears!”/ “Soy todo oidos!”
  • “Oy, oy, oy.”

Tracker first used his catchphrase in the episode, “Tracker Joins the Pups!”.

dogster paw dividerWhat Is Tracker Afraid Of?

Tracker is very afraid of the dark. This is first shown in his debut episode and is referenced throughout the series. He has super sensitive hearing, allowing him to pick up the slightest sounds. In the dark, this also causes him to imagine all sorts of scary creatures that may be looming. Despite this, he is still a courageous team member, in no small part thanks to his breed.


We have sniffed out Tracker’s breed: the humble Potcake: a loyal and intelligent dog with humble beginnings, found only on a select few Caribbean Islands. This plucky puppy uses his linguistic talents and courageous heart to rescue all manner of critters in danger and is a valuable asset to the Paw Patrol team.

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Featured Image Credit: Characters by Guru Animation Studio Ltd., Spin Master Ltd.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

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