Update on Little Guy, the Dog Run Over by a Train — Twice

Remember Little Guy, the dog in Utah who was run over by a train not just once, but twice? Dogster covered the story as it...


You'd never guess this is the same dog who had been run over by a train and harbored terrible infections

Remember Little Guy, the dog in Utah who was run over by a train not just once, but twice? Dogster covered the story as it unfolded, and brought you the happy news when the train operator, Fred Krause and his wife, Lori, decided to keep him.

Little Guy shortly after his visit to the veterinary ER

Fred and Lori got back in touch with us this week to let us know of Little Guy’s progress. It really goes to show the power of love — and excellent medical attention. When Fred went back to find Little Guy after the second time he ran him over, the Shih-Tzu was not only suffering from injuries that come with being run over by many tons of fast-moving metal, but he was a mess from a life where he clearly had been either lost for a long time, or badly neglected. He had multiple infections, including eye problems a vet told them would leave him 90 percent blind.

Fast forward two months. Little Guy now looks like the picture of health. And from what Fred tells us, he is!

“The vet says he’s got 100% vision now, which we never expected” he said. “The vet couldn’t believe it was the same dog that came in two months ago!”

Says Lori: “He got so good at navigating the house that while we had a feeling that he was seeing again, we weren’t so sure it was because his eyesight was actually coming back or because he was just figuring out the layout of the house and backyard, since dogs use their senses of smell and hearing more than their vision.”

Milo, the Krause’s other Shih-Tzu, still hasn’t exactly warmed up to Little Guy. But Lori says “they are co-habitating better and better every day…It really helps that the dogs each have a different way of needing attention. Milo is an ‘in your face love me’ kind of dog. He’s a lap dog through and through, while Little Guy isn’t. He wants to nuzzle your foot and go belly up on the floor while Milo cuddles on your lap. And since Milo lost interest in his toys years ago he has no problem with Little Guy taking them over.”

Fred and Lori deeply appreciate the show of support from Dogsters, and have a special message for you: “Dogsters, no worries about Little Guy: HE’S BLESSED.”

Milo watches as his roommate Little Guy  -- who is not yet his bosom buddy -- eyes dinner

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