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Turn Tin Cans Into Doggie Halloween Lanterns!

Welcome trick-or-treaters with these easy-to-make, eco-friendly decorations.

Samantha Meyers  |  Oct 20th 2016

Nothing says Halloween like the spooky glow of candlelight. Light up the night with these pup-cycled cans!


  • Clean and empty tin can
  • Washable marker
  • Nail
  • Hammer
  • Tea light


1. Fill can with water, and freeze

2. Once frozen, draw your doggie design — get creative! If you don’t feel comfortable freehand drawing, print a picture, and tape to your can as a guide.

3. Place still frozen can on a towel. Hammer nail into can, creating a small hole.

4. Repeat along the outline of your design, making a hole every ¼ inch.

5. Rinse can to remove marker, and melt the ice. Dry thoroughly.

6. Put tea light in can, light, and enjoy!